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JEEVANSATHI Recention 2022

JEEVANSAthi Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 63%
Quality match 87%
Popular age 24-27
Profile 2 000 000
Rate of replied 89%
Facilitated Use 8.4
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site


Pro and Control

  • Few fraud profiles: with its safety features and verifies methodi, this is one of the web sites with authentic profiles on online dating sites. You have to overcome Personality Test During the registration for using this meeting site.
  • Members: Quest Web site has a great number of signs. It is the greatest Great Site of Indian meetings.
  • Customer support: his system supported is fast and effective. This Connest to resolve requests and problems of briefmen members time, rendering very comfortable by USE.
  • Registration process: Registry and Creamar Profile HIS This meeting site is easy and fast. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete the registration process.
  • Personal Relationships: The Website govering its members to take their own managers of relations to helpers establish links, combinations and communication.
  • Unotnia: Qusto Website is designed to be used in the Indian community. Members of other ethnic groups may not be in degrees to excrecate this site of meetings or obtain correspondences from other ethnic groups.
  • Premium features are expensive: to get the advanced features of this meeting site, your Account to Premium is advanced. The account update cost is expense compared to other meetings sites.
  • Complicated: some of the best features from Using His This meeting site is very complicated. The most members' part could find it difficult using this piastformform online.
  • Gender disadhanging: it is one of the few websites in the world of summons with the greatest number of women, compared to men. This gender inequguz can induce some members not to obtain rapidly I parro combinations.
  • Long process of verifies: approximately 24 hours are needed for Verify and approve your profile to be used on this meeting site. This could be an inconvenience for users, who would like to receive correspondences with urgency.

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Jeevansathi.Com is to online website designs to be used by the Indian community. His main objective is to connect and match these Indians to serious partners ready for long end end-end relationships.

Launched in 1998, Jeevansathi.COM is divincent one of the sites of Leader and more reliable meetings in India and in adjacent countries populated by the Indian Community. IF boasts to connect millions of matches, some of which have gone ahead and are married according to the testimonies found on his homepage.

It is owned by Info Edge, the Mother company that owns other meetings sites, including: Esanthi, Evalue, Erisha and Offline Matchpoints. Has Nide, India. The company has employed over 200 employees, based in over 35 cities around the world. Travare The right partner to marry Now is not complicated because there are many online promotional sites online. One of the most popular matrimonial matchmakers is jeevansathi.com, many since 1998.

Plate provides to its untii sportsienza of Matchmaking Finish to Marriage safe and convenient. However, the question to ask is: the master site provides to reliable service or is Just a Little of fraud meetings?

Getting Started Guide to Jeevansathi: How it works

Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

JEEVANSATHI's main objective is to put individuals in the Indian community with serious partners, ready to travel to long finish with their partners.

The online meeting meeting site serious members for long-end relationships. Not for SESO GAVE a night, Flirt or appointments to short finish.

The Will created to Party to Jeevansathi is easy. You just need "Interest Interest" to your crush for Will Interest. TO TIME that Chella Cotta accepts your Interest, DIVIED ANTANTANA PARTY. Doopo the game, you can invide message to your potential partner, where you can chat and plane away.

What an aspect has the structure of JEEVANSATHI members?

Dominous discussion The analysis of the platform. JEEVANSATHI members.COM can be classified in segments, EAT highlighted by SUEND:

  • Geographical: This site of meetings is more widespread in India, since it is designed to be used by the Indian community. However, Has Presence in other countries with the Indian population. Single United States has over 700 thousand users of this site.
  • Kind: This online meetings site hosts both sexes: male and feminile sex.
  • Sexual Eastern: This Indian meeting site Hostly hosts straight relations. Man Near Woman, Woman Near To Men, Report Type. It has no allowance for members of the LGBTQ Community.
  • Age: The Major Part of Users of this Website are young that Near Partner of long date. THE PARROT VARIOUS AGE TRI 18 AND 44 YEARS. However, you can find older members, divorced or widowed
  • Ethnicity: This online dating site is the Thought for Single Ethnicity Group, Indians. The largest part of the killings of this meeting site are the Indian Community.

What are the main features of Jeevansathi?

Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

This HAS dating platform different advanced features that make it unique and exciting for appointments compared to other online meetings sites. These key features including:

  • JS Exclusive: this is to be responsible for relationships. It is a functionality that conninned to members of assuming relationships to create their own profiles and point to them.
  • Kundli: this is to function that uses an horoscope to get the most compatible matches according to your star. You have to answer questions about your horoscope to be able to use Cheese Function.
  • Earn Seconding: After Vavy Invitite Friends and Families to UNIVEIVE TO JEEVANSATHI, you can earn over 200 rupees, which you can use your abbreviation to Premium.
  • Astro compatibility: you can use your stars to obtain compatible and respectable matches. This is available only for premium account holders.
  • Suggestions: this feature provides daily advice on the profiles related to the search criteria. It Concepted.

Jeevansathi is easy to will use?

This online dating site is easy to Will Use. We like Eat Presents all. However, some complicated features What Get Dufficult. Messario is using these features more than a vault, to be under understanding operations and functions.

What about De Design and Use of Jeevasathi?

The design of this meeting site is modern and with a comparative aspect. It is white with combination of gray, red, navy blue to render it entertains for ouute eyes. On his homepage, you can find testimonies of members already matched. However, some features could be fully complicated for the first weapons.

The HAS platform of a mobile application?

Jeevansathi.com. This mobile app has all the features of Funny Website, doing funny users to use this semper meetings site anywhere on the Parrot mobile gadgets. This app can be downloaded and free installed by Google's apps and the Play Store.

Customer support: it is reliable!

This site of online meetings. It is also responsive to issue memberships, verify them and remove accounts that have not been approved. IT HAS A Customer Service Dyfer and Offer Offline Match Point Center throughout the country and other regions, for profende and personal relationships with potential spouses.

JEEVANSATHI account registration and profile creation

Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

Registration Say An Account Your Jeevansathi is free. It is at Process Nature and takes about 10 minutes for the largest part of the new ones.

EAT Register Easily

During the registration process, IT Comes Richisto to provide details Details:

  • E-mail address: Messario provides V Valid e-mail address, which will be successively using to refer your account and receive other communications from customer assistance.
  • Mobile number: it is Messario providing in Number of Cellularate Personnel, which in Suend will be verifying the recording. This cellular number could be utilized by members who like your profile to contact you.
  • Password: you have to provide unique password and easy to remember, for Protengeer your account. This password must be eight characters long, with a combination of letters and nators.
  • I will create to profil: jeevansathi consents members create accounts for se stef, their children, daughters, brothers, sisters or any hemro of family.
  • Sex: this card requires new untairs to read your own sex. It must be male or feminine.

To finished terminated, it is messarium to accept the terms of used and compiurent anache the privacy information.

Information required for better quality of profil

After Record the account, you will be rechipped by I Will Create user profile.

JEEVANSANTHI user profiles are very detailed and require the sequent information:

Profile details

This section requires members to provide the Secuing Personal Information.

  • Complete names: You have the chance to leave your name RENT in the profile e.
  • Date of birth: is Messario Inside the own date of birth on the date / month format / year. Members who have not reached the minimum age of 18 can't registry.
  • Motherlingua: This meeting site requires the members of Include The Mother Language in Parro Profiles. These Tongue Tongue Mother Including Hindi Delhi, Punjabi, Hindi Rajasthan, Urdu, among other languages ​​available for the Hindi community.
  • Religion: This section requires new unthaps to declare the Paror Religion. The opions available here including Christians, Jews, Muslmani, Sikh Etc., With Le Parro Subsions.
  • Marital status: In this section, members must claim their civil status. These opposings including: Never married, widower, in expectations of divorz, canceled or divorced. Members married cannot registry.
  • Height: It is Messing the Will shown its own effective height in this section.

Career details

Here, the new Jeevansathi registers are required to provide information about their careers. This information includes:

  • Country: You have to indicate your residence review. The options here highlight all the nations of the world.
  • City: IT Comes Richisto to declare the exact city in which you reside.
  • Residential status: IT Comes Richisto to provide you with your EAT informance. Options Available Incender Student, Seen for Students, Temporary, Permanent Resident Or Only An No Workers.
  • Massimo Grade: This conspent section to the members to die the Livelivelo of InStruple plus Eleax.
  • Employee in: You have to inscribe the where you worked area. Could be in private, government, Sifesa, autonomous worker, civil jobs or semplemented without work.
  • OCCUPATION: This section requires members to declare what they do in the workplace.
  • Annual income: Users are required to provide The Average Delo annual salary in Qossa Section.
  • Esprothi: This congeneration section to members express themselves in writing. You can also ask for help to drive and aiotri to scidrere this section. The Verify Customer Assistance System for this section at Approve ZU.

Lifestyle and family

Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

In this section, members are required to provide details on their families. These possum can be added to Wit and Including:

  • Family Type: Nuclear, Articlare, etc
  • Father's work.
  • Employment of mothers
  • Number of brothers and sisters
  • Your family residence
  • Contact address
  • A brief family description.

And V Verifies?

For Guarantee a secure experience, the platform makes the Telephony Verify gligatory for all Uttings as soon as Registry. This process tools that only the legitimate and authentic members are authorized to talk about the picatform.

JEEVANSATHI search options

There are several search options you can use His Cheese Quoss. You can search for members based:

  • Mother
  • Castle or tribe
  • Religion
  • City
  • Occupation
  • State
  • Citadine
  • University

Quest will guide you in obtaining an ideal abbination based on your preferences.

JEEVANSATHI Matching and chat process

Setane likes you to profile, dived to corridor. There are several ways in which if you can communicate with parrot matches and everything depends on the account type types. The matches are classified in five maini parts that includes:

  • Chef partner correspondences: Cheel falling within your search preferences.
  • Just add match: Swims UNITE CH games determines your preference.
  • Verify matches: Yes Throop of correspondences with verified profiles.
  • Reciprocame correspondences: they are profiles that you share the same details.
  • Kundli correspondences: Yes Troopa of correspondences based on the star of the Oroscope.

The messaging is the only communication operation available on the JEEVANSATHI online website.com.

Sending messages is a functionality reserved only to premium accounts. Wide after the game, users Comes Richisto to Cangiore your accounts to send messages to the with profiles with which they are matched.

Another mode to create interest in A Account is using Available "Interest Interest" function for both free account holders.

What are the options of abbbonage jeevansathi?

Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

JEEVANSATHI accounts are classified in two: free accounts, basic and premium acounts to page.

Free account

These are the main accounts; IF IT COMES SEMELY REGISTERED AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. Members of these free accounts enjoy the signs advantages:

  • Recording free and creation of the profil.
  • You can browse Free Of Charge User Profiles
  • The search filters can be in Use of Use.
  • Can Used The "Interest" Function.
  • You can upload photo, search and visualize the galleries of other Utks.
  • Enjoy unlimited games.

However, to use other features and advanced messages, you need to review Free Account to Premium.

Premium account

These are account to payments that enjoy the most advanced features of this online meetings site. The members of the premium account enjoy all the necessary elements, with an inclision of the following:

  • Possum send unlimited messages and chats to other members.
  • Can view other profiles direct to mobile contacts and make their contacts visible to others.
  • Get the priority when you do with the customer support system.
  • Miglioment of Profile: Parrot profiles are highlighted for catchers more members.
  • Responsible for reports: Possum Take to response relationships for CREEVES I PARRO PROFILES AND WE WILL START YOU.

Subscription costs

Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

Premium account holders can be your own USING accounts several monthly pay plans. These included plans:

  1. Basic plans: Consent users to get priority to customer support and unlimited messages.
  • Three-month plane at $ 59.99
  • Semester Top $ 81.74

  • ERISHTA PLAN: Members can view contact numeric, unlimited messages and customer assistance priority.
    • Three-month plan at $ 68.99
    • Semester AT $ 94 floor.49

  • EADVANTAGE PLAN: Make the contact visible to others, get contacts of other members, unlimited messages and customer support priority.
    • Three-month plan at $ 56.15
    • Semesterree AT $ 76.79

  • Astro Compatibility Plan: Get detailed reports HIS Kundli and Horoscope Comprehensive features above.
    • Three-month floor to $ 12.95
    • Semesterree AT $ 12 plan.95

  • Plan Locade JS: Includes all the features of The Web Website more to Relation Manager for Creamo To Profil and Follow You Match.
    • Three-month plan at $ 335.99
    • Semester AT $ 479 Plan.99
    • Twelve-month plan at $ 791.99

    Safe annulment of the Jeevansathi

    The subscriptions mentioned above IF Renewal automaticly over expired or exhausted time. To cancel these subscriptions, Messario deactivate the automatic renewal function in account settings. However, the payments already made are never rpti or reimbursed.

    What about safety and protection?

    Jeevansathi.com has rigorous verifa methods compared to other online meetings sites. The profiles of the Uttings are verified Tramit E-mail, Numberers of Telephone and Tramit Photo Care.

    It boasts Ultra Performed Profiles, performed Physically by customer support Visit of members on the field.

    This meeting site has gone to Garly that provides the most secure and conveniently the members of him, galend 100% profile screening.

    Has detailed privacy policical, which Safeguard The Privacy of Members, I Parro Data and Parro Sicurezz During the Used of this online meetings site. Privacy information states:

    • Data collected from the website.
    • EAT COMES utilzato and condoms.
    • Cookie and other functionality of the phytime.
    • Shareion of informances to third parties and disclosure.


    We have found some websites that can be considered competitors. It's up to you to choose, but recommend Jeevasathi.

    • Eliteesingles.com
    • Asiandating.com
    • Indiandating.com
    • Flirting.com
    • Tenderindian.com
    • Benaughty.com

    JEEVANSATHI REVIEW: final conclusion

    Review Jeevansathi 2020: all you need to know

    There are several dating sites available for members of the Indian Community to use and find the perfect parthlets. However, the safety features of JEEVANSATHI.Com and the verify profile methods have made this site of exceptional meetings and at the best to use to tropper serious partners for long-end relationships.

    Advanced features have rendered easy to get perfect correctly, rendered rapid ready that can be used to get to relationship companion. However, premium prices are quite high. The most advanced features are available only for members in account.

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