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Hi5 recension 2022

HiB review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 93%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 20-40
Profile 100 000 000
Rate of replied 95%
Facilitated Use 8.7
Popularity 9.5
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Hi5 IF users record Ache Qune:

Pro and Control

  • Singles have many opposings on the site, including social networking and games
  • The site is relatively free for the greatest part
  • Social Gaming is Virtue His this platform
  • Numbers communication options just like in any other social networking site
  • Non Interesting Party Thief for appointments
  • Version Desktop is very average from Will Use compared to the app

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Hi5 is to piatottaform that Near to connect different parts of the world with social network, play and interrient. This is more than a simple site to tivare relationships, as it can also be effective for occasional friends and players.

EAT works effectively hi5?

Hi5 is based on which the untai possum to encounter persons interest to interact with the others for friendships and appointments. Several features have been designed for inventory interaction. Injece to focus only on appointments for single men and women, Hi5 can even provide more features that make it difficult to label this platform in category.

Focusing on Public Demographi data

The Piathana Hi5 claims to have more than 100 million items around the world. About 10% of these Comes Utters from the United States, the most numbered demographic group. Other countries where Hi5 is popular SareBberl The United Kingdom and many Latin America countries. There is just contributed from almost all countries when the Total base of the Total base. The greater part of the Untai from the United States Appantly Has An African-American background, but are Hispanic and Caucasian acache in Number Remember. The popularity of the platform in different parts of the world Means that Hi5 must provide the possibility to choose from more than 20 languages.

Main features to make difference

Hi5 Has An Assortment of features that help to stand out from the mass. Some of the best are very common to the Meet group. They are:


This is a roulette style game to match people Presenting to users Photo Fun profiles at a time alone. User can choose to appreciate to Profil or Skip It to Fache Say to New Profile. To time two profiles have expressed Interest, matches are established and both will be growing to start conversation.


This is the main features of Hi5, as Cuene di Inregase the value of A Profil. The effectively Value to Profil Game Cesting to Acqualy or Selling Pets of other Uthystems. He more people are buying and selling the domestic animal of a profil, the value amazes notvolly and is also a sign of popularity.

How Hi5 actually works

Hi5's ease of use

Hi5 IF is revealed to disappointment for Qanto concerns the easy use of the Site Desktop. The navigation and the interface are very old without many developer report updates. However, there is at Surprise in Serbian when if using mobile apps, as they can be more accommodating than the various requests. If can you choose access the site directly gives a mobile browser, but cheese does not improve much sew him. If IF wants the Will Go to Far Party this platform, IF recommends Using Modern, intuitive, and well designed to desktop.

EAT YES POSITIONA Hi5 Website Design?

The Hi5 design turned out to be a great disappointment in these modern times, since operators focused Little on page update. Connection, Design may seem obsolete a lot. The Stea Sensation is explicit to the usability and navigation sections, as they can be very confusing and disorientant. There are not too many guidelines that can ainovovate to new one oriented with the site. Forward, many buttons and steps must be completed before finding the Request object. Semper multiple meetings are divided down minimalists in the approach and invest a lot in terms of findness of a fluid interface, but hi5 is quite late in this regard.

Hi5 Mobile App Experience

If platformftaf hi5 is at great delusea in terms you desktop site, the male controvert is to full contrast. This is excellent in terms of user speed, which is very pleasant and aestheticly pleasant. The app was designed in MODE to be Mold Bulte and Minimalist and all available features are accessible with ease. The mobile app also has additional functionality known as live, which can be used by intits to heal or host live streaming. The Live card has a live video group of other unansers that have been trendy.

And customer support?

The bigest available support for Hi5 Comes Supplith attracted to Full help page, which counts your different sections such as premium passes, mobile access, account elklame and Alcont. Every topic is truped with sufficient details in that users should not seek personal assistance from the Sacked team. The pages of the guide are Available Ache in three languages: English, Spanish and French. It is not possible to solve any problems in the Say Support pages, which are hosted Her Tagged, to User can start Richista for the same.

Ease of use of Hi5

Recording process and proposal user of hi5

Hiat. Injects to fill out several modules, the Uttery Posonum Semplement Opart Perone Record or Facebook. Besides AMMPLIFICE The process mentioned, you translates ACHE in a drastic reduction in text input that must make. After finishing recording, the unthaps are directed to the account verify section. Here, the newly created account will be Verifice with the help is confirmed code. Only after the complete cheese process can used different features. Quest element of security reduces meaningly the risk of spam and false profiles on the platform, but the Last Base of Uttersi Means that cannot be concentrated single individual HIS.

Registration process

The Hi HI Hi5 Register Process could take 3 to 5 minutes, depending on technical capabilities and information to Development. User can start by recording with an e-mail address, an account facebook or an account Google. The last two options can also simply the registration process, since the largest part of crucial companies comes taken from these accounts. In contradict, the programs must enter the name, the e-mail address, password, the city, date of birth and sex before they can registry.

Where if the quality of profile? And Verifies procedures?

The quality of hi hi hi5 profiles is not as exceptional, since the user comes richisto only at limitian set of information at the time of registration. The greater part of the longestone not tenders to fill the entire profile after completing the process. However, you can change the profile for Changing the basic informances after registration. There is an option for Modified The Visibility of Private Profil to Pubbolic and Vice Versa. Be to Profil Comes Public Rendered, all the likes can see the images and informances on the profile. Sire spread on the door for consum roofs the untai of Commentear the Wall.

In addition to Preferred images and some basic information, the profile also has the possibility of tags, comments and gifts. Basic informances can include Five Parameters Eat Religion, Sentimental State, Age, Sex, Language, Sexual Eastern and Other. It is common for users to add OR GIF images on the walls and chest tooth to Increas Length of public comments on the profile. The level of Detaglio Berler can make Hi5 Main ideal for Cream to good conversation.

Hi5 registration and user profile process

Hi5 search strunty

The search box is available for all users Hi hi5 that can filter the offensions based on parameters such as sex, age, position and more. If Possum I can look for the eleventives that are active Attally on the platform in fashions that don't lose time with people who have not used the platform for a while.

Hi5 search tool

Search for other Hi5 profiles and start-up of the contact

The ability to send messages to other members remains free hi hi. However, you werely filing to this available, since the new ones are not in the Grade of Accounting the most popular profiles on the Abbonage without a premium platform. The profile comes ending with informations about the last active time, which can be a characteristics blessed or igritant to seconds of the person. For those who are attetea to chat some, this function can be very use because the divine state active when the user online. This can be used to save that the other person is not interested and ignore visibilly messages.

Search for other Hi5 profiles and start-up of the contact

Hi5 registration options

Hi5 is a platform that has succeeded free to stay for the greatest part. However, you were also an abound premium that n should be founded while if it provides to try the piathana. PERT, I am available for the User Abbonment Free and Page.


Free the food is growing to carry out many activities as regitree the account and send messages to other purposes. These are crucial factors that allow the users to stay on the free plan for the whole time on the platform. Other benefits for free show including the possibility of looking uptai and add friends to the list of friends. Yes can gather pets that can be offered.


ACHE IS the option is excellent, some crucial advantages help users wishing to get Premium Abbonment. The Premium can visualize people Well Restro Interest or Visualize people Channo Vitian. Popular profiles are genally blocked for free utilities. However, they can be contacted Gives a Premium Member, which will receive Ache Notification on the Artra Person who reads their message. Finally, there is support via e-mail your priority base in that all the required assistance can be utilized. ACHE SOME FUNCTIONS, EAT THE CAPACITY OF FILTER based on ATA, should be launched soon.

TARFI and HI5 terms plans

They are aircraft plus tarfi plans for users who want to use Premium Hi Hi Hi Hi5 subscription. The entry can be effulated for each month, three months ago six months. The Gave a month subscription will cost $ 9.99, Customer Mentor will be invoiced $ 20.97 for the three-month option. There is also a billing option of $ 29.94 for six months. The longest floors reduce the monthly cost, as effectively the prices of three-month plan descend to $ 6.99 and the prices of a six-month point IF reduce AT $ 4.99 to me.

Cancellation of the Hi5 Premium subscription

All subscriptions from Hi5 IF renewed automatically there are no user interventions. It is therefore holy that the untiots IF ensure manual to cancel the order not deside to renew the subscription. The Annulalem process of a Dipela subscription from the platform and from the mety of page from which the subscription was sent. Was using a credit cardy to take the Gives Site Desktop subscription, it is necessary to open the desktop site and switch to the account manage, where it is available to membership card. Yes should the Will Enter in the Section and Selection to cancel the Faturade for the Subscription Monitor.

Hi5 registration options

Hi5 Safe and protection

Hi5 Turns Mold on serious security, just like any other app and Meet Group platform. The Site site adopts many security precautions guaranteeing the secure picuraform for all purposes. PERT, Divine easy to water premium subscriptions or collect Mount With Mold Comfort and Safe. Hi5 is publishing different security practices. These practices entraders people for preventing to meet in places that are not safe. The practices also recommend users to ensure that the IF meeting performs in Public Luogum. Personal informances must not be shared by the people to whom Comes Ache asked for astoni from sending money.

User can unequalize EATS functions.

Hi5 Security and protection

Hi5 competitors and alternatives

Different platforms offer alternatives for Hi5, which Wishe from more Say to decade. ACHE HAS COLLECTION TO SIGNIFICANT NUMBER OF USERS, HI5 alternatives are:


Qusto is in Website that presents to tonne of barks that can be excreared for incaring knowledge your every aspect of life. This is good place for catch to Fun video or at Serious Documentary. Reddit may not be a great place to improve reactions or invent dating in Brief finished, but this can provide enough alternatives by establishing good friendships with people in the online world. These effectively friendships revereated rather serious ways of interacting with others.


Badoo is on site Social media that tries to provide different fashions to create romantic trap intertives. You can access you your browser, mobile devices and app platforms that make convenient mold for divers background users. You can access this site to get excellent results in the world of random meetings, friendships or Ache Relations Series. ACHE SEATED The Client Satisfaction This site may not be exceptional, DPEN from the one to get the best platform.


This is a site that acts as a hybrid between social media platfoma and at dating site. Of consequence, if you can find relationships or only friendship, second of the fashions in which comes used this platform. A huge advantage compared to competitors would be the broad base of users who can interact tr a time without opposing page. All HIS Communications This FREE PARTFORE are free. Fondomentally, to popular user obtures the advantage of cash prizes or site credits. ACHE WAS There are many scammers, untii and predators HIS This platform, a member can remain Relationary to The Secure Following Determined Practices. Volta anchor, this site is not ideal for Series Relations as it is Thought more for meetings or friendship Soon Finished.

Hi5 competitors and alternatives

Final conclusion

Hi5 exists diversity years and has been in graduated to adapt premium well to modern needs of social networking together with the applications. It was growing to foundre perfurtly. ACHE WAS There are different unique features on the platforms, I am not effection.

Have Knows are preferences, there are better opptions out there than Hi5. However, the platform can bring together people who have similar taste and it is easy to start conversation crosses social networks and the game. It is likely that the connection formed on the platform is strong and is an option for color that they want to find long finish relations.

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