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Koko Dating recharge 2022

Koko Dating review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 69%
Quality match 95%
Popular age 18-23
Profile 750 000
Rate of replied 88%
Facilitated Use 9.4
Popularity 9.0
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Koko Ustanti IF recorded even here:

Pro and Control

  • More languages: The Connest App to users to access the services offered to them in different nine, contempt them to surf the Quick Website EP Effective Using Various features and tools.
  • Users of the whole Mono: the app hosts diversify population from all over the world. Her uters. People belonging to Ethnies, cultures and different races possum to meet on the platform and find in informal partner and lover of divene.
  • Encouragement for the meeting in the Real world.
  • Novi nodes: the App follows to Rigorous Policy to brake the exchange of vulgar images and obscene monitoring the multimedia files exchanged by the Uttings. Qusto is the Reason for which they created successful models to prohibit cadvy users of nude photo on the web.
  • Enclosure on fun: the app addressed its services to young frenetic. Perty have introduced functionality to indulge its users in A Type of Relazing Casuille.
  • AVAILABLE ITS plus platforms: The app has made available its services your DEVICE based YOUR ANDROID and iOS services, which are the most Communely Uscred Mobile Telemonia operating systems; Qusto allowed Koko to reach Utti Basis Diversify all over the world.
  • No web platform available: to reach ampery the untii of mobile phones, Koko has launched its Slithing services for and iOS platforms, lasting out the missed webtites. Because many people are specific to the web-based online meetings, the app may not have been able to reach a large group of unwinding potentials.
  • Expensive Award: the app charges Cifesta Cuitis to its users to access and excrecate premium services and does not provide sufficient sufficient communication options to its free users.
  • The app can create addiction: being Affasts and equipped with all the features focused on young inboard, APM Fembro Promises and offer results. There were time, can create addiction and can bring to Uteen to Pardre a long time to walk in the app.
  • Application user-oriented design and features make Excellent Steen as a platform of online meetings. This is the Motif for which the app has been able to attain half a Milioe of Uttei all over the world to use its service ni!

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Koko is at the site of cured dating sliting for young people of this generation. Fast, audacious and direct! That's how young people love, that IF stretches of Steen of life, Technology or Sport; Young people these days want everything in Frenestic Mode, Reason for which young people do not prefer the Methods of Appointments Convention. To provide rapid and reliable appointment solutions, IdeaWise Ltd. He launched a non-conventional appointment app called "Koko" in 2014. The company has studied the necessary time and Has decisive to start its own services Only ITS mobile phone platforms and has not launched its services to web picataut; This fits the needs of young rapid movement and provides them solutions for moving appointments. The Web Has Site Different Interactive Functions that contemplates users to find ideal Correspondence and encourage them to meet in the real world.

Apps of Koko appointments: is this platform legitimate or scam?

EAT works Koko to give you an Appointment?

From the Point of View of Performance, the App Messages in Super Speed ​​and Fluid Its and Android Devices; The IF app starts Quickly and not if you blocked or if blocked during the operation your every device. Although Koko services are not available for untii desktop or laptop, you can access to app Gives to computer using one third-party strokes that okay to mobile phones apps to run on computers.

Eat The most part of the applications of University meetings, Koko Use the CorressPondence Reverse algorithm based position-based location services such as GPS, which Means that Koko finds the right profiles Perti Caring to Profile Cherrispen to your preferences nearby. You can rate your profile you find attractive and you own that profile you vote to do so, you can start to interact between parrots.

People's analysis: how people are?

The appa has over half a million users all over the world and in a given day you can find more than 5.000 users online with to connect. Although the Website guest users all over the world, The Major Part Of Untii on the Comes website by the United States of America. They represent about 100.000 users.

  1. Geography - EAT specified above, the apple has it all over the world, but to Meaning Number of Apparently Users to the United States of America, Followiti from Canada and Europe.
  2. Kind - Male users dominate the app and more than half of the app's population is male, while females have at Number Benche on the app than males.
  3. Sexual eastern - A user can belong to specific sexual guidelines and anyone can enroll in the indefinentful app from his sexual orientation, or the app extends his services to straight, gay, lesbian, transgender and bi-curious people from all over the world.
  4. Age - Anyone who is more than 18 years old can register to Koko, but the average age of the clouds on the web is compressed between 18 and 30 years as the app is intended for young users.
  5. Ethnicity - Young people belonged to various breeds and ethnic groups Possum Unti to site to find Affine, Casual and Lover Lover partners.
Public analysis: how are people?

Mainai features of this dating platforms

The App is home to myriad of various intessive and unique features for content to its undifles of interacting with other members. Some of the schusive features provided by the app are:

  1. Tribe: The Tribe is another name for the application search function, under Tribe, you can see all the members, the unthights nearby, activating location services, ie the GPS on your device. You can search for members of other cities using the Main search filter.
  2. Messaging: The Connest app to its premium members to send messages to other utate visiting their and profile and selecting the message option. However, you can send single message to day comes member, but Has Qualcuno With a mutual cooked, ie Senterambi you expressed whole one for the other Tramit the Vote function, then you can exchange unlimited messages with each other.
  3. Like it: To Profile Attending and Activing Menter Browse three tribe profiles, you can feel that profile, is trivi; Quest will add Automatically the PROFIL to the Preparer list in the app. However, Only to Premium user can see the heart you send.
  4. Vote: The voting is the characteristic Maine that content to restrict profiles from the EAA of suggestions. On the Voting tab, the app shows the Say to user profile that matches your preferences. Find that profile attractive, vote simplicenly in the profile to let the owner of the profile you expressed interest for him and if it vote, come across the one to the artera. However, you don't find the profile enough compatible for you lying, do Simplely slide your finger into any direction. The Esción profile disappeared and a new user profile will appear before you.
  5. Quiz: The Quiz section lists all the Available quizzes and, paracipando One of the questionnaires, you can make your personality type Type, which you can mention under your profil. Find is a similar personality profil with Type, you can know Quickly Your Compatibility with Proprietarial The OFFIL.
  6. Chat: In the chat section you can find all the conversations you had with other users.
Main features of this dating platform

KOKO: ease of use of mentions pounding meetings

The KOKO app is designed in A Layout Dynamic and intuitive a lot Chee Has entertained and involved with lem multiple functionality available in the lower menu. The app works in Module Mode Effective Your All Telephone Mobile And Ios Devices Consume Memory of the Device Reduced Grease. The app requires authorization to access the position and multimedia storage so that its characteristics and functions work correctly.

Design and usability of Quest Web Site

The design and layout of the application are simple but attractive. Any new user can get rapidly the less Die One or two minutes app. Although the operation of the app is very simple, so the access and the usstz of various tools on the app are convenient Molds. You can avoid different activities in a brief time lapse alternating menus and options without having to face any problems. Animations to fashion and user interface Maintenance fascinated young and maintengure Fintry Maintegure involved During the USing of the app.

KOKO HAS A mobile application?

KOKO HAS developed an app only for Android and iOS devices and may soon cast an app for online renovations based HIS Windows. Koko does not have the web platforms in its service area. They focused on the fact that mobile phones benefit the computers these days and the untii of the latter are; As such, the release of the app only for mobile piats will cover more terrain for Parrot. The Ideolo of Koko Sema works because they have over half a million in six years after the launch of the app, while the greater part of the websites employs decades to achieve these goals.

The website is available for download your Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app has been downloaded more than 500.000 times from Google Play Store and was evaluated with 3.9 stars from over 2k reviews. The app is labeled appropriate EAT for Et's Superima Pubolic at 18 years and consumes 16 MB data HIS an Android Device. For Work Your AT Android Device, Koko requires Version of the Operation System 4.4 and later. In the Apple's App Store, the App was EATTITA EAT appropriate for the Ottai of age superved 17 years and the APP HAS A exceptional evaluation of 4.5 stars. An Apple requires iOS Device Version 10 or later so that the app functions on the device and occupies 193 MB of space.

Customer support team of this dating platform

The Appointment App Koko Has A System of Customer Assistance Very Rapid and Miglirate and User can contain with the support team from the oppage of help and support to the INTERN, or can directly send the post to customer support team writing To [Email & # 160; Protected] .

Customer support team of this dating platform

Recording process and Quest website user profile

Register and the Will created on the PROFILE application is very simple and fast; You can add up to Koko using your Facebook account or use your e-mail address for Register on the app. After registry with success on the app, you can proceed to the profile configure by breaking the details of the details, uploading an image of profile and providing some additional information about your preferences and Steen. A Half can rapidly user complete the whole process in a couple of minutes and continuous to enjoy the world of casual appointments Her Koko.

EAT InsCridsti to this meeting site

There are two ways for Regibarses His Koko.

  1. Using the Facebook account: You can add up to Koko using your Facebook account. Enough Click Your Join using the Facebook account button, Quest will redirect you to the Facebook login page. Access your Facebook account by providing access credentials. Turned to time logged in, you will be redirected to another page in which you will be asked for Award the authorization to Koko for Access and Using You informances required as a name, image of profile, etc. After Authorized Koko and proceed further, you will be redirected newly to koko. All your data, including the necessary details and the Image of Profil, will be imported from your Facebook to your profil Koko account.
  2. Using an auditor e-mail: Another mode for Register Her Koko is using your e-mail ID, provide your e-mail ID, your sex, your preferred sex, etc. And click Its Continuous. In the following page, some personal sennings and questions relating to the preferences will come post; At a time you risk these questions and load an image of profile, you will be soon to use Koko services. Verify your e-mail address by clicking on the collegation sent to your Registry e-mail address and enjoy Koko services.

Quality of Profile and Verifies for Quest Web Site

Application profiles are completely authentic, authentic and belong to real people. Koko follows a full and detailed recording process and not concepted to uteen hi account accounts until IF Verify e-mail traffic. You can see the image of Profile of a User and Details Needs, Personal Informance And Type of Personality. You can add to your user to your prepare facial click on the heart form button, vote to user and send messages to uteen from the profil page.

Profile quality and check for this website

Koko search motor: how good it is?

You can search for other members HIS KOKO using the basic search filters in the Tribù tab. Divers Research parameters as a distance, age group, etc. And applix filters; You will get the most relevant search results corresponding to your preferences. Make sure you allow access to the LOCATOR service.

Abbination and Chat Your Meeting Platin

The APP COMES displayed on the profile at a time that matches your preferences on the Schherm Telephone, you can click on your heart profile to add to the list of prepare or vote on the profile to expect to vote. In the homes in which nothing is your bell, you can simplowely slide the profile in any direction. Being to free user, votes someone and you get to vote from him, Means you have been combined to Chell'Ounto. You can send and receive more messages from your game and you can send free message to the day to proprietary of profil without equal. However, the upset Pushon Premium send unlimited messages to any user.

Subscription options for this App of Appointments

The app has Appperson Progetto Premium plans and credit structures that allow you access to various premium and page features.

Subscription options for this App of Appointments

Free Account, it's USE?

There are no Development and Period of FREE OR REVISION to Premium on the Piano App. Get free registration when you sign up for the Conct with access to OPPTIONS LIMIT; Qusto Free Abbonage can be updated to Premium Buy One of the Offer Floors.

Premium Account of Quest Website: because odello?

ABBONAMENT AT PAGE Page GAVE offers A MINIMUM HAVE $ 7.33 per month and can be purchased as Say subscription plans a month, three months ago year. KOKO Accept payments Tramitit Credit cards and mobile phones.

Prices for Premium Accounts, NE IS WORTH IT?

KOKO accounts are obbiable in two types of abbonives:

Koko Premium

  1. Per month: coast in sum of $ 16.99.
  2. Three months: this piano is worth $ 21.99.
  3. An year: Qusa Abbonage will cost you $ 107.88.

Koko diamonds

  1. 50 credits - will cost you only $ 0.99.
  2. 125 credits - these credits apply $ 1.99.
  3. 300 credits - Devi Parade $ 3.99 for these credits.
  4. 1000 credits - The total of these credits will be $ 10.00.

Annlament of the Exchanger to the to Payment account for this site

You can cancel the subscription in any moment walking in the account settings and individual automatic renewal function; Once the automatic renewal function found, cancels simplemented automatic renewal and your abbonage will be canceled.

Security and protection: Your and your Seven to the secure data?

EAT suggest NUMMER Internet reviews of the app, the app is Authentic and Completely safe for the USE. The secue app all the necessary protocols and using secure firewall systems for the user-friendly data secure and preventing any grutting force entry in the database.

Security and protection: Do you and your data secure?

KOKO: alternatives and competitors of this platform

  1. Adultfriendfinder
  2. AshleyMadon
  3. Okcupid
  4. EHarmony
  5. Tinder
  6. Bumble

Our last words

You're surrounding an online appointment app where you can find in flirtent partners, love of fun and avnventurous for occasional meetings and relationships? Koko is the right steen for Tewage based on exponential growth users.

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