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Joingy recension 2022

Joingy review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 72%
Quality match 86%
Popular age 18-25
Profile 1 200 000
Rate of replied 90%
Facilitated Use 8.4
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Joingy Ustanti IF recorded even here:

Pro and Control

  • Fast matches are eagerly obtainable.
  • There is webcam functionality on mobile phones.
  • The app is free to chat free with anyone.
  • Users remain anonymous: the Idented Will never be revered.
  • There are many new people you can encounter online.
  • The offer offers various languages ​​that users can pass to Chella Preferus.
  • Concept to adolescents hi access to the site that could be prone to contoluted sexual.
  • No Has A dedicS Only Area.
  • Contains many strangers with sexual reasons that near erotic conversations.
  • The connections made are mainly for fun, without relationships format series.

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Welcome to Joingy's Review-2020. Joingy is at the legitimate site where strangers IF Connetton Tramit Chat. Discuss different features such as the important features of Joingy, the USE of the web, design, research opions, security and protection features and many others. RECEIVE This is to know more about the site.

Joingy is free chat site that connects in fashions foreign to the online chat via only text messages or video chat. The Use Roulette With Webcam site to connect foreigners online in Casuille. Allows people with different interestes of Cognii at Piathana and Funny.

The people are those of age of age to 13 years, but we recommend Teens Teens.

Review Joking - Legit or Scam?

EAT works Joingy?

Joingy works to connect unrelated to the one to the TraMit of the USE of the webcam roulette. Has different types of chats that should be selected by members, including adult chats, adolescents, single chats and gay chats, where users can switch to what they need.

Has Wide The "InterSti" option that combines people based on the Parrot Interti Recommending. No registration process is followed by using this site.

People's analysis

The following features characterize pubblic pans platforms:

  • Age: The Site Consisting AT PEOPLE PEOPLE OR GREEN TO 13 YEARS OF UNIVOI AT THE PARROT PARTFORM. Children under 18 can switch to teenagers in the Intef section.
  • Distribution Geographical: The platform people from all over the world.
  • Orientatus Sesual: the site does not limit any sexual orientation. People with different sexual orientation can connect Tramit Chat both tramit via single text chat and video.
  • Sex: All sexes can paracipate to Qossa PestForma. Males and females can interact release.
  • Ethnic origins: they are not pretends restrudions for any ethnic group for membership and used of the site. Also, people from all over the mono mix on the platform by bringing together several ethnic groups.
  • INSTRUCTION LEVEL: whatever you can register independently from your level of education. Children aged 13 years to adults can party to their levels of outcome without restrudions.
  • Sentimental state: Accept people from all sentimental states such as single, married, divorced or separate.
Public analysis


  • Chat With Unknown: you can chat with visitors that Yes have Eat "strangers" for Anonymity reasons.
  • Interste: this feature will contents to add your inctions by adding topics you are integrated for discussion. You are in contact with people who signiho your steak problems after having some topics.
  • Single Text: is present an area of ​​Only text that convented to speak with anyone who wants in Anonymous Mode by invite only messages.
  • Video Chat: This feature convented to chat with strangers face to face in the webcam AEA. Use the microphone and video camera and enters in the roulette chat to see who is online. You can access video chat Your OR Tablet Device.
  • Roulette Theme: This Connected Function Conversate With Extranious Unlimited With Casual Theme Chat.
  • Card notifications: The card notifications involving the Squee of Browser that avisis users of any new messages received.
  • Global Utters: Condeption to view global users who are online in the saddle part of the screen.
Main features

The PiattaForma Joingy is user-friendly?

The site is easy to will use with teto sections and video with features interesting chea fun.

IF Connetton Ache Velocself connections, Connection to users to enjoy fast conversations.

Allegri usability and design

Users Possonus Using in Efficient Mode The website of this platform thanks to its interactive easy to use interface. It is a prognotat with simplicity to facilitate the understanding and used.

The icons are simple from Will Use. Also, attractive colors with the Blue Dominant color and the well-designated features on the AnnTresting app.

Even the Available icons are well illustrated; Adley, the "single text icon" is illustrated with a message icon. At the time of time, even the "video chat" icon is illustrated good show that is for videos. Furthermore, features are described in a simple to compherent language for anyone.

The right superre side of the Has site reduced card to icon that inver the substantial features:

  • Start to chat
  • Cheerful blog
  • Chat Regolfezes
  • Public to Tweet
  • Share His Facebook
  • Select the language.

Joingy mobile application

ESISISTON Furniture App for Android and iPhone.

Members have to download the App For Free Tramitage Google Play and App Store, Respectiveory.

Posson Ache Used Version Web for Access to Picatforma.

Customer care

And it is. Joingy has active customer service team that offers services to members regarding the site.

Some of the services offered including the response to Damende and members feedback.

You can access customer support Tramit the Inviting app an e-mail in which COMES indicated the problem.

You can also access the website losing issues related to the use of the site that could represent Sphida for the user. Chest comes made legging the section faq.

Customer care

RECORDS process

Joingy has no registration as Look AT Connect, InstantAusly without Keeping account the Anonymity Trad Users.

This is one of the very few sites that N require registration and ease of access to the PARRO platform.

The creation of profile is not to necessity. You just have to sign up and start chatting with other strangers and you can cross the video chats.

EAT Register

There are no steps to regret as the site has free admission without registration.

This is also a unique Carattia of Joingy, unlike other alternative sites. Quick Offer to Quick Mode to connect members.

This site, however, claims not to be at the site of incontrial but single to site that offers to half a fast for incontradrard extraneous. Members are invited to not take any GIVES Relaze on the seriously.

Details of Profile DND Methodi of Verifies

Members of this platform do not have to provide personal details on the profile. IL ANONYMITY INTERAGISCONNE MENTR WITH EXTRANIES should tablet.

This requirement usually leads to the publication of many false profiles on meetings sites. This site claims to take all possible mixcors for having scammers and those on the advertiser with aguuti not called for Keyton the safe site.

However, there are no verify Methods offered by this Pistic Forma, but WAS to moderation team that moderates the with aguini.

Profile Details DND Verification methods

Joingy has no sophisticated research camps, unlike other online meetings sites. This is because members do not ruto their personal data (for anonymity purposes) that could be excreted in the search process.

However, Nearby members those who are online displayed in the saddle part of the screen and can connect Tramitit Chat.

Members can still visit the section to look for those who share themselves. I have positions are added to research croistria for members on the platforms.

Abbination and Chat Your Joingy

This fi tiattatura Connest of chat with everyone. Chats involve video and tra-assigned texts on the platform.

Scent your position, you will be quickly associated with a chat partner. Furthermore, it was an area for commununi interests that helps to combine users based on the recipient interti parrots.

Users can Ache Will Use The Section Interview to search for their correspondent partner; Adley, singles can move to the and type "Single" section as search criteria to find their partners.

I am available the chat types and you can select ONE based on your needs:

  • Adult Chat: Adults are available in Chat Room Video. However, The PiastForma throttle Will Previment you to Avoid Conversations related to sex for the most popular. However, some people IF distributed from this rule since the greatest adult part of HIS this platform is sex orientations and ends up publishing sex as ace. Is consenty disconnect any person who deviates from chat regrows and terms and conditions.
  • Chat for teens. All the utents must be at least 13 years old to register to the site. Yes recommends children under the age of 18 to request the permission to their parents or guardians. The Teen section promotes anonymate; PERT, it is not necessary to provide personal information.
  • CHAT FOR SINGLE: STAY SURROUNDING IN REPORT WITHOUT CONSTRUCTIONS, PASS TO "INTARSI" option and type "Single" as the option of Corressdeza. This crusts you to find other members who are ads single and ready to contain with tea. IF advises the Joingy team not to take any HIS relationships on the serial this site since IF does not deal with picatform of meetings as others that promises serial relations between members.
  • Gay Chat: If you are gay or you just need to start conversation in gay chat, Enters in the "LGBT" section and add your entities. You are the six specific agent, choose the one you want EAT keyword. You can then add the text section for private room or turn on your webcam to encounter many strangers that are online to start chatting video in casual mode.
Pairing and chat on Joingy

Types of cheerful membership

The inscription Type Offer from Joingy is only free iscing because all services are offered free.

All you need to do is download the App Protector App Store or Google Play, or using The Web Version for Using Services.

No premium his subscription has available this platform.

Free inspection

Free iscing is the only Available HIS iscing form this platform. The services are available for free use:

  • Free admission to the platform without registration.
  • Free chat site that allows you to chat in Casual Mode with strangers.
  • Free video chat.
  • Free Webcam Chat.
  • Free online chat online.
  • Vocal Chat Free Online.
  • Free Web Video Chat.

Abbonage to page

The Available subscription is all free. There are no options provided Payment Abbonation. All you have to do is sign up and start to enjoy the services of the piathanform.

Trackous subscriptions

There are no available subscriptions for the Site. An Subscribe Volta, you have the Distributo of Using Services Available Free.

Canconment of the Obbone to Joingy

Since registrations are not required for members, they are not pretend beams.

Trackous subscriptions

Joingy Safety & Security

Joingy is working for Guarantee The Sicurezz and the protzose of his untopi during the used use of their platform. Suitito Some of the missses put in place by the site to your fine:

  • The HAS website of contact in which Pushon users. Users can use this contact page to report bugs, feedback or other problems.
  • Visitors if you show up "strangers" the other for Guarantee The Privacy and Anonymity.
  • It has terms and conditions that aim to promote the Sicurezz and the protruole of the members. Members must accept the terms and conditions before using the Pyathana. Some of the terms and conditions concerning age requirements for using the platform, the accuracy of the materials on the site and the changes according to which Joingy can review the Terms of Service on the Website and on the App in any mouse without notice.
  • There is An Automatic Releval of the Spam on Piathanform to reduce at the minimum spammers.
  • There is a team that works to remove those who go control Joingy pole.
  • There are chat regulfezes set. Members must accept chat goes and disclaimer for access to joingy piiatiforms. IT COMES asked to disconnect the chats of strangers who male cometrive.
Joingy Safety & Security

Cheerful and alternative competitors

The site must face a lot of competition from alternative sites that offer the same services to members. Qusto is Common Problem that happens to alternatives because there are many online platforms for members to connect with strangers and the greatest party of them is free to join. Some of these alternatives including Talkwithstranger, Flingster, Chatrandom, Tempocams, CamSroulette, Guysroulette, Omegle, DirtyRoulette and many others.

This Receunc describes briefly the first three competitors on the examples provided to give you a panoramic of each of them.

  • Talkwithstranger

This website offers random chats free with extraneous chat rooms. Members can chat and exchange photo and video with strangers. No Has Recorded and No Access Request. Offfess local free chat for all ages and gene. The age outlined in Talkwithstranger's terms and conditions is 13 years for the accession of people at Pathana. It has a mobile app for Untai Android and iPhone.

  • Flingster

Flingster is at a casual site for adults of all sexes and relationships. Is in Site to chat. The video chat is one of free services offered on the site. At the time are not available for mobile devices. Injects, Members use mobile and desktop versions that function Join at the Steo Mode.

  • Chatrandom

Chatrandom is a chat free video app that contents of speaking easily with strangers all over the world attracted to free roulette for adults. Use Webcam Free and connect Quickly to One Unknown to Start To Chat Video One Conter One Crosses The Webcam Resto Anonymous. The Will Enter in this platform is simple: select only your sex and accept the terms and then inezi to meet random strangers. You can select the SESO and the position of the unknown with you would like to connect. It has a mobile app available for both Android and iPhone users.



Joingy offers the best free services to connect unknown wishing to chat in Anonymous Mode. People can express themselves better on the platform and look for what they want while their informatives remain safe. However, the platform accepts children aged or superior to 13 years than very probabilly interagiscone with sexual nature that should be kept only for adults

So, it is necessary that the site creates an area for adults notchr offers free and simple mode services to connect strangers. If you are Adult who wants to encounter foreign ones for Diversion. Indeeda, IT we suggest to look for other alternative sites that offer the servici you are. To every mode, you should try it and see Person!

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