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Kasidie ​​recension 2022

Kasidie ​​review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan ninety two%
Quality match 94%
Popular age 20-24
Profile 1 840 000
Rate of replied ninety two%
Facilitated Use 7.9
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Kasidie ​​The untilient IF recorded here:

Pro and Control

  • KASIDIE offers its long users lists of events for both local and global.
  • The Travel and Rendezvous functions help to Enuncyi a little when IF is Lontuni from House.
  • The Huge Number of Active Users.
  • In-depth profiles.
  • Open and kind community.
  • Almost all the functions are available only in the Version to Payment.
  • Nonwas A Version of the app for Kasidy.
  • Norsors The vast user database, there are Anchor a few people with whom you chat.

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Kasidie ​​This has been positioned at the reliable dating site for many years where the untai can find a partner for a couple of nights full of sex with sex and good. What coincidence that in the modern world, we always stop looking for relationships and seem to prefer brief adventures to walk along the corridor. However, they remain picky and HENSE in relation to GAVE a night must be OWL.

But the Kasidie ​​website is as good as you talk about sixth? Users seem to be people who can take pleasure and an exceptional experience of NSA report? We look to do our best and to offend our in-depth investigation on the Kasidie ​​dating site. We would like Credee who after reading this Receuncee, you will have a complete picture of Kasidie ​​and you will be Soon to Get a Device on the importance of Cheese site for you.

Kasidie ​​in a few sentences

Kasidie ​​in a few sentences

We have already said that Kasidie ​​Says who are the community of mentality people openings that Breas. But we have neglected to note that this site is designed to satisfy all the requirements of the swingers. Worth agree that the swing is presented in different ways on the website. You can be a member who is Carefully Surrounding to partner or Justo Observer who observes all that is Acadeundo and a day is Soon for Jumae in the world of pierce.

At a time I decided to follow him, vast user base, swinging parties and other lustful events open their doors.

Members of the site

Kasidie ​​Has gained popularity without from the launch in 2006 and Pray. They are both couples and singles. Naturally, The Major Part of Active Antithes has headquarters in the United States. Furthermore, many members come from Europe and other countries. It was positive to find that the site offecer plans or individual discounts for untii of determinations of countries or regions to unquote adhesion to the Piandform.

But not matter from which Paaese provides people, there are even more women than men. According to the latest data, The Proportion is from 56% to 44%.

What we are Kasidie's PAACIO, and we believe it is LAROR LAROR RISORS, it is that all sexual guidelines are free to express their wishes here and can find partners whether and straight, gay, orsxual lesbian.

Users of the suite are for what more on the thirties. Those are people who discovered Kasidie ​​Quad Was Availability Only Internet cable and are still faithful to web site.

Main features

Many other meetings of meetings for swingers have been created by the invention of the EDE DESESA. But we made our little research and found that the greater part of the features that the other communities of swingers have prayer, Kasidie ​​had had much before parro.

  • Rendezvous function. You can use this function to save people on the site you are soon for the meeting and doing to brief adventures. Using the Sessometer, you can indicate His a scale gives 1 to 5 how much you want to meet.
  • The travel function works almost at the Steo Mode. But Rendezvous Comes created for national meetings, then Travel should connect the swingers when they are far from home and near the new speed.
  • Lists of erotic events and swingers Neil vicinity and in the world. THIS IS CONTENTS DIVITT TO TOURIST sexual for a while, as you can choose the event and partochare. Some people travel for concerts, others - for swingers events.
  • Online shop of sex toys and other items related to sex, compresses the intimate biachiaria. We cannot neglect the fact that the variety of toys and other sews is impressive. Of Both in Barebe Kasidie ​​offered to his great discounts or special prices for shopping in his shop.
  • Blog and Forum. KASIDIE NON IF Occupifa only of sex and relationships, but ACHE of community of people. I am a device to communicate between parrots, share some health tips and even cooking recipes.

Usability Kasidie

Usability Kasidie

Ache Kasidie ​​was developed a long time ago, functionality is still compressible and quite easy to will use. The essential tabs are available in the section above and everything is at the rate if hand.

Layout of the Swinger Community

Now it is the Momention of Gorrue the truth in the eyes: Kasidie ​​was created in 2006 and 2020 his design Fransemporate. There were time, the site makes people nostalgic. But we cannot deny the fact that the website was realzato with wisdom. Because even now, after 14 years of existence, it still works and no additional manuals are needed so that they persecute uses for the correct purposes.

Kasidie ​​App

Unfortunately, Kasidie ​​has no application that you could download for Used more convenient. However, you can always wear Kasidie ​​with you and use The Parrot Version Mobile Website.

We must admit that the mobile verse is not the most elegant, but it is quite simple. Ovviously does not have all the features that are available in the Version Desktop. Anache is his use would not cause problem or damande divers, because everything is rather novioso. What is not very pampled are the small buttons to click. That happened because our fingers are too big or the buttons are too small, we have lost more volts the necessary button.

Customer assistennis team

Customer support team

The Kasidie ​​Has website in Section FAQ with the answers to the most common damande. For Otttallite and Detailed, we recommend Will Visit The Parrot.

Has Been in Richista Specifies concerning The Privacy of the Tusman Account, invoice details, payments and so on, you can contact the Process to Specific Module Support Team on the Site Web site. We tested ourselves as many eats so many, their customer service gives sepometo to stormy answer and in-depth.

Information of Profil

At a time you have registry with kasidie, there are about 30 damande to which you have to getpen up to complete your account. We stayed surprise from the questionnaire because, for the site of meetings for swingers, it is quite detailed. What is not very pampled is that you can't find questions in free form, but you have to choose on the Gives 1 to 5 scale. The same articles relating to your sex preferences IT consons sexy. They have been designed in fashions to tell Kasidie ​​members your desires more than yours can do it yourself.


The registration procedure is cheerful enough and it is not Messario to be specific of technology for Regenbarisi His Kasidie. It seems to us that the most complicated part. Also, password created, specific age, location and add photo. Notes that if you registers as a couple, you have to load to photo of both. The photo must be real, your face, not your most intimate parts.

There is another thing that remember: The city you indicate must be valid. Otherwise, you will not be in the Grade of I Will Create An Account.

Account details and reliability

Account details and their reliability

The quality of your Kasidie ​​user profiles is impressive. The most part of the member's profiles has a lot of information and details, as well as some private photos and hot. The platform takes you to provide all in informatizations you want and we advise you to do it to attract. You can see DETAILS EXPLIED HIS OTHER MEMBERS AND IMPARE SOMETHING HIS OF PARROT.

You should prove attention to those profiles that have less detailed and could meeaning that the user is not just motivated to find someone. Since access to communication and information on utersi is available only for premium antithes, the probability of dealing with false accounts is minimal. Some members are certified by the Website, which Means who are legitimate 100%, Thing that you can also do to inventory your chances of being Seen from other Utters.

Kasidie ​​search filters

When IF treats to look for new people, the Will at the secting on the Kasidie ​​website is very developed. Here you can Easily Trivate to Member with in Name Utente Partylar or Specifying Which People Stay Fence, Loor Age, Preferences And Preferences. Advanced Search Connien to be as detailed as possible when you are looking for CorressPondence. In this mode, you can find to person (or a couple) who shares your interests in a unique detail. Concerns non-lonely sexual prepsions but to the General interste and hobbies. We really precluded Kasidie's search as you offer to Huge Section.

Remember that you can see who has visualizer your profile and other members can see you view them. You can disable this feature in your profile settings do not want to be noticed.


When you find to user that you whole, you can send to flirt as a sign you like. Also, you can send an email to uteen; In this mode it is possible to attach a message to message. You wish to send an instantanaus message to anyone, you can start to chat. For this, you will have to send richist to a member; Seprovano, you can exchange chats and video or audio messages between Parrot. Single the users' users with an abound to Hanign access to conversations, but pooi anche limit it to your friends or nobody are you do not want to receive messages from other members.

You can also benefit from Rendezvous, travel or party to encounter someone from person. In fact, Kasidie ​​has more functionalities related to real meeting, rather than to conversation online. You can spindle various methods for uncontrado new people on the website.

Abbonage plans Kasidie

There are several Abboemea options on the Kasidie ​​Web site. You want to expect what you can offer you site, you should register free. However, you are really like your siency and want to get more, besides communicate and encounter other people, allra you should absolute update your account. Beneever briefly what you get with a free and page abbo7.

Free functionality

With a Free Account Kasidie, you can register Her at Web Site and I Will Create your profil. You can search for other members. You won't be able to start conversation, but you answer the e-mails that someone has surfed. So, you find someone you really like, you can't send an e-mail or start chat for free.

Functionality to page

With the Elite Subscription, you have access to multiple features that improve your experience. You can send friend requests, send e-mail and start to chat with other utystyers. You will have access to improved search and you can see all the profiles and their photos. A Sign Pagment Abbonage to publish appointments, travel, paracipare or host parties and communicate in forums. You can ACCHE ACCESS store online, where you will find many essential SEES. PERT, I Will Be Seriously intended to have fun with Kasidie, IT We recommend developing your account.

Costs and Payment of Kasidie

I decided to try an account kasidie ​​for a fee, you can choose for Qanto Time wishes to sign up. The most brief subscription is from A Month, where you will have to meet 19.95 USD. I decided to try more, you can selection an abbonage three, you are or an anne. With an ABBOAME, three months old, you will pay 15 USD per month, the six-month subscription will cost you about 13 USD per month, while Berler is still in Annual Subscription.

Cancel registration

You can cancel your Abbonage Kasidie ​​or remove your account in the Settings of the Proposal.

Legitimacy of the service

Overview of Kasidie ​​- The site is worth your time?

Sage IF Site of this niche's dating site, The Safe Safe is one of the Main Problems you should WILL THINK. The Kasidie ​​Guarantee website a secure experience, confirmed by thousands of users. If you assure your profile is anonymous and that Another user can see only the informances you added to your profil. The real names are usually not excreted in the members' profiles, together with the address or to other sensitive information. You can blur your photos or some parts of them are you don't want to Who. It is possible to block any user profile if you see it suspicious or simplemented you don't want it to view your profil. You can hide your profil gives searching for web site in fashes that other members do not give you. It is always better to take some Precaceptual Missings, so N willing to check the privacy information on their web page.

Kasidie ​​options

There are a couple of other swingers meetings sites that could be an alternative to Kasidie. SDC or Swingers Date Club is one of these, which is also to popular website Trav Swingers, but the parro registration fee is the highest among the rivals. The Site AdultFriendFinder offers to variety of agreements between uters and is also pikesto expensive. Swing Lifestyle Specifies Switching relationships and has more economical abbonage, but the user number is not so big. PERT, Consigning Iso Me To The Number of users and features, we can conclude that Kasidie ​​is to the best offer you can get.

Said line

We hope that informances we have in this reketed have helped you learn more about the Kasidie ​​website. If if you are not single at Swing meetings, but Ancha to A collegation or a new speaake, the Kasidie ​​site can offer you various options. Numero functionality of this subsidence of apountosis can help you not only communicate, but I can meet new people and live new speaks. PERT, I'm Near something amuser, you should absolute Will Lend Warning to Kasidie.

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