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Hot or Not Recent 2022

Hot or not review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan Fifty%
Quality match 87%
Popular age 22-31
Profile 2 200 000
Rate of replied ninety two%
Facilitated Use 8.5
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Hot or not the IF signs recorded even here:

Pro and Control

  • Hot or NOT users are representatives of various countries around the world.
  • Simple and USE user interface.
  • The rigorous process of verifa helps reduce the Number of Account Fali.
  • The most interstant features are Available only for users to page.
  • There is no search in the classic sense.
  • Restricted variety of communication modes.
  • He Persemed Judgigan Mainly from the level of Sex Appeal.

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General Panoramic

Two friends have created Hot or Not in 2000. Initially had a simple but brilliant idea of ​​I Will Believe Site in which Person Stunts. Over the years, this idea is divided one of the most popular sites in which people are still looking for Qualcuno with which to chat, meet, exit evaluate the appearance first. For some, Cheese idea could sowing a little surface, but daily, everyone knows, that premium judges how nice it is, then decided how wise is. And the huge amount of members all over the world only that the conceptte itself is not terrible. Furthermore, the idea of ​​Hot or Not has inspired other social networks and has an impact social media popular in the fashions in which we know them today.

To every mode, we try to do our best and we have prepared our RESEA HER Hot or Not for help to get an idea of ​​yours, and crediamian sincerely that you will have one enters the end of reading the article.

Thing can offer Broth or not?

What can it offer hot or not?

Ok, then sapjeo that site basket is popular mold, but why? Thing causes WILL people IF sign and remain with it? The Hot or Not operating mode is quite simple: just scroll through users' images and decide i are piracute or less prime "heart" or "crocces" of consequence. Successely, you can interact with your games in different ways we will trouble of suand. Continue to read!

People on the site

When Parliam of Fucks, Sappoamting Thing we mean. Because at the moment there are about 385 million users HIS Hot or Not to Globe Level. The Signant More Party of them Comes Naturally from the United States - about 165 million people. It's Worth remember that over 1.5 million Quste persons Accession to Servibia Hot or Not Ongino.

Men prevail over women on the site. There are about 60% of males, while females are about 40% Gri Site. It is to Fun Thing, however, because it seems that Hot or Not is injects serving women's appointments. Women here get three-day trial premium abbonment, while men are required to provide more informances her sixth to sign up for.

Another important matter that we cannot neglect is to note that there is no zero-axis tolerance Violence, abuse and discrimination based on sexual orintament, race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Essential functionality

ACHE The Hot Or Crucial Not features are now available in other popular appointments services, we consider our duty communkey to talk about it, since they make communication on the friendly and fun site.

  • Meetings
  • That most essential function en Convented to browse the accounts by scrolling. Suggested filtered profiles based on yours, position and other filters. Keeping Him Images of the profil, you can becket or not. Someone loves your profile, salts automatically in the ratings. Don't forget to choose the best image of profile as Main.

  • Stickers
  • It is difficult to imagine to Modern Communication Modern Emoji without. To How to Single Assistant can tell the whole story. In the background to there are smiles, at least you will see all the available stickers. You have to promote credits for them, but I purchased the package, remains with you for always.

  • Gifts
  • The best recipe for Diostrole Your Interest for A Person is the Gift, ACHE VIRTUAL. It can be to cup of coffee, with Cake Pezing ice cream cone. You can do a gift to some directly in the person account account in the chat section. Gifts are not free and you can water with credits.

Convenient Broth or not

Hot or not convenient

Never you will ever lose Her Hot or not. Each function has detailed and detailed instructions. But even without the tutorial, everything is intuitive. Thanks to simple and minimalist design, navigation is as simple as the ABC. There will be no complications even for people.

Another thing that is worth remember is that there are no announcements Hel Hot or Not, so the General aspect is not ingorn.

Layout of desktop and ease of use

The Hot or Not Web site at beautiful design with bright colors but noisy num. The interface site is understand and well organiza with care. It doesn't take an eternity to find to the functionality required on the site. At the same time, it will take about 15 minutes at the beginning to understand the functionality of the service. At a time you do it, you will find hard credee that Will created in Site of encounters so accessible where everything is so easy to find and understand.


It is available an application for Hot or NOT for Apple and Android users. Is free, with possibility of in-app purchases. We like the fact that all that the website has to offer both counting anache in the app. It doesn't make you feel incomplete when you're away from your computer. The Sthesa app is quite easy to will, with a minimalist interface and simple. At the same time, everything is here and you don't feel eating bebaby need something more.

Customer care

It was a center Detailed assistance on Hot or Not Embream that every aspect of using the meetings site is covered. In the homes where there are not enough or no information (very unlikely), there is a 24-hour 24-hour customer service team, 7 days HIS 7. You can contact them Social Procedures Media Eat Facebook and Twitter or using the Feedback Form on the Website and Otte to Broken and Fast Replost.

At the beginning

Hot or not closed study - Yes or no?

Hot or not does not require a lot of information for the regulation. To complete the process, you need to provide your name, date of birth, place and indicate Stoi Stool. After that, followed the simple process of verify using your number Say Phone and add some of your photos. You are not limited to the number and video and video you want to add to the proposal eprow. You Will Look are private, the only people who richist access can verdery.

Accession process

The site offers you two ways to sign up: using the profiles of your social networks (can be any scrip to barday texture and finish with the local social media as vk or yardex). SEEAD QUSTA OPPTION, WEATHES PRESENT THAT INFORMATIONS FROM YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY AGUENT TO YOUR PROFILE HOT OR NOT.

There they were time, it is not a problem the Will created new relationship from nothing using your email or your number Say.

User Profiles

The HER Hot Or Not recording starts with the necessary informances that we mentioned above. However, when you go further, you can say in the profile of your hobbies, films prepare, music, etc. ACHE IS is not mandatory to complete these informances, many intits have detailed profiles. Probably because the most part said. Also, you can always go back to Modify or add Noper Prederneering to the proposal.

It's Worth remember that in the Say account you can see your assessment. It depends on how many times other members have sugar the user.

Broth or Not: Eat Close

There are not many HIS Hot or Not search options, but you can use the following:

  • Users who liked;
  • Nearby;
  • Users who have your account;
  • Popular accounts;
  • Meetings function.

Naturally, the simplest and most popular is the meeting function, in which you scroll for profiles and pitches the most attractive ones and jumps those that n you.

The search for people around you is available using filters like sex, location, age, etc.

There is PAACIADA to receive popular accounts, where you can distinguish the Hot or NOT intites from the most sympathian at main and you can find your jewel among those who receive less attention.

Interact with the only ones

Interact with users

I have been combined with someone on the site, you can immediately start to communicate in the chat. Notes that Henche was in correspondence with a person, The Chat is availably Only With the seconds verified. So don't forget to make your account verify, for N Posere the occasion of meeting any degan.

What is pyrucy system and its operating mode is that you can talk alone him people with which you have been combined and prevents undesiderate knowledge and disappointments in the application service. If you want the will beyond with some soles, you can videocap on the site, which is free. You can also add members more contacted to the list of people prepare and have them semiid to door Hand.

To replace your communication, you can buy.

In compliance, talking with people Hel Hot or Not is Funny and N requires too much commitment for your own, however you can protevate from people stacked as usually Her Social Attri Media.

Hot or NOT subscription plans

Hot or not offer two types of subscription: free and page. We need to give credits to the site because their most essential functions are available in the Free Version. However, ABBOAME to Pague HAS A Series of advantages to reasonable price and it is worth providing it. Women are greater lucky than Hot or Not because they have the opportunity to try the Version Premium of the Meeting site for three days without promotes.

There is another option to access some extra features without aqually in Abbonment: the credits water. You can use those credits to put yourself on top of places, chat with more people, send gifts, etc.

Unpaid version

Unpaid version

Naturally, a quality product has its price. It is even better when an excellent product Eat Hot or Not has free functionality you can enjoy before you decide to exchange your account and buy Abbonment. With The Free Version You can:

  • Registry on the site and get an account;
  • Add to infinite amounts of images;
  • Browse the profiles and sabra photo of alre people;
  • Obtain correspondences;
  • Look for users near the bullfighting position;
  • Communicate with the members on the site.

Premium Version

In addition to unpaid features with premium abbony, you will be able to:

  • Cancel decision "no" and return to the profiles you have decided of not follow;
  • Metite to the cousin post in the result of the result;
  • The Will Present more your profil;
  • Make gifts (virtual even);
  • Use During The Chat Stickers;
  • Navigate the site in unknown navigation mode;
  • Watch who is paired.

How many?

How many?

Eat Acennato Premium, you can water premium or credits subscriptions. It's up to you to decide sometimes you want to enjoy all the functionality to pagament without healing back to rasted credits, or you can simplement get a couple of credits and escren an extra couple of functionals.

For ABOAME seven days HIS Hot or Not, you will pay 0.99; Month - .99, three months - .99 and an abbonage of half a year will cost you .99. WEATHS PRESENT THAT YOU WILL BE ADDATATORITY THE COST OF THE SUBSCRIPTION IN ADVANCE.

For 100 credits, you will pay rdaddphp.99, for 500 credits - .99, for 1250 - .99 and the most massive package of 2750 credits costs .99.

All prices are in US dollars and paging opions are Credit card, Paypal and Abobe.

Revoke of Hot or Not Critigation

You can cancel your ABBOAME Premium whenever you want. For this in the Pagament section, you need to click on the Cancel Registration button. For payments performed Tramitis App Store, Messario interrupt the subscription in the settings of the proper Apple Device.

Remember that the refund is impressive and you will be able to use the advantages of functions at the end of payments to the invoicing date.

Data protection

Another thing so we want to give credit to hot or not is the high security standards of personal computer. Account verify is to measures they adopt. ACHE IS Come paired to a person, you won't be able to communicate with the user until you verify your profile.

Also, all Finanzarie information like the details of your credit cards are hidden. Twenty years on the MERCO of meetings and millions of happy and safe customers are halo.

BROTH OR NOT: QuileS'omo Dikeglin?

Hot or not: something else to choose from?

It's funny because talking about the competitors because all of them doesn't this the Event in the State of Project when Hot or Not Was in Phase of Enhancement. However, you can try with other meetings of meetings that work similarly: The Scorno. There are apps like Tinder, Meetme, Badoo, Bumble and so on.


We have analyzed all that hot or not has to offer and we are ready to conclude that the site has gone well olre to simple meeting site. It is a Community in which people cannot find some NSA relationships, but Ancha an friend of pen, an friend, someone with which communicate and shares different stories (OR Mino). In a certain mixture, remember social normal network, but only with better conditions and more rigorous trials. Simple design and user-friendly interface for both the app and the website render and direct interaction.

In the complex, assigned to punggio to site 5/5 and uscrizermia safe again Hot or not.

Matteo Costa
Matteo Costa
Matteo Costa
MS, RD and writer
Since 2005, Matthew helps men and women to Ear Tablese Pope Reactions of Passion, Excitement and Love. Every month, he reaches millions of women crosses his him articles, video and programs and pray if he dedicated to auute.
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