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HAPPN reception 2022

HAPPN review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 73%
Quality match 91%
Popular age 24-30
Profile 2 000 000
Rate of replied 87%
Facilitated Use 9.4
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Proposit of girls
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Happn Users IF Records ACHE Qu:

Pro and Control

  • The exceptional service concentation based on the position
  • Happn is great for big cities
  • Users can't see I like until you reciprocate
  • Several additional features
  • It's easy to write
  • There may be few results for small towns
  • The shared position concept can cause privacy and securezz problems
  • Members can be demanding with the filters based on employment

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Happn was founded in February 2014 and is a mobile app for online appointments focused on the location. It was developed to connect Neighbors between Parrors in terms of geography. Injece to create correspondences based on the insteptic and on personal algorithms, the colleague application its members with people that IF are exchanged during the day. There are Utly Happn numbers around the world and post find matches just 250 meters from Parro. Although the application is associated with Tinder, SME SME in many ways. Continue to read about to learn more.

EAT works happn app?

How does Happn app work?

The Cousin Thing that will be richy you are doing is Will created in profil, which should contain it base and fine to nine photo information. It is possible as possible synchronize it with your facebook account. SuccessEly, you can send interest and prefer for appointments. Here is where the Premium is difference. It is not Messario browse the HAPPN database for troppy the correspondences because you will be connected with the untai you visit during day.

Filter is allowed The results crosses the profiles offered and put "Like" to those you find attractive. You should be consumer that you can contact other members HAPPN ONLY JOINED. This implies that can be detachable to exchange messages between untai that mutual hano show try. Although some people consider it to be restrict, the mobile application offer different special features to improve user Esperatza.

Who can meet in the app?

Although Happn to Relatively new software, he already has more than 50 million members worldwide. Thanks to it, moving professionals and millennial can meet someone. It is also important that the number of female and male uterships is the same, so there are opportunities for everyone. At the same time, the HAPPN application is not Scaly Sender. You can meet lesbian and gay members. There are more users to pagament, which can be frustrating for Him Person who didn't buy the ABBOAME. I don't know this, Happn Office features exceptional both for paying and free party newspapers.

What special features are there?

What special features are there?

This Program Offer Series of unique options, which can agree more personality to members' profiles. Here are some of Paroro:

  • Hello
  • With the help of this HAPPN function, you can sugate others that you are a speaker. Each otteen Otte Has Ten Helles Free At the Time of registration. As soon as you use them all, you will need to water premium subscription plan.

  • Voice messages
  • The mobile app is offering video chat. At the same time, voice messages to other Happn members is allowed.

  • Mine Music Selection
  • Users can synchronize software cheese with their own spotify account. You Are You ARE TO BE A PERSON OF MUSIC, YOU LIKE YOUR PERSONALITY WILL SHOW. For this purpose, you can send traces to others.

  • Crush Time
  • He is at an in-app game, showing four untai who have recently incrocerated the way. It is allowed to choose the ones you pitch. You can securely send Parrot to message instantanausly. How that action should be performed correctly because if you "like" anyone for error, the untai will understand it immediately.

  • I'm soon to ..
  • With Cheese Happnperk, you can dosora to be active for the prosexime hours. In this mode, other people will know that you can go out to denote, drink something OR Keep a movie.

Happn is a user-friendly app

Happn is a user-friendly app

The importance of being user-friendly for each site and meetings are undeniable. These types of programs tend to have more customers because they are easier to use. That's why all online dating services are better for Simplify Him Sew. PERT, ACHE HAPPN developers have compounds some efforts.

You Were a Web Site?

Although the Happn application has been designed to be excreted when people are around, you Western to Web Site. As soon as you open the main page, see the offer to register. There is also the main menu where you can read His Happn, get help or contact the company. It should be noted that the language of the site can also be modified for Tau to Comfort. In addition to this, there is a FAQ section where you can find answers to questions most common. In the complex, Has a simple design that is very easy to navigate.

The Happn mobile application is quite good?

The interface is grid and simple, which makes Mold user-friendly. It is not difficult to surf, thanks to its modern design. ACHE when Happn is closed, it will continue to monitor where you go and get matches. In doubtful houses on your privacy, you are free to limit monitoring for specific period. To do this, you can activate the "invisibility mode" with a premium abbonment. At the time of time, it is not possible to block special spaces, such as the office, the gym or house. For security reasons, it is not recommended.

Meanwhile, the powering can schedule invisibility when they are not Device to Introcered other people. Possume can break their accounts, but the other Happn members will no longer be growing to see your message and Followti. The Sound Easily Accessibility buttons and you can Gestar notifications. The mobile application is also using an interactive map to find the people you have clumsy end seven days before.

Customer support can be contacted?

Is it possible to contact customer support?

There is the assistance center, which is very easy for Will Use. The application has simple icons and a search option. Although Happn is quite compressable and clear, assistance can drive unstraverse the first passages with HIM Frequently asked questions, which are usually required Mentor if you familiarize with the process. If the members have other damande, they can contact the customer service with the help of their facebook accounts.

It is difficult to regiblass and create to profil user?

He Persemed Tendon to Fence The Simplicity Mentor IF Record and Complete The Parrot Profiles. PERT, to divart more popular, online meetings services are better to make this procedure as simple as possible. Happn boasts to the easier recordings on the Merco. Continue to read about to learn more.

EAT Register

How to register

As soon as you download the Happn mobile app, is Messing Access with your facebook account help. In this case, all the basic information, including work, name, age, school and employer, will be taken from it. You will have to modify the search criteria. There are so many others, however, because you can only select the age group and sex.

There is also the "HIS INFORMANCEI OF ME" section, which has a 500-character limitations. It is Facultel, but we recommend dedicated to some time to write to po '. At Creative Page and accusing will attract more attention to your personality. It is also adventy add about Novel Photo to your profile. At the time of time, it is better to load from four to six images.

You can also connect Happn to both Spotify and Instagram. In addition to this, you can pause the application is not to be dipping to be combined with people in a locality. The From Concrea Thing is that you will not receive any game until you meet other happn newsstands. PERT, is Needed to Keep It Attentive During day and you will receive notifications when members find them entered 250 meters.

What is a corrido, the untai can will use the "heart" or pass the profil. Your interest is mutual, form to "crush", and this is ilement in which you are free to exchange messages.

The profiles are detailed?

Are the profiles detailed?

You will not see much about the Happn accounts. Tenon to Will Show very few information, which includes sex, name, work, age, istrition, work, distance and description Say to person. Purchasing at Premium Abbonment, you can hide these personal data. Eat acennate above, you can upload up to nine images. This can be done synchronizing the photo with your Instagram or facebook accounts, or you can add. Needless to say, by providing information and useful images, which can dosonra your interests and your personality, you can attract more Happn members.

Happn Available search filters for the utents

The mobile application uses the GPS to trace users Happn and Mostra to cast of people with which you get the road. It will also provide you with a map of the place where it happened, as well as the agony, photo and occupation. PERTA, WISEN No opption that consignants to seek other manuals to seek other manuals because the correspondence takes place when the members of Happn have recorded the perchesis. At the time of time, you can set preference for potential partner filters. Also, you can decide if you want to see to person again in yours.

How to contact other members

How to contact other members

The software displays partners based on preferences and proximity. Because no OTAS has no search function, correspondences are carried out based on individual criteria.

First of all, you can send MY like other members HAPPN because it is VIETH send them messages until you raise with to "my like". Qusto is the mobile in which the mobile app secures that users contryclem with her people who find attractive. This is the motive so when two members if he piape, they get "crush". Is quite similar to the game.

To make the process multiple briefs, the untii happn possum to view other members to which they are pilacouti and send immediately immediately. "Hello" is another functionality that helps people recent. This action is not anonymous because everyone can invite it to any other individual. That's how they let others know that they are Deviati to start at Conversation.

Abbonage Available options in the app

Subscription options available in the app

Although Happn is a Free Mobile App, Esiston Abbonage Plans and In-App Credit Purchases. Qusto is not surprising because they frank to be a common practice for the largest part of online appointment services. Prices are average on the market, so if I can say they are convenient.

Offer The Free Version?

Since Happn's free utenentie, it will be allowed to make the second SEW:

  • Have access to the basic correspondence;
  • Send my like;
  • Chat with your cooked;
  • Publish the state on your profile;
  • View the photo of the account of other Happn partners.

Thing will bring the abbonage to page?

Choose Premium, you can benefit from the following:

  • Send ten hellos a day;
  • Polianity invisibility;
  • Hit privacy impections to appear more missterious;
  • Receive ads red during navigation happn;
  • Log in to Cruthime.

Costs and prices

Costs and prices

You want to use the Happn Premium subscription, you can buy HIM for a month. In this case, you will have to parent 24.99 dollars. It is possible for six months as possible, which will cost $ 15 for Month, 89.99 dollars in Tarte. Another option is Acqually An Abbonation for Year for $ 10 a month. This consets to total of 119.99 dollars. Happn members can make payments with the help of credit cards, Paypal, Direct Added or Tramit Telephone Cellular.

EAT deactivate to happncount?

I decided to deactivate your Happn account, you can find the "App Settings" and click Your "Put My Account". PERT, yours will be completely hidden at the community, anache to the people you have surprised and with you have sent messages. In addition to this, nobody will meet you until you have activated your Profile Happn again.

The mobile app is secure and protected?

Is the mobile app safe and protected?

In terms of privacy, avablable advertising personal data is quite common in the largest part of the popular appointments programs. This type of information includes sex, the name, date of birth or any other date to add. Some people may not read to ease with Synchronization of its Facebook accounts with the Happn mobile application for privacy reasons. At the same time, this requirement is not mandatory, which implies that many profiles are not verified.

The Negative Part is that there can be uncomfortable situations in causes of the exceptional position of Corressdeza of the position. Ache Is this is not typical of the big cities, it can be something to take in the cuisine in small towns. It should be noted that the Mobile Happn app will not pay the exact position of its users to others. In fact, it will show only to medium radius of 250 meters.

Alternative Happn that you can Will Use

Alternative Happn that you can use

Don't think that Happn is suitable for you, you can examine more closely Some alternatives:

  • Hinge seems to be an app of appointments. Show Only Persons With you have friends in Comon. It can be using your device for free and iOS. The zipper is easy to will and with an accitant design;
  • Tinder with flush program, known for its rapid registration process. It is of fashion in many countries of the world.
  • Bumble is an application in which women start conversation. There is to 24 hours Devidable Devices Limited to 24 hours, which makes them more active. Thanks to it, people can create random connections, friendships and more;
  • Coffee Meets Bagel If you concentrate on quality, so it is to the best applications of Meetings that Women Ameno Will Use.


Happn is an excellent software in its kind, which helps to find Easily interstant people nearby. Qusto is very convenient because you don't have to Worry. Why you should yare from some parts there may be fantastic people from the other part of the Stada? Another fantastic thing is that it's simple and easy to use. So you don't have to spend a lot of time trying to understand SEES. It's free even, although there are some features you can i'll paid. To summarize, if you are EVEDO to find someone in your position, you can sample install the Mobile Happn app and make new friends.

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