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GrowLR recension 2022

Growlr review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 94%
Quality match ninety two%
Popular age 22-24
Profile 45 000
Rate of replied 90%
Facilitated Use 8.Two
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Glo IF users record ACHE qu:

Pro and Control

  • The App and the GrowlR site offer a lot of intuitive design
  • Growlr's user interface is intuitive a lot
  • Free Version of Growlr is very fast and intuitive
  • The registration process is quite simple and fast
  • The app can be using both HIS Device Android and iOS
  • The Free Version Has Many announcements
  • You'll see some fali accounts here His Growlr
  • Version Desktop Has less features compared to the Mobile Growlr app

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Growlr is to those social networking apps and appointments for the gay community around the world. It is a Fun and free app for gay men to encounter new people, Socializing and even find love. An bear is to gay man who is male and apparently to the widest gay community. The platform has been developed by Initech LLC in 2010, making it so one of the most recent gay meetings / socialization sites. The Has Accolted Platform at Large Number of Gay Orgi of Each Straction and Culture in Quest Environment Perfect to encounter other gay men.

EAT works growlr?

How does Growl works?

Growlr is in Relatively Multiple Gay Site Recommendations Recommendations. However, difference here is that the platform is made to specific guy of gay bears. You are six or you're benching one, growl is your best option on the market.

To Brief Sleek To The Public

Growlr is in the scene of appointments online for over seven years. His main objective is sociality and relationships. Growl will provide you with many opposings, whether you are concernating an Orse to dance all night, the Will Visit at night club or find an EARSE EARSE in a new city. The founder of the app is Famous Orsi Steese - Frank Rollings and Coney Cummiskey - which are married in 2016.

Second to research, Growlr has more than eight million items around the world, as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Scandinavia, etc. The app has even more than five million downloads five years after its creation. The largest part of the members speaks many languages ​​different Spanish Eat, French, Sideco and, Naturally, English.

Growlr is also to Piathana for all ages. However, real golds are mostly superb at 30 and 40 years old.

What are some essential features of Growlr?

What are some essential features of Growlr?



Trovei Bears of all kinds in three different sections: Prepare, nearby and online. The Preparer section will show the members you have passes away EATS Prepare and are ordered based on the distance. The nearby section will show you to cast of members closer to your vicinity. The online section will show you which bears are online in this moment.

Check in

The check-in function will show you to cast of the places closest to the Tau location. So, you will show you to cast of Growlr members near that area. All you have to do is touch the place and you will show you all the details in this regard. Successely, you will be profit to Cast of Untai that IF find AtTally in that area.



The Events section has two parts Diver: completes and events. At the Complennenno party, you can see the date of birth of all the members you have Rather. The Part of the Event will show you to cast of prosmates events.


This feature will show you the eleci of the bars visited by the most attended bears. In top to the list, you will see the place closest to you. These rooms are mainly clubs and gay bars.


The meetings section will show you to cast of dictionary requests you receive from other ESO members. Here Troveai Ache L'-Elected requests for inconsters you can send to a member from which you are attracted or persong.


This is your personalize space where you can write notes or personal notes. You have the possibility to add, modify and / or delete notes. In top to the list, you will see your best known notes. This function is very UPEN SHANE Looking for partners and wish to remember an idea or a community for later.

How easy it is to use Growlr?

How easy to use Growlr?

GrowlR is at the simplest dating platforms in terms of design, apps for mobile devices and in user-friendly complches.

Key points on usability and design of web site of growl

Ovvarily, when you visit the Growlr website, it might seem that they have torn the design Directly from Grindr. However, design is such as to welcome Ori and Raagazzi that Ameno The Pelicia. Thanks to design and to the intuitive format, you can browse easily hats of profiles and chat with anyone.

The Has An Friendly site. This is quite obvious from the dedicated hotspot growlr service. This Means that A Premium of Growlr can member to turn on the Proceeding Mobile Device or your computer and transform it into a hotspot. In this hotspot service, other members can draw it. As long as you use this hotspot, the other Potnano Utters use all Premium features and loor profiles are updated. This feature is ideal for clubs and bear bars.

What an appearance has the Mobile Growlr app?

The Growlr app is available for download free for devices Android And Apple. The functionality and the design of the app are quite simple and intuitive. However, the app has been designed ancha with in Modern Unntestic. All about the app has been structures in clear fashions in fashions that browsing it is easy and that you are using an Android phone or Last Apple Phone. All purchases can be carried out on the app via the respective online stores.

How reliable customer support is?

Before registering for any app / online dating site, you must suppose how good their supported customer service is. Qusto is a major wait because an ukan customer support attracts the untai and to leave them. Fortunately, Growlr has one of the best customer support services.

You will see an online module where you will need to use your name utens and email address. Under this, you will see a large text box; Here, you have to write down the problem you are dealing with. To finish finished, it is reversary tap sends. Successeely, your richist will be sent to customer service agents. They will work on your problem and inviding appropriate response Enter 24 hours.

Has Been more Urgently problem that can not wait over 24 hours (Adley, related to the page), you can use the email address and the phone number provided on the site. It is therefore hoissario to explain the problem and agents yes to work. Mostly, they will try to resolve your problemstary. However, in very rare alms, when your problem cannot be solved immediately, you will be advised immediately via e-mail or telephone. Otherwise, your question should be solved by the Prosessime two hours.

Customer support agents are useful, friendly and educated. They are rather hard-working and will do everything possible to solve your problems immediately. PERT, IF recommends Using Online Module every time if you address to problem less than the problem is not trus. NATURALLY, you can also use the opions and e-mail phones; However, quoss divent very stressful for agents.

Alternatively, you can anche will use the FAQ section. Here you will find the answers to the damande that have been posts by the precentions. Yes recommends by Consult The FAQ section because it is likely that the problem has already been addressed and solved Gives Another member.

Registration for An Account and Creation Say to Profil User

Recording for an account and creating a user profile

The Will created An Account Growlr is very simple. You don't need many sews and you will not take more than a minute to do so.


They should no longer want Say a minute or two for Cream An Account here Her Growlr. All you need to do is enter some basic information EAT email address, Utent name, password, etc. You have to insert some informatives about your personal informances of you in faster that other members possess you know you better.

To finished the recording process, you will have to upload to your photo that can be seen by other members. You will be inalled five slots to load five Photo or video; These multimedia files are private and can be seen from other members only break them.

What is the quality of the profil? And V Verifies?

In the complex, the Will created to Profil Your Growlr is easy and free. You will need to fill out the sections and describes your personal personality. Although these sections take to be falitives, IT We recommend compile in fashions that your profile is clear and concise.

Research functionality His Growlr

Research function on Growlr

GrowlR has a search option you connect to search for members based on them online and to their position. TO TIME Find the member you're fence, you can check your galleries, buy her blogs and check who has viewed your profil. All these features here can be USE Free of Charge. If you are a Premium User, you can stain the profile port or do business advertising with the help of the Shout function.

The research function of GrowlR connected to search for members you have "preferred" in the past. You can check those who are "nearby" and those who are "online" in a specific moment.

When you are looking for members that are "online", you will be ended up at Cast of suggested combinations Online Attally Or in the last 24 hours. The search option "Nearby" will show you to cast of offline and online members found near the Tau location. You also have the possibility of modifying the "nearby" search opption for Show matches of bears suggested in other AEE. This aspect of the search function will be very use you are planing to travel to other locations and wishes to encounter people and start to organize potential college with long advance.

The chat and abbination to growl process

GrowlR is at the site of online dating for gays that allows you to accounting other bears with ease. You have the Chat Available option in the App itself; The site does not have a chat option. In the complex, the chat feature is very simple but Connest Messaging features Communi.

What are the subscription oppons in Growlr?

What are the Registration Options in Growlr?

Growlr Offer Free and Premium Abobeame. Naturally, get many more functionality available in the Premium subscription. Free Abbonage You Offer A few features; However, they are not so extended as those offered in the premium subscription. You are using GrowlR for the Awards Volta, IT We advise you to start EATS user sided. After learning the app, you can choose the Abbonament and Diverting plans to premium member.

Free inspection

Growler offers free inspection to its members. Its set of basic features is available for basic members, including the communication module. However, you will see ads in the Free App. But The Free Version of Growlr is robust enough. The largest part of the other online dating apps offer very limit features in their free versions; On the other part, Free Version of Growlr you offfrià to rich sorcerza. Some of the features you can USCREASURE EATS BASIC MEMBER INCLUDING:

  • Creation and Register of Profil
  • Charmed with other members of the bare
  • Search for profile and members
  • Views from Profile of other members

Abbonage to page

Previously Acennato Eat, Growler Offer Ache to Premium Abbonment. Eat Acennato previously, Free Version offers you so many features, without yours to shell out to Single Canteim. On the other part, The payments version Will Excrive Some more doors. Some of the features that Divenent Available for you, Olter to Quele Free, Including:

  • Navigation without advertising
  • Saving all your research
  • Video chat
  • Private photo release

Except price price

The price of the Premium To Growlr subscription, along with Flash and Shout features, includes:

  • Per month: US $ 9.99 / month; At Total Of US $ 9.99
  • Three months: US $ 8.00 / month; Total of 23.99 USD
  • Six months: US $ 7.50 / month; A total of 44.99 USD
  • 12 months: US $ 6.00 / month; To Total of 71.99 USD

Flash functionality

Per month: US $ 4.99 / month; To Total of 4.99 USD

If uro function

Per month: US $ 4.99 / month; To Total of 4.99 USD

EAT cancel the Abbonage to Growlr?

How can you subscribe to Growlr?

Cancel your ABBONMENT GROWLR plan is very simple. All you have to do is wake his "cancels abbonage" and then his ok. You can still note the motive for which you are canceling the ABBOAME. At a time your registration has been canceled, you will be restored basic member EATS and you can only use all the free features.

What security and protection features offered by Growlr?

When IF Security Trees, GrowlR is to Piathana of Meetings that has nothing trystate. The site is a lot of contrary to the fals accounts and removes them immediately to time found. You can tell us to profil eats false or spam is you to find one.

PLAT USES TECHNOLOGY OF CRITGOGOGOGRAPHY AT 128 BIT FOR GUARANTEE that your financial and financial data remains safe and forttles; This Means That Inormanncei Sensitive Are Locked In Server Growlr. In Case Of Problems, You Immediately Accounting Agents Dell'Assistennza Customers.

However, the site can not protecti by all elements. So, it is Adotaretare Everseary Emerfone Some Safety Procedures SICT OF RIMANEER TO THE SICTO. Should Never Give Informancei Sensitive How Your House Address Or Working or financial details to Person Unknown On the Web. These details should not be shared nemmene with your friends your internet. Also, you have to always make sure that the place you choose for your appointment is pubic. The secluded places could seem romantic, but it is very dangerous skiing with someone who never encounters Crima.

What are some competitors and alternatives of growl?

Naturally, Growlr may not very bent; It is all the question of perspetent. However, you're surrounding some excellent alternatives, check the securities apps / sites:

  • Scruff
  • Calabone
  • Grindr
  • Azure
  • Arises

Growlr: final considers

Overall, Growlr is at dating site that offers Fully new prospectivity when IF treats to meet men and gay ori. This because it helps you filter in multiple involvement event.

The Pyathante You Offffess So Much, also Eat Uteen Say Base. However, time you will have Neufruit of the Parrot Premium subscription, many more features will be available. The app is also quite simple to understand and from Will Use. Here troveai all kinds of bears: those who near scene of casual meetings and Eltri Chner a long-end Relaze.

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