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Jaumo recension 2022

Jaumo review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 53%
Quality match 91%
Popular age 22-34
Profile 2 700 000
Rate of replied 94%
Facilitated Use 6.7
Popularity 9.0
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Jaum Users IF Register Ache Qune:

Pro and Control

  • Simple and compensable interface
  • Both for the straight and for homomes
  • You can chat with the Ache people without a CorressPondence
  • Reliable customer support
  • Too many announcements
  • There are many untati fals

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Jaumo: Find your someone! It is not messario to be too specific. In. All that Jauzzo is Near to do for you is Will created an atmosphere where you will be safe and visibility to people inorth.

It is for a cheater adventure? For a travel experience? You are near the love of your life? Maybe you don't even know the answer. Whatever, Jaume wants to be the means.

If you're wondering James both at a good starting point for your Speaake of Appuntamenti, in Qssta Requalmentia we will try to give you to prostepatival more ampy.

We hope you will find it quite satisfying to do to hear wise and informed. Fact. Entered in Jaumo's Universe!

Jaumo Review

Jaumo: How it works?

In a nutshell: His Jaua there is no need for you to "piaaccia" to do beautiful chat with one unknown. Although a game is not mandatory to start to chat, IT Guarantee AN Approach more paired by the other person.

Jaumo is a Funzer App. Detects your position and shows you only matches nearby. You can initiate to conversation, as mentioned, without in CorressEndeza, but you can scroll through the profiles and put it like / n I like it. It has almost all the features you can ask.

Open Jaumo and you'll see immediately how it works. In bar bar bar, you will see all the Visualize icons. IT will guide Home by when you lost in Signature with your neighbor or when you crawold obsessively all the morning.

You have the flush icon. Here you will see to profil at a time. The profiles are set based on your search filters (you can Changing filters whenever you want, from your profile).

You will immediately notice that one of the filters is the location: you will not be powered away matching matches, Eat happens in other Apps of Main Series Appointments.

So you can choose to Profile Directly Gives at Cast: Tab SimpleMely The Second Icon. In the third icon, Anunate carton bubble, there is the chat. Parlerem a little more than the chat process in the Paragraph, a little bit more complicated than the apps in which the chat is enabled only DOOPO A PARTY.

And finally the settings: on the last icon you can update your profile, aggrandize images, develop your descriptions by filling some empty spaces like, what is your profession and Thing you like it, or I Look.

No problem: since you can chat practically with whoever you want, the mill. Let's say it is essential in a fashions that is your cousin mesassage for a person is only "hello" and you have a soft decostione, allra is doubt that you will have an ulorize discussion.

These are the main features. Some IF Limitations VERFO when you have a profile. You will receive many ads that ask you sleeping upgrade your abbonage, so it will be easy to understand how you can upgrade.

Comic The Village?

Here we are with the bad news for men: there are many fake his jauge profiles. Ovvious depends sharply from the location. However, the percentage of female profiles that would like Payi for services is too much.

Unfortunately, this slightly decreases the rest of the app, which works still well. But if the scope of creating real reactions of qunque nature they are, sex for money will influence the one.

We are not Said that sex for money is wrong; We are single says that should be in another app. I don't think you grow up enough to understand you.

If, during conversation, receive insults, troll or money requests, it's up to you to choose if you want Goe Olre. There is no fashions to lock to the user you don't like, but you can ignore notifications or non-pioregi before you start conversation.

We believe in free arbitration, after all. Salvalog in Jauce, you'll need it.

Features we need to mention

Here to jauce, you can do almost everything that allows you to do, in terms of chat and match. There is a Section of Scornento, where you can put my I like or not my profiles. Be careful, you can't go back and at a time she is Persian, she is Persian for Semper.

Wow, it's drama status. Let's change it in this: pay for An Abobeame, you won't have to regret anything, since you can "un-swipe" and will give a person to second possibility.

So, you can sample look for profiles, selection to position or some features. You can chat, ovvarily, and chat had clear characters and is highly readable.

So you can adjust your profile and images all the volts you want and you can see to those who are pying your profil. This function is enabled an ABBOAME purchasing, so you cannot filter eating free user.

At a time you're chatting, whatever Hollow Thing, you can send images without any limit and you can share your personal contacts.

In the app is Present to filter for nudity, it doesn't work. True story.

Jaumo: How it works

Jaumo is easy to will use?

Actually we don't have anything negative about the ease of USED of Jauma. You can't lose these cheinary icons and simple ads. Perhaps only the continued announcement of ads is a bit annying, but you can, avoid it isily. Eating? Paying, Ovarly.

Furthermore, the registration process is Artune Extuitive, just as an app should be. Some Psychological Studies Shiprano What people are more prone to access an app than to Website Say to Web Browser. Jaumo is cogling the bargain to give you post-friendly post, in friendly, promising useful people. App originates the design of Jauma.

Design, usability and notifications

First of all, to improve usability, IT Vividly to check the notifia that James is inviting you. You can filter from the settings section, in the of your profile icon, in the main toolbar.

The design is Highly Modern and the colors are peaceful. Schhermo notifications are Chiaray Chiaray in that it is not necessary Messing Fence. Our opinion is: Jaeum's usability is the best.

Mobile Jaex app

Apparently, nobody needs a web browser app for Jaeum, since there are only mobile apps.

You can find the Jaumo app be your Apple Store that your Google Play Store wants to have Android Version.

You are early to chat in movement with your new friends? Also, if you are traveling, you can update your current position and be matching new matches anywhere

No need for feelers only when you're abroad or away from your hometown. Jaumo is right in your pocket.

The ONO for US Using Jaumi Gives to Web Browser is to be enough Nerd Gives simulated her with a simulator machine. Our opinion is: Not Matter and Use it from your phone. Not worth the time needy and you can use where you prefer phone module.

Where is customer service?

Like many other apps of appointments, at first sight it is not possible to find customer service. You will have to WILL to the app browser page. Perhaps a bit complicated, but Hano renounced the CS section to earn more lightness. The app is so fast andiamy psychuri that n you favored.

At a time you're on the main page of web browser, scroll down and go to the "Supported" or "Contact" section. In the "Support" section, you will have your problem in Module Gives Compile with.

In the Contact section, you can share suggestions, Speed ​​and everything about feedback.

Jaumo is easy to use

The access procedures and the user profil

Now it is the momention to see what information is needed for access. Like any other App Designed Eat Mobile App, first, Jaumo is so easy that you will find yourself without even noticed that the download started.

Before proceeding, some advice: we noticed that the app, eat other messaging apps, consumes a lot of energy and internet. So, it we recommend checking premiums such as app on your telephone they are sfutting maggly your battery.

Go to the and deactivate settings what is not messing run in the background. It is not missile science and you are quite nerd from the Will Think of an App of appointments, you may have already done it.

We look forward to the access process now.


There was a vault for download. The protagonist of this story sees the downloaded app and the SOP immediately, Anxious of Sope Thing there is a diet this red incandescent heart appeared on its screen.

Two buttons are reviewed and the character asks: I have to open Jaumbo with my Google Orvo Register account?

Let yourself help: it's Steo. Access with Google will save you only a few steps. ICCHI the recording button, the process will be a child's play.

You will be asked which sex identifies you. This part is paid, because it should wait not discriminant. So, compile the module with your birth date and select Singa Desires Share your position with the app.

Now select who you are. Qusto is in Giust Point and makes Jaumo to a good app for both straight and homomexualii.


Now your profile is created! You will be in Below of access to jauge only after avav uploaded a published of profil. More points for Jaumo, in Quest Mode you will have gray silhouettes everywhere.

You will be notified SEA Your image of profile is not good, because it doesn't show your face. In the moment you log in, you will be infásito from the "special discount" Annnnnnniscio, which Says you will be covered $ 5.99 for our Cousin month invests of 9.$ 99. Welcome to Nudge Marketing! Prade Press the "I don't want Big this cheat" and go ahead. We are face to Turn to Jaum. Now there is no time for shopping.

Jaumo the access procedure and user profile

Eat looking up in Jauma

Once the access is installed, you will be able to see some profiles. You can Will Use The Cousin Icon of Zapping to Left. Here you can will use the swipe and see random profiles one at a time and, i deided it, "put" my piace. Like you on the other Person, Yes Verify by call and you can chat.

You can choose Sweet Icon in the tool bra and look for people nearby. In this mode, the app will automatically load people close to your position and you will see them all together in the panel. You can select who you like and your prepare. To see who you liked you, you'll need Say an account.

How to search for users in Jaumo

EAT Functions The Chat

In pricica you can chat with whoever you want. However, you like user and the PIIIs, will happen to CorressPondence. Now you will be shows to notification in the "Chat" and the Chat IF icon will open from Alone.

This facilitates the entire chat process, since normally, desires Contact Person His Jaumo, you can only send a few messages, and then wait for it to decide W the PIII or NOT.

It works like this: Post the message and the other person will see one notifies in its chat section: you can see your profile first and, like in swipe, can reply or reject. That's all.

A preceding party is like, in real life, being in the same club, or at the same party, or have family friends. You are already in the same circle of people, loves, connections. In Jaeum I Saw Seven "Pilacouti" to each other.

It's not real cooked Eats, but you're something.

Unfortunately it is not possible to block users. Continue and Receive Notification Gives An User With you started to chat.

Jaumo how chat works

Abbonage Jauce: free and page versions

It Just get an idea Say You wait Your Jaumo. You can see Thing is more impotent in an App of appointments: the pub. Usually we recommend Verify it with your eyes. Setane possible.


Cut the road: with a free abbonage, you can do many sews here to jauce. You can chat with everyone without limits, Peicle. You can still have a taste of EAT works the abbined and similar process process.

AN ABBOAME A PAID is always better. Here because.


With a Free Account, you have at Number Limato of My likes that you can use while you can put all my like you want with an abbo7. You can use more filters in the search of users.

As mentioned in the paragraph of the chat, you can go back to your activities of flowing your cat, which is Armchair on your legs, you has distracted and yours made different of the game of your life. You can inventory: first of all punish the cat as you prefer, remembering that it is not well will use violence on animals. So, Has Been an abstract pagament, Premium Sempled "Cancel".

So chatti with person, you can be in the chat thread. So you will see your messages first. You can find out who Piii and Prevents annoying advertising.

Jaex prices

Twelve months of abbasis will cost you $ 35.99, which Means $ 3 / month. 3 months of abbonage, $ 11.99 ($ ​​4 / month) and 1 month, $ 5.99.

Interruption of the Abbassa to Jaumo

Your profil will be automatically deleted after a while. We have not found any fashions for delete HIM before that Journal and we asked customer service in this regard.

Not Appean Rispennum, update this reception.

Joumo subscription: free and paid versions

Security and His Jauma protection

The Website is Safe Completely and Payment options are encrypted, in fashions to make sure that your credit letter data is protected.

Check it Here comes granted using your number Say Phone Personnel, since you can download Only a Mobile app from Jauma.

Security and protection on Jaumo

Jauma's competitors

Meetic, Badoo, Idates, Icupid, Tinder, Eleven, Lovoo, MyDates. These are just a few apps of FREE appointments, with an extra ABBOAME option. Although the appointment industry is vast, he is deciding Satly you want Thing: Quest Restring your search.

Jaumo's competitors


Now who are in the world of Jaud, you can unequaled to chat and to combine in securezz. Our objective is to try the Free account, and then choose to Sencent. Our revent is quite complete to give you sufficient informings to start. All Sommatian, Decision is yours, proof. Good luck!

Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns
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