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Jack'd recension 2022

Jack'd review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 70%
Quality match 94%
Popular age 18-26
Profile 23 000 000
Rate of replied ninety two%
Facilitated Use 6.7
Popularity 9.5
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Jack'd the only IF recorded here:

Pro and Control

  • Download Free: No Payment is rich to download the app.
  • Easy creation of an account: the app is designed for preter some fields of profile in the access process. You are free of jump any questions.
  • Interactive Chat: IT WAS Function of Intuitive Chat Curtain Curtain to anyone who chat with any other person desired.
  • Cake-cover: is using all over the world, boasting membership at around 2000 cities and 180 countries.
  • Scent Available for scenes Prepare: you can choose boys, bears, big muscles, stretly friends, relations to long ends or curious bi / straight.
  • Search and filters: en Consenton to search for potential corresponding. You can see who are the untai, Loor intention, the state of the relationship and other features.
  • Background Fimaction: The Limit App Screenshots as they can be easily utilized Eat Form.
  • Expey: the app requires weekly abbonive, monthly, trimeree or annual. This What makes it a causal causes of the supolre messarium causes to take advantage of all the features.
  • Rigidity in searching for other members: the search option is available Only Tramit the Grid on the home page of the app. You can't search for Manual.
  • Subscription: The app is reserved for gay members.
  • Limited notifies for Show Interest: in the homes where you will not receive the notification until you show Interest.
  • App Marketing: The IF Merchandise app for people in relationship, a friendship or an appointment to Tantum, but almost half of the untiluted Near relations to long end or the option "Stretching friends" in the app.

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Welcome to the decent of Jack'd for 2020. We will look at the features, to, use, the analysis of competition and many other details concerning the website. Follow this recouped to learn more.

Jack'd is at Piathana of online dating Availability for Android and iOS utters. It is available AC ACO for Windows Device.

The Cornell University launched her for gay, bisexual and curious men. Is an independent company, owned and management from LGBTQ +, Apparthen a Society Mother Note Cuisine Online Buddies. The download process is fast and direct and its features are easy to use with a user-friendly with simple functions.

It is aimed at gays around the world and marketed for relations to short ends and friendship. The subscription is composed mainly from Untai of the compressed age between 18 and 26 years, with almost the destination of Parro that near "long ends" and the option "stretly friends" in the app.

Review of Jack'd

EAT really works Jack'd?

Jack'd works conting to Visualize users all around the world and satisfy their chat needs, make friends, appointments or simple random relations that require users to evaluate each other. You have to select "yes" or "no" for show you are welcome to someone else or main in your profile. It has different features, EAT:

  • Designed profiles: Coner to control multiple profiles and to send messages, agree to prepare or unlock private photo.
  • Browse: you can check those in turn and exempt your visualization to all over the world.
  • Viewers: watch who checked your profile.
  • Video sharing: Content to send and receive unlimited private photo.

The Struture of the Audience

Users of this platform are different from around the world. We can classify members based on category:

  • Geographic: Members using the App originate all over the world. Jack'd if describes Eat "The most diversifying gay dating app from the Point of View Cultures" in the world.
  • Attally are involved 2000 cities in 180 countries.
  • Age structure: this Says app to adults. Most Members Has Un'Atà Compressed Tri 18 and 26 Years.
  • Languages: The App is available for people of various languages, including English, Arab, French, Sideco, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese Simplifying, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.
  • Ethnicity: this app is not specified by ethnicity. Covers all the Ethnic groups of the world.

Unique features of Jack'd

There are enabled features HIS Quest App, which entity makes. Let's see some of these features:

  • Scorer to match: this function connected to users to scroll to the right or verse left to profiles. Scroll to the right Means Yes, while left Means no. You can quickly contact with gays when you scroll versed right. You will receive a notificial reply to scroll running to the right.
  • Correspondence: IT Contents of Daily Visualizer New compatible games and check outlines scrolling upwards.
  • View of profile: Known when your profile has been viewed, The Person that displayed it and the time in which it was checked.
  • More blocks: The App Concept to free users to lock to 150 profiles while Jack'd Pro members can end block at 4000 profiles.
  • Collecting features: you can visualize the features of other guys, eat i parro my likes and frequency with which they respond to messages.
  • Anonymous navigation: Consider to members to view the profiles of other members in secret without appearing in the viewer's ISC.
  • Private albums: the Connest function of Organizer and Consiunus Easily Photo and Video. You can share your private album with unlimited members.
  • Shared Video: Shared Cell and unlimited video reception.
  • Disabilities Announcements: You Were an option for Disabling Announcements on the application.
How Jack'd really works

Jack'd is easy enough from Will Use?

If you can say that the app is user-friendly thanks to its Advance features, EAT chat function, which connects you to send messages to anyone as desires.

There is an easy app interface from Will USE with functions you can find and eagily use.

Published ads are limitations to advertising banners, which are sealed in the screen bench extracts for free utilities. This converted you to enjoy navigation without disturbing ads in the saddle part of the screen.

The app was posted for Disabling Screenshots on Device Using while the app is open for security reasons and for Humague Prevent and Crimes of Hate.

What about the usability of The Website of Jack'd and its design

The app is designed to be excreted by Android, iOS and Windows. It is available for download free tramitage Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone Store.

The interface was located to be more user-friendly, but the description of the Stea Eperience can launch if depending on the opinions and personal experience.

Advertising banners are accessible to free installers in the Lower Party of Parrot Screens. Screenshots are disabled as a security measure.

Jack'd has a mobile app?

Jack'd is an available mobile application for Untii with Android, iOS and Windows. The Available Shipping informances that the app is not Attally Available for the computer.

The Mobile Office Office Features for members such as free inspection, unlimited chat with messaging function and profile viewing, among others.

Has a customer service?

Jack'd has active customer assistance, which can be contacted in any Moment Process [Email & # 160; Protected] Support is available for Rispen to any question or feedback.

Jack'd is quite easy to use

Jack'd and Profil user registration process

Users of the app must register free at a simple and fast process. You should use your e-mail address and password for registration.

Some details of profile are provided and you are free of jump some or profile all the details.

The process of authentication of the Comes out image for Godtrobe that you are not to robots. There is also to grid of illustrated images that require you to choose the one with man eating fruit or any other Senk opption.

Turned the recording completed, the login process can be to be taken Facebook Tramit. For profiles, you can use plus extended device, but they must be connected to different email addresses.

For Power Will created to new profile, it is Messarium Delete and reinstall the app on your specific device. After the reinstallation, it is sufficient to do on the "Create" button and Control the simple steps provided for Will Continue to create the new profile.

Furthermore, you can pass Gives to Profil to the Alter Segment these simple steps: Tap; IPrestations (for Development)> Menu> Passetations (for all Android devices)> Choose Device> Change Profil> Enter your e-mail for IG Profile and password> Login. The simple one!


For registration procedures, Followed and Segeni Steps:

  1. Access https: // www.Jackd.com
  2. Click on the "Download the Jack'd App" button.
  3. Compile your data in the appropriate spaces provided. These details includes at Number Say Phone, password, on behalf of a surname and an e-mail address.
  4. Indicate your date of birth, address and state.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions Specifying the box provided.
  6. Click on the "Registration Jack'd" button. Qusto is the Last Passage of The Process of Records.

Once the registration procedures have been completed, the preventive time IF Access to the account is through the account login, which is to rapid procedure and simple.

How is the profile? IT HAS Verifies IT?

The fields profile should not be completed during the registration process. It is up to you Complete you the details shown. Some fields of profile you will find including height and weight. You can modified your profil in any moment.

You can have five photo loadings in your profil. After reaching the registration details above, you will be asked to check your account. This occurs Processes to Collegation Tramit The e-mail address using for registration.

Jack'd recording process and user profile

Jack'd search options

You can search only members attracted the grid provided on the home page of the app. No option for Manale search option. Research options for free access to members of access to Sew Segments:

  • Position
  • Race
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Last online
  • He is / is inside (Only One).

On the other part, premium members enjoy other search criteria all the above criteria for free members. The other search options including:

  • Photo
  • Relation
  • Aperity a
  • Preferred sexual
  • He is
  • He is inside
  • Intersection *: He is / is inside and only in the field of sexual prepare.

You can choose the scenes prepare in the filters with scent that includes: boys, bears, big muscles, stretly friends, long-end relationships and bi / straight curious.

Jack'd search options

Details on the chat and abbination process

Find to unlimited messagistics and you are free to send messages to another person. You can consider Easily text, photo, video, gifs and positions with other intits.

For access to chat Gives to Profil, Enough tap the propyl of the member to get the details and click on the chat icon. WISH ACCESS TO CHAT via grid views, for Android, Tap and Keep Premember Profil Miniatures, then select Visualization Messages. IOS, tap legening and keep premember the miniature of the profile.

Other available chat features on the including platform: The Copy of the Contacute of a text message, the annulment of sending a message to the internal gave to conversation and obtaining gave to confirm consequences.

You can search for potential corresponding using the search filters.

You can scroll to the right on the profiles to combine gay boys and you will receive notification to their verse. It is offered searches at unlimited scorer to page.

Jack'd is created in MODE Mary that boys possess identifying with scenes classified in boys, bears, big muscles, stretly friends, long-ending relations eternal eterna / bi-curious. Identifying with a scene, make it easy to other guys to find yourself in the homes in which you like your characteristics.

Details of Jack'd on the chat and pairing process

Types of registration in Jack'd

Two options for members are available. You can access Free Tramit Services Free Subscription or Services Page Project Premium Subscription.

Free account

Free services accounts are made available by during the registration process. The services provided for this account includes the following:

  • Keeping and chatting with boys everywhere.
  • Browsing the grid
  • Share Photo Private with other uses
  • Possibility to search for filters
  • Possibility to add guys to the prepare list

Account to page

Users of services to page have privileged signs:

  • Do not enjoy advertising banners.
  • They can see guys cast that Hano Seen Parrot profiles.
  • They have unlimited scorn games.
  • They can take a look at more detailed information on the with more search filters.
  • They prepare and unlimited blocks.
  • Possum browse in Anonymous Mode.

Jack'd price packages

Different price strategies for Jack'd Pro future strategies are available, which are members enjoying premium package. Start with a $ 3 subscription package.99 to week. Monthly subscriptions cost $ 9.99, but vary depending on the region and the frequency of the subscription. 3 month subscription costs $ 21.99, which translating in $ 7.33 per month, while the Annal Coast $ 57 subscription.99, which I know translating in $ 4.83 per month.

EAT Terrera Jack'd subscription

The subscription is set for automatic renewal at the end of the period corruna unless eats disabled at least 24 premium hours of this time. During the active subscription journal, will not be allowed to cancel the subscription. However, you can cancel the abboamea 24 hours from the last day of the subscription.

To deactivate automatic renewal, followed these steps: Idetations> App and iTunes Store> Apple ID> View Apple ID.

Types of registration in Jack'd

Safety and protection measures Jack'd

Safety and protection measures have been implemented by the company as READ. Some measures that have been MODSE IN ATTTA about the stage Including restriction of vaulted screenshot feature open the App and Verify Procedures Attached the During image authentication process the recording process. There is also to privacy policics, which states EAT the App Protects its members and parro data.

Safety and protection measures Jack'd

Alternatives jack'd and competitors

Jack'd has to deal with the competition of other apps of established appointments, who act as alternatives for the user; Thus, putting challenge to competition. Some of these competitors are described Briefly Eats follows.


It is among the largest gay social networks in the world. It has over 2 million kids in 196 countries that use the app every day. It has specialized profiles with groups grouped in "tribes" and there are filters enabled to carry out the search process.


It is also to the mobile apps of most common gay meetings in the world. It is more common in Saudi Arabia and boasts over 60 million shared messages every week. Features Enter the Swipe function to browse the profiles with a new function, "Venture", which creates a collegation nature trail the unwinds traveling or those who arrive early in nearby towns.


Boy Ahoy is an app that iF distinguishes Eat "Globe network to meet gay men". It is more popular in Korea of ​​South, Turkey, Egypt and Nigeria. Its features are like finding guys in the nearby town, check out profiles and many others.


This is a Free Mobile Available app for gay, bisexual and curious kids to socialize. It has functionality features the sharing of profiles and modifying the GIVES PART position settings of the Uttings. The App is Attally Available Only Its to Web Place and you can access it Processses to Computer. Its popularity is mainly in Russia and Thailand.

Alternative Jack'd and competitors

Final reflections

Jack'd is a mobile application of easy used to whom anyone can access Using Android smartphone, iOS or Windows. It has excellent features like the chat function, which contabts to chat members with those who are near and further from the parrot geographical position. Furthermore, the HAS app of safety and protection measures implemented to protect members from bag and other worry.

Nonsortime excellent features, the App Presents Presents some disadvantages, EAT missama available of the manual search option.

From this receipt, however, the Pros of the platform seem to overcome the controls. PERT, Jack'd is recommended for gay guys who near Brief or long end or simplicen partner to chat and friendly relationships because Pushono Easy find perfect running from the site.

However, you are free to browse other mobile dating applications HIS DEVICES Furniture that IF adapt to your personal preferences.

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