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Lavalife recommended: Legitimate or scam?

Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 84%
Quality match 89%
Popular age 24-28
Profile 1 600 000
Rate of replied ninety two%
Facilitated Use 7.5
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Lavalife Users IF record Ache Qu Q:

Pro and Control

  • Active members base, Authentic and Vast;
  • Offers a dedicated mobile app;
  • Number of communication methodi;
  • Possibility to create more propyli;
  • Offer many functions for standard users how to send smiles, chat requests, etc .;
  • To platform ideal for any reel type Type;
  • Welcomes with favares any sexual identity;
  • The requement to upload from profile images helps to eradicate scammers.
  • Free Members No. Pushon start chat without revenue revenue;
  • Users must fill out fields before surfing the members.

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Among the services of general meetings and niche, Lavalife is in Piathana of unique meetings and fun. For many years, this service has walled to people who want to have an experience of funny and no problem appointments. The service strives to relieve stress from people, advise cast of possible correspondences based on their preferences and start conversation. Founded in 2001, Lavalife offers fun atmosphere for dating for American and Canadian users with interests, appearances and types of similar personality. Lavalife is by Cheff Any Type of Romantic Connection: Intimate Meetings, Series Relations, Marriage or Casual Appointments. There are more in lavalife in addition to the simple search for matches, the untai can start to surveys and discussion forums or look for advice on the Lavalife blog relationships. Independently from sex and sentimental state, you can stabilize contacts, exit with someone or have an adventure at night without restric. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and savantages of Lavalife meetings.

EAT works Lavalife?

Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

Allows easy dating platform to find any among friendship and love, Lavalife offer variety of options of appointments. In a few minutes, the ultives can conflove the rescue recording procedure to some damande and start to surf and chat with others. SECOND OF THE PARRO MORE, THE ONLINE CAN ACCHE CREAM Separate profiles in three categories of appointments under UNIQUE ACCOUNT. You can access the Tramit Desktop service and IOS and Android app. The site and mobile applications are easy to surf and offer excilith functionality.

Safe and protection of its unthaps is the highest priority of the Lavalife support team. At the end of registration process, the invident collegacy site to confirm and authenticate the identity of the user to the fictional e-mail address. It is obligatory to pass and only after checking the email users will access. Lavalife policies is rigorous for non-verified accounts; If someone doesn't have her hears the her identity of her of her enter day, her profile of her comes slame.

People's analysis

The Lavalife recording is Alert to anyone, independally from own orientation and sexual convictions; IT CONSENT COMPANY to establish new connections to the TOU conditions. Yes addresses Mainly to the users of the United States and Canada region that are looking for any type of relationship. With over 1.7 million members, about 700.000 texts are exchanged on the website in a single day.


Lavalife is among the renowned online meetings services; The platform is active in the panorama of appointments for many years. PERT, in terms of preferences and dislikes of members, lavalife Guaranteed to make its service degan to be tried. The main attraction of Pathana are the advanced functionality of correspondence and messaging. OFFER ACCOM VARIOUS WAYS TO ASSISTRE I SINGLE IN THEIR LOVE TO LOVE.

  • Multi-profiles
  • Lavalife offers three category of profiles and unthaps have the opportunity to customize their profiles in all three. Personalization helps provide information.

  • Private image gallery
  • This feature is excellent for members who want to make their galleries deprive. All images in your private gallery will not be visible to the Pueblo. In addition to limiting those who can view Quste Images, Pushon users share images with selected people on the platform.

  • Peek
  • This function is ideal users want to navigate in other profiles in Anonymous Mode. You can Visualizer images of the utentines and give a pre-friendly parrot and zodiac signs During profile navigation crossers SYSTEM compatible tips. Others will not know that someone has your profile.

  • Meetings blog
  • Lavalife offer blog for its members and the page is managed by "ally". Ally offers suggestions, recommendations and tips your topics such as lifestyle, appointments and relationships. Users can personar to all any question to appointments or contacts and you will respond with a good suggestion. Members can share their stories on the blog.

  • In line forum
  • Olter to the Blog, Lavalife Has at Discussion Forum Activate Him People Possum Cadivide Freely Any On Parrot Life Or Discussion An Interest. Anyone can talk about Liberay to the community; it is a great place to connect with all the members of the service. The discussions are sorted by themes and categories. Anyone can Ache Will create your forum discussion forum.

Lavalife ease of use

Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

With his website and mobile app, the service wants to make random appointments exciting. Lavalife offer all the tools that singles can use to find your own partner or try something new through the three category of Lavalife profiles. The Website carries out imports role in keeping pace with the requests of the longestones and in offering pleasant reflection of meetings. Lavalife Sa Sicily How to provide when IF Truck of sense of integrity in the design.

Design and usability of The Website

Lavalife offer to Fun and evelable dating platform for people for tropping and engage in relationships. With its functions with radius to satisfy all tastes, the Looks service at involving Will Easily Persons Him. Although the web design is not something to introduce yourself, clean and easy to navigate. Receiving the accident models, the psychhe of untai and social nore, the Lavalife site does an excellent job in bringing out the emotional Speech. Menu navigation is simple and intuitive and facilitates search. All the countings are organized in various sections with all critical information as CONTACT US, Live Chat, sections yours of us in the Part Beller Website.

Lavalife mobile application

The Lavalife mobile application can be downloaded free on iOS and Android stores. The app is clear and clear but does not include all the features of the website. However, its interface is aestheticly pleasant and more organizia compared to the site. Among the various features that the app is missing, the functionality for viewing and participation in the Lavalife online forum is not available. Furthermore, it has no collegation to visit the Lavalife blog.

The Only Thing that the app is demanding is its opption of inclamement. When you view "LaValounge" from the app, you can see the intits to the internal position. The Function of Scorno can be excreted to browse the images of those members. Tramit members' advice The app is all based on the location, but the settings can be adjusted to Various position.

Customer Support

LAVALIFE HAS OF ONE EFFICIENT STAFF OFFICIENT that helps the utives in homes of any problem. The Team checks Like Righttely the false profiles and suspend unverified users. Esistone different ways to contact support: Contact them Tramit Module Web to send an e-mail, call them or connect Tramit via live. The Rapprestant of HIGHLY CHALIFIER customer support and Lavalife IF will occupy Quickly of the matter.

Profilial user registration process

Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

You will be happy to superere that Lavalife registration procedures only takes a few minutes to be completed. However, it is Messarium to fill in all the mandatory fields like the Your D you and the WILL Believe service your profile on the platform. Users comes asked for identify their sexual prepare to help the service to combine them to an ideal partner. You can still use your facebook account for access to lavalife and amount an image to complete the registration process. Without The Profile Photo, Lavalife Untii cannot proceed beyond. At the end of the of sign, members will receive recommendations corresponding to the service.


Lavalife is a Piathana of DECENT meetings to discover your ideal encounters partner, but the record process. The newcomers are invited to mention their sexual presences, interassis / hobby, aspect, personality and qualities they would like to have in their ideal partner. Lavalife requests to also provide personal information.

After registration, the will follow the essential requirement of the Lavalife service: IL Will created with single access key eight characters. Entire this limit, any letter, number, etc. It can be use for Cream to Password as you prefer. During The Registration Procedures, IT Comes Richisto to provide unique Uteen name for your account. So, before planning the recording, think of an elegant name from Visualizer as name of the proposal.

Quality and Verify The Profil

New subscribers must verify their Enter to day accounts; In Contrary, they will not be able to use The Pyathana. During the registration process, the page view to detailed questionnaire that fills partially the details of the profil. After an aperferformed open to the site you can use the same informances or adjust the other sections complete. The new themes must decide whether Stef in a few lines and add their hobbies, preferences, entire and places / places where Probilly IF will find.

Lavalife offer three category of profiles: "Relaze" for serious appointments, "casualle" for friendships at short terms and "intimate meetings" for users who need enthusiasm for appointments. Only premium users can have more profiles using Unique Account.

There are no restrudions to the display of profile, so the standard antithes can control all obeous details and combine the parro compatibility before deciding to send my like. Users can secretly make parro gallery secret, Continging Only to People Limit to view Le Parro Images. You can use this dural image importing from your Facebook or desktop account.

Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

Many dating platforms offer limit features for free members to motivate them to buy their plans. However, Lavalife offers various search filters for its standard members at no additional cost. Free users can persian save these search results for subsequent use. However, instant messaging is to paid functionality and, do not update your abbonage, you can only respond to messages of premium users. Messaging method is basic, just like other platforms.

For Standard Members, Lavalife offers some other features. These inclusive the use of advanced searching options and sending smiles / integers to otherwise Utieri to which you are Inters. The search algorithm contains fields eat last business, sex, age, distance, etc. Other Esteffore Filters Available for the Untiti of the service offer sophisticated suggestions of corresponds.

Combine and chat

The Lavalife profiles are very detailed and all the users can view them. During The Navigation In Details SI Profile, you can use to special "shared" function, which Analyzes Sea compatibility of someone matched. The detailed analysis of this AICA functionality to decide IT Breaks Ice OR Main. Lavalife conpen to standard users to "smiles" to people who pacify you. En Consent also replies to premium ups, send chat requests or voice messages without additional costs. But free non-Pushon members start the contact; They have to regain their registration for using function. Other Intersante Functionality Including The Condiva Of Your Secret Image Gallery With Selective Members, Instant Messages, Smiles, E-mail, Videomans And A One Richista "Call me". The "Call me" function you will call to Number of contact blocked without reasing your identity.

Lavalife offer Various Methodi to let you note. It's easy to get noted invideging my like anyone, what to free functionality. But you have to Acqually on page to page if you want to carry it forward and start with a connection with Parrot. EAT Usual, The Messaging is Limited Only to paying members. Free Members can pavel only the next to page send them to message.

Subscription options

Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

LAVALIFE OFFER A DI PIANA DISTINCTIVE TARFADE based on the duration of the inclusion. Offer floors of one, three and six months to adapt to the budget of its users. You can take advantage of buying discounts for six months and get the cheapest tariff in Month. The abbonive to page for Month Costro around $ 19.99, but yes reduces to $ 15 to MONTH purchases on the floor of six months.

Free version

Lavalife offers various features to its standard members. The ONICE for which free use will choose page subscriptions is to start the contact. ACHE registration costs are reasonable, so Free Members Possonus Using the basic subscription or update to use Premium features. Free Version Has Cheek Features:

  • Browse all profiles without any restrict.
  • Use search filters for tropping people.
  • Add and save search filters.
  • Send And Receive Interest / Smile from Qualcuno.
  • Like each profile.
  • Send answers to user texts to page.
  • Publish in the discussion rooms.
  • Visit the Lavalife blog.

Version to page

The Premium Lavalife plans offer these features:

  • Send messages to anyone.
  • Receive a notification is someone visiting your profil.
  • Create to Discreet profile for different sections.
  • Conversation starts.


Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

The abbonage to page to SERVIALLO LAVALIFE HAS TO Reasonable price. Offer very few additional features, but they are needed to start a conversation and start to interact with someone you like. Payment features help you to get compatible with single games. ACHE IS SEMBANCE that the greater part of the longestone can benefit from the Standard Reserve During the update, there is a problem. Standard users must wait to be noted while premium members will open at the top of the search results. The three-storey price structure is The Security:


Premium subscription cost


1 month

$ 19.99

$ 19.99 per month


$ 16.66

$ 49.99 at the month


$ 15.00

$ 89.99 to The Month

Subscription cancellation

Users can cancel the subscription before the billing periods of 1.3 or 6 months of abbonage. Visit Simél The section of the Tuu page account and choose to Reason to cancel your and invian plan. It is recommended to cancel the subscription 24 before applicable and will be effective for Next billing cycle ICCY.

Security security

Lavalife Protects All sensitive information, including users' details. Concent also the anonymous chat, conting to members of hiding one's own identity, start chat with other untii and learn more His of Parro at the Own Rhythm. People can limit those who can see their private galleries. The "CALL ME" function is of the all irretrigable and is not shared with third parties. Safety suggestions and web privacy information explain the standard practices of Lavalife meetings services.

Lavalife alternatives and competitors

The main competitors of Lavalife are Ashley Madison, Passion.Com, Flingster, iHookup.com, elite singles and okcupid.com. Alternative Alternative Including Match.com, Zoosk and Eharmony. Among these strict competitors and alternatives, Lavalife is a popular appointment service where the single USED single features to encounter. It's allem to all, compressed those related to the weddings of the same sex. With a great variety of Apronteen options.


Review Lavalife: legitimate or scam?

The Lavalife Meeting Service is operational from Voaschio Tempo now. His web and the app offered to munner mode and without stress to go out with you. The site has been renovated to keep up with competition and provide various ways to its members of interacting social media tramit, online and blog forums. Its new and clean web layout is aestheticly accigative.

Whether you want to look for serious meetings, Casual Appointments or Live lasting, Lavalife has covered you. Its detailed registration process consists of the most part of the proposal; The service uses these information to recommend adequate correspondences. Members can Ache Cream multiple profiles from three category in A Unique Account. In the complex, Lavalife is to fantastic piathana of meetings that helps thousands of singles in America and Canada to find love and continuous to grow. Lavalife is at Rhinomato Meeting site that IF concentrates on the creation of a pleasant goal of appointments. Lavalife is the right Steen is Surrounding at the site of legitimate meetings that understand its different clarifications.

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