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KIK recension 2022

KIK review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 67%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 30-33
Profile 2 234 000
Rate of replied ninety two%
Facilitated Use 7.4
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

KIK IF users record ACHE QUNE:

Pro and Control

  • Notifications on real-time typing
  • Incredibly popular in more than 300 million Utters
  • Possibility to send multimedia messages
  • Video chat function at par with skype and facetime
  • Presence of inappropriate counting
  • Not suitable to an elderly anointed
  • Many people on the platform are children

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KIK is to flats that can help friends and families stay in touch.

Here's how Kik works

KIK is to Piathana that N requires rigorous standards to make part of the Community. All workers do not have to offer information such as telephone numbers, which seeds to be Common Requirement for online messaging apps. PERT, the unthaps will be relaxed, knowing that their informatives cannot be used by third parties. PERT, users can experiment to Piathana that non-Sacifices security for communication.

Public information

Kik is to Piathana Viree among young people. There are over 300 million uterships on the network and the piathana's panolarity is increases dumbbell during cheese period. The emphasis on anonymity and privacy has leads to the growth of the utentines, which come mainly from the United States. The Major Part of the Ustants is Hispanic, but on the net is Present Ache at a reasonable number of African-Americans. Other breeds and ethnicities are relatively Main Your Kik.

Among Great Number of users in the United States, almost 50% are Teens. The rappingness of users with more than 30 years is NotBolly Lower.

Fundamental features to mention

Fundamental features to mention

There are some crucial HER KIK features that can make a lot of difference in the world of foreign currency online. The main options are:

Kik codes

All users receive code that is almost similar QR code. You can access this code from the desidation menu and you will use new users or find unthaps existing on the platform. To add to Person, users must press the search icon and find the option Find people. Pray you can scan the code. Premium that in Pissa User using the code for second time, must consent to the camera.

At a time to the user scans the code, She ip the chat gives which she can send text. You can find kik codes in a bar or social media.

Group chat

User can start group chats and add users according to your preferences. At Group Chat Potrà includes a maximum of 49 members and the group can be public or private. If a group is posted private, other users cannot find out the Effeutututing group searching on the platform. Ono for Earrene in the group will scan the code for the correspondent KIK group.

If a group is posted Eat Public, it can be about and identify with hashtag. You can have the option to chat with group members, but settings can be changed for messaging messaging directors.

Video chat

If an alternative to do facetime or skype is excres, you can using this platform that facilitates even video calls in time real to one or more members. The video call can be one-to-one chat, but a user can take other friends for Will Increase The party. On the interface is Present AN Switch to lever that can be excreted to exit Easily from the chat.

Bot shop

There are several bots on the PiastForma. Chatbots are designed to invent social interaction and utals have the opportunity to send text messages, quizzes, receive the latest suggestions, advice or news. It happens to deal with different segments Eat Fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and more. If in utentent has no friends on the kik app, the chatbot can be an alternative alternative to the use of the platform and the contains shop at the range of accessories designed to make the bot more. Attraction.

Young chat challs

Since the KIK undiflesue is composed prevalently by young people, there are features designed to improve security under awareness form. Since Kik is to Piathana who inquanging anonymity, it can be easy for Uteti Viveren an unusual experience. Since the greater part of the untai are children, Was to large section that intends to face ensemble the sections on the dangers that are on the platform.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Kik can be a very simple platelet and users have succeeded in two times quick. So older users should not have any problems as long as they are familiar with the basics. KIK is a messaging app very similar to whatsapp in terms of concepttt, but the addition of many features to the Vanilla messaging experience makes a difference.

KIK can be easy and fun. This is dutiful to set associated with features that sureated to destination for news, quizzes, media and more.

And Design Kik interface

The interface from KIK KEEPS HIM SEW as simple as possible and cheese is large advantage by QUUSTFORMA instant messaging. At the same time, the ROSCE design to hide clear the characteristics that can make the Sppañera delutant. The messaging interface can be simple, but some passages can reverale additional EAT features the ability to add images, videos, links to youtube and more.

The simple design divencent uses ancharette when IF treats the loading times.

Mobile Kik App

Mobile Kik App

The operation of this piattaForma takes place on the app. It is essential to get the last version of the app from the respective stores. You can download the Free app. If not de unind, searches in the Play Store Or in the App Store, he can always use the official website Cha Link Arres. Reminding the untai to correct files with ease. AA AAP interfaces is very similar to the Version Desktop. Users benefit from mobile site access, Chuo can provide many of the desktop views.

Customer assistance options

You Were a reasonable set of options for those who wish contacted the customer assistance team to resolve any problems or Damende. Center contains assistance Many information on things that can Warde Stort. Has also has a lot of information about Used General's suggestions, which can come back useful for new user. ACHE IS This assistance is not sufficient, the untai pushono send an e-mail to the team asking for assistance and the breaking time is quite low.

Recording and creation of profiles

To open an account, users must download Android or iOS apps from the Store. Both processes can be really simple the user has a small understanding operations.


How to open an account

Cousin that Pusho's powering open an account, there are Gives app download on the phone. After installing the app, users will receive at Notice on the opport of I Will Create An Account. So it's messarium to join the basic data. To Ospus, users must insert to name Uteen, password and AN e-mail preferred address. It is Faoltival Insert at Number Yes Telephone and the spread also applies to the image of profile.


The quality of profile on the Pioneáà aeens platform. About 50% GRLI users are adolescents. In terms of what offers the profile, there are very few information her to User and it is difficult to judge the quality of the profiles based on the information provided. The lesser amount of informance is due to the fact that Verify procedures are not rigorous.

There are some key options for color they want to find an appointment or a friend His Pietforma this. IT Pensions to couple of features like groups or the correct addresses of the addresses. Add to Espopio, the basic option to border people is sharing your profile I turn on to the settings, where a Notes option is available as you share your profil.

User can even decide to make part Say to a public group suitable for his attents. This process can be very simple, consigning the availability of several hundred groups on the frog form. I don't happen to find a group. The only requirement in this phase is to have meaning significant peril group in fashions that is easier to send.

How about SMS and correspondence?

How about SMS and correspondence

It is important to remember that Kik is not for appointments and there is not a lot of efficacy when using Using this Plant to meet extraneous or people that the Pansian at the Steo. Even then, there are features on the platform like Matcher and Match & Chat. They may seem that they have similar features, but they are very different in the services they provide. These are third-party services that can be able to connect the Untii with users who think of the same fashions on the platform.

You can excrete these services in that your profile can be inserith in destination where it is easy to search based on the image, location, age and so on. This can help travar to potential match and contact with the help of the KIK ME button, which TREATE MESSAGE. After having inish the message, inexa the awaited. The user is Soon to have a conversation, the chat functionality can be really uses Eat Its any other platform.

Registration options

Any encounter platford must provide good value for money to justify your USE. Almost all options of the sector offer abbreviary plans and on page. Potonbber I can be alms where you can withdraw to free test.


Many of Kik's features are free. It is easy to download the app from the Destination. This is quite large to detour from the rules charged in the segment of online appointments. In fact, the only associated with the PiattaForma will be the tarfs for the data that must be provided to the Internet service provider.


Paid options

There is an option in Paid Her Kik, but integral Terce services are detachable, which Pother. It is important to pay attention when Yes Metton in the foreground third-party services.

KIK price structure

Users of this platform should not be enclosed costs and is unlikely that developers will introduce the Stea in Future. The Reason of this price structure could be the positioning of Kik as Messagistics platform instant rather than Eat apps of appointments.

Cancellation options of the KIK subscription

There are no abbusament plans. However, a member is to a complete option set, which can even deleted their account is not satisfied with any reason.

The Sicurezz and the are protected taken on serious?

The Sicurezz and the protFree of an App of appointments are two important pillars that can justify the success is piattaform. Since KIK is anonymously, the untii shares their NORMROs of telephone, can be rather dangerous for color they have to full profil. So, Platftafta Comes Tonita With many suggestions that can make a lot of difference for children's parents who owe the platform or even for adults.

They are available different features for security measures such as the Say to User Block, Management Say to Text Ortro Message. You can a WILL CHANGE TO PROFIL GIVES a public to a private option. This can Drastickly Increase The Sicurezz.

KIK and alternative competitors

KIK and alternative competitors

KIK is to popular options for a messaging app, but some alternatives can correspond or even go well than this platform. Some of the best opposions that must be considered are:


Whatsapp Exceeeds Easily Competitors in terms of users, since over 2 billion USA platform users for various aspects. I have started Eats Pathana for instant mesaggistic, WhatsApp IF is Quickly Branches in other EAT sectors video calls and more anchor. Expose customization options that content to a user toain in reasonable quantity of changes eating background, appearance and more.


Viber is another Instant Messagistics platform that is Dive to Hub for VideoShips and other Olre functionality to instant messages. The Sicurezz is sufficient for offer the maximum tranquility to users, since the platter verifies different aspects like the number Say Phone and so on. THIS HAS AN EFFECT DRASTIC ON SPAM CONTACHION. Viber excels in terms of functionality, as users can chat, share multimedia content and effective video calls. However, it is not great for tropping people at homes for appointments purposes.



Line is at Fantastic messaging app that has enjoyed over 500 million downloads only on the Play Store. The app is excellent for users who want something more than simple voice calls, video calls and instant chats. It is gradually adding to chat with emoji and stickers. Some opptions of unique PUSHOND personalization improve the chat experience. But ACHE LINE is not so exceptional when IF treats to ventuare to find an appointment. This app is use only for conversations with people who are already in contacts, KIK difference, which has a certain amount of available personalization.

Conclusion of Kik's Rechencee

Kik might seem on the WHATSApp line stea, but there is more Her this PiastformForm. Offer to users at Solid Chat Definence with friends or random unknown. There are a lot of features that can make more lively chat, Eat Meme, Photo and Graph. ACHE IS It is not possible to see much quality of the profiles, the anonymous nature of the app makes it an ancient companion at the world of appointments. It is difficult to make mistakes with kik, then try it alone!

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