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Hitwe Recention 2022

Hitwe Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 69%
Quality match 87%
Popular age 20-24
Profile 2 100 000
Rate of replied 86%
Facilitated Use 8.4
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Hitwe Users IF Register Ache Qune:

Pro and Control

  • Simple registration procedures: the HAS site to simple and fast registration procedures in which members use a while for Remember.
  • Free Chat: This Has Dating site is a FREE CHAT. Unlike other sites, you don't have to promote to send and receive messages from other members.
  • Mobile Applications: this online HAS platform of existing mobile applications available for Android and iPhone untii.
  • Different languages: This meeting site can be used in six main languages. These including English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and French.
  • Verify: verified users have semper at blue verify badges on their profiles to maximize their accounts are approved and legitimate.
  • A few active antititis: compared to other important event dating sites Available, this site does not many daily active untapped on his piate.
  • Pop-up ads on mobile application: users are complained very much about the available pop-up ads on its mobile phythatic.
  • Not suitable for people in age Advance and mature: the majority of the members of this site are young, of the aged ages 18 and 34 years old. Characteric This Support ETA SuperVer To This Age Could Find Difficult To Fray their companions.
  • Premium services: To enjoy all the advantages of questive meetings, it is Need update the Main to account to Fee. Qusto is.
  • Expein Process: the Tarf Premium compared to other meetings sites are average. This Means Using these Premium At Cost features.

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Hitwe.Com is in Site of online meetings that was specificly progenat to match the members who near friends and relationships. Launched in December 2015, this site has grown, with its current-estimated population in over 240 million members and growing.

In this Recchencee of Hitwe, IT Guidingem Your all features as you try to find love and relationships in the year 2020. Follow this recouped to get the best details HIS this meeting site.

Eat works the Hitwe dating site

How does Hitwe meetings work

Hitwe.Com is to popular online dating site, with the obientutic to contact its users who make friendship, appointments and long-finished relationships. It is to Southern Site in which, if I meet for socialize and create friendship, and chess friendship can bring to perpointment or relations to long ends.

Unlike other meetings sites, Hitwe intites do not have to expect end when not comes effected to correct assum. Members of others can send messages without corresponding to.

Hitwe combines its users based on their position. Corrupt.

A look at anauralisi

The Has Dating site over 240 million registration members, The most part of which companies from Bra Brazil, Russia and Ukraine. Members are classified in the segments indicated by Suend.

  • Geographhe informance: The greater part of the members who go out the Hitwe Comes From Dating site from countries like Ukraine, Brazil and Russia. However, the site is available to Globe level, with the greater part of the countries with low users with low users.
  • Kind: This website is composed of both sexes: male and feminine. The number of male users is almost equal to the number of feminile sex utersi.
  • Sexual Eastern: This meeting site offers all kinds of sexual intercourse. Hosts straight, gay and lesbian members who want to socialize and meets their friends.
  • Age: Hitwe is composed of utters that Hangign over 18 years. However, The Major Part Of The Cheezano Members Chezano Cheesta Site Has One Compressed Tri 18 and 40 Years. This Means that the greater part of the Uters is is the Group.
  • Ethnicity: This website borses all races and all ethnic groups. It is Compost Mainly by Asians, American Blacks, Caucasians, Arabs and Chinese, Trav the others.

Special features of Hitwe

Special features of Hitwe
  • Chat messages are free and instantaneous. It is not Messario faced to member to send or receive messages; Once the registration process is completed, you can walk forward and send message to a member.

Chat feature is free. Unlike other meetings sites, offering its free sending messages and receipt via its site. Your account to Premium is not advisable to take advantage of this function.

  • Contact Visit Profile: This site of online meetings has a contactue of visit of the prop. This function shows the number of people who have your profile delta registration date. Premium users can view all the Visitors of Profile, while the leaders of the main account are limits only to five visitors of recent profiles.
  • Evolution of the pet: This is oplable only on mobile application. It is a project to make users engaged overall some GIINALIER MISSIONS FOR WILL INCREASE THE NUMBER OF THEIR PETS. Pets begin Gives One and members are encouraged to Cosmrobli Completing specific activities Available.
  • Visitors of the Profile: This function connected to users to see visitors of Profil profile last 30 days. Premium members can view all visitors, while basic account holders are limit only five. After 30 days, the Electo Comes Noust updated.
  • My like the profil: Just like the Visors of Profile, this operating function to users to see the members who pyrucied their profile in the last 30 days. Premium members have unlimited access, while EAT above, the integrates of the free account are limits to the following five members' profiles to which their account is pitred.

Hitwe is easy to will use?

Is Hitwe easy to use?

The Website is Triquily Intuitive and its design AIRITA VERY IN QESTE MATTER. Let's take a look at some SEWs from the Point View of Design.

Hitwe Design and Use

With its blue and white design, this online dating site is easy to will use with captivating features. The design is simple and easy to apply to all its users.

The profiles are not very detailed, but members can add Underterinin detail details, which can include their social professions and abljini to drive other members.

The mobile application

Hitwe.com. This mobile application has all the features of the Web, with a function of additional location to allow members to discover other untai who are near their location.

This mobile application is user-friendly and easy to use. IT HAS notifications for all members' interracations, which makes it easy for users to get information just in time.

This mobile application has some some additional features, which includes: The Domestic Anima function, the gentle service and message function, which is located so the interface.

Support and supported Hitwe customers.com

This piastorm of online meetings.

Detailed FAQ Section Has, where members can find solutions to part of problems that are facing with ease.

The site. This. Feedback Comes Semper Fendito Tramit The e-mail mentioned above Entered 24 hours.

Register Your Hitwe (and information on the user profile)

The Process of Register Your Hitwe is simple and brief Molt. It does not require many details by during registration.

Here's how to revise

Here's how to register

During the recording, users are required to provide surveys Details:

  • Name: You Comes Richisto to provide single name in this section, which will be your username.
  • E-mail address: is Messarium Insertion the profine e-mail address. This e-mail address will be using for subsequent access and account accesses.
  • Password: You Comes Richisto to provide unique password and easy to remember to protect your account.
  • Sex: you have to specify your sex. This should be male or feminine.
  • Age: The meeting site requires you to indicate your age. Only members who have reached the minimum age of 18 can register.

After compiling. It is inallre necessary to accept the terms of used, the privacy policy and the inspection of the newsletters.

COMICE THE QUALITY OF THE PROFIL? And the Verifer process?

Told you after creating your account, the site takes you to the profile, where you comes richisto to complete it and enjoy the full used of this meeting site. However, the creation of this profile can be exeguished in Second Moment During the Used Meeting Meeting Used.

To create the profile, it is Messario to provide the Securities Informance:

  • Photo: You Comes Richisto to upload images to your profile. Basic account holders are required to load only 20 photos, while the Untai of the Version Premium can load up to 50 photo.
  • Basic notions: here, the meeting site requires providing detached segments:

Your ethnicity: AD IS. Black American, Indian, Asian etc.

Religion: you have to choose if you are: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Catholic etc.

Sign: Here is Messario Includes the profit Stennos Zodiacal. It can be virgin, fish, twins and so on.

Type of Body: the body type of body type is necessary. Adley: in Shape, Average, overpooks, among other opposions.

  • Status: is Messarium to fill in the Secuing Conditions:

Sexual Eastern: Straight, Bisexual or Gay.

Sentimental state: ad single, married, divorced, trav the others. You can decide to say it later.

Report Type: can be classifying in Monogamus or Polygamamo.

  • Personal data: personal details in this section including:

State of children: if you want, you don't want to have children, etc.

Pets: here indicates Has Have or You Packing Pets.

Auto: Whether you have NOT.

Property of A House: Living in A Bedroom, in House, an apartment, in House for rent or living with parents.

  • Details professional members: they can include:

Profession: you have to die your job type.

Industry: you have to provide the industry in which you work. It can include science, outset and hospitality between.

InStruple: Messario indicate the level of education. The variants range from college to degree advance.

  • Abitisii: this is the Last Part of The Creation of Profile and Contains The Secent Information:

The Smoke: from Non Counter to Forte Coupler.

Drink: to times, with friends, often.

Pharmaci: independently from the fact that your uses Or Mental Drooghe.

Diet: Stay Special Diet. This includes vegetarians and Halal Trav the others.

The Profile Verifies Comes Esseguiti Mainly Tramit The e-mail address Using for registration. Members are required to click on the collegation submitted for verifying the profile profile. The approved and verified profiles have always a blue spuna sign next to their names in profile.

The site allows you to synchronize your account with facebook to regorate your profil.

Hitwe Search Features

Hitwe Search Features

Hitwe.com has only four options, which consents users to search for other members. You can condreres This search Using One Or All Secuing Features:

  • Sex: You can choose Will Be Incontracted to male male or feminine sex.
  • Age: You can choose members based on the various available age groups.
  • Country: you can search for members with their countryes of origin.
  • City: this location function en contemplate to search for members based for Parrot place of residence.

The search function is available for both free accounts for accounts for premium account holders.

Hitwe Matching and Communication

Hitwe Matching and Communication

The abbination process your cheese social dating site if verify when the profile you liked before you reciprocate.

You can fence and put my like to profil using the function mentioned above. TO TIME THAT THE PEPERZATED PROFILE YOU RECOGRIBE, DIVENT YOUR ITANAGEMENT MAKINS.

The abbination process is based on the position. This Means you can only put my like and match the members who are near the Tau location. However, he crosses the position filter, you can choose the place to find your correspondences.

Communication: in Hitwe, The Communication no Dipende from matches. You can Quickly Contact at a job without Will Create to Corridish. All you have to do is WARD ON THE PARRO PROFIL, Press the Function Messages and I Will Create a Chat.

The function of chat has also fast message. This is functioning in which IF Premes and IF IT SEELIZES AN SIDE MESSAGE, which will then be consecutive to another member.

Notifications of received messages are always displayed on the site, on the Mobile OR app via e-mail using to register the account.

You can even prevented a member of sending you messages blocondolo. This Create to Sweep to Raid and An Offensive member block function.

His Hitwe subscriptionop options.com

Subscription options on Hitwe.com

This online dating site has DAY Types of accounts for its members: A Free Account, Base and Premium Account.

Free version

An Account Give Base is available for at the time registration members. This account Office basic functionality of this meeting site, which includes the following:

  • Messaging: members with free accounts enjoy chats and instant messages free between Lore.
  • Loads of Photo: On Free Account Utilities can upload end 20 photos on your profiles. However, to add more photos, it is Messario toain upgrade to the premium account.
  • Pet Evolution functionality: users with free accounts can access to Pet Evolution function on the Parrot mobile applications. This connects them to accept and complete missions and win more pets HIS this platform.
  • I LIKE AND VISITORS: Free Version of the Hitwe Meeting Platform Consent to the members to view five people who suggested OR Visit I parro profiles in the last 30 days. To see more Peters who visited them or merged, the utives must upgrade to the premium account.

Premium abounde (a page)

To Premium Accounts as Using Members All Avour Available Features Your Quest Meeting Site. The premium corrount members enjoy the following advantages:

  • Use Free Advertising: Members with Premium Accounts do not view pop-up advertisements, which are usually displayed on Free Accounts.
  • Messages in evidence: despite having an premium account, members have their messages highlighted above other messages on the target accounts.
  • Reading message: Account to Payment holders.
  • Profile in evidence: users with premium accounts are always highlighted on the profiles of other members according to the parro positions.
  • My likes unlimited: unlike the free account, where I am limit only five, the premium account holders enjoy I like unlimited with parro profiles.
  • Visit the profile and my like: members with Account A Possum Possum Visualizer All members who have educated and proposed their profiles in the last 30 days.
  • Loading Photo: Members with premium accounts can load up to 50 photos on the parro profiles.

Premium prices

Premium prices

Premium accounts have several packages that members can to enjoy functionality. These premium packages are as follows:

The 1 month package Coast 0.99

The 3 month coast package .97

The 12 month package costs 0.28

Subscription cancellation

Quest Abbonament Premium IF Renews Semper Automatically. This Means that IF renews automaticly when expires. To cancel this, the members must cancel the automatic renewal function that is in the parro account settings. It is not possible to revoke the active subscriptions.


Social This online has security and protection policies that adheriscus for protecters its members and their data from computer crime and hackers.

All user information is private KEEPs according to the security and protection policies of the company.

The security policy and protection states:

  • The Type of data collected.
  • Eat Comes Preservative and Use.
  • EAT COMES Consistency with other third-party unsuitables.

However, members are always warned about the Type of private informances that should consistancy with other users. This Type of Informancei is not even covered by information on privacy and security and members should share Him to risk.

What are some alternatives and competition to Hitwe?

What are some alternatives and competition to Hitwe?

Norsors both at the site of popular moderately meetings, has to deal with the competition of other meetings of meetings that include, Trav the others:

  • Adultfriendfinder.com
  • Badoo.com
  • Flingstar.com
  • Benaughty.com
  • AshleyMadon.com


With this recoupcee, you can say that Hitwe.Com is to good meetings site. However, just like other online meetings sites, you may find one or two scammers' profiles. Users should pay attention to these profiles.

However, thanks to its free base features like my likes and the COC, this meeting site is highly recommended for that they do not want to dig deep into the pockets in search of appointments and relationships. The basic features are free.

For young people, aged aged ages 18 and 40, you may not want to look for Olre to find to perfect partner. Hitwe is recommended to young people who near friends and meetings.

Members who are old and mature may not enjoy the advantages of this online meetings site.

Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns
MS, RD and writer
Samantha is An Authorized and an coach of relationships that she was recognized by Match.COM EAT ONE OF MAINI SIESTI OF LOVE AND APPOINTMENTS OF THE SECTOR IN 2017. Sympathy, Educational and Diverer, Samantha's Guaba helps readers back into the appointment market with more safety and self-reactivity, Olter A in Vision Realistic of their perfect correspondence.
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