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Geek2geek recension 2022

Geek2Geek review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 65%
Quality match ninety two%
Popular age 21-22
Profile 2 000 000
Rate of replied 91%
Facilitated Use 6.9
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Geek2geek IF users recorded here:

Pro and Control

  • Safe, friendly and easy to will use
  • Browse intelligent people
  • Browse intelligent people
  • Perfect for geeks looking for romantic Relations Series
  • Chat is Amuser with many features
  • The reviews I of the utentives say that very few real members are active
  • For Pray the mobile app is not available
  • You are careful with your credit cards because it is difficult to cancel registration

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You're Carting Ginny Weasley for your Harry Potter, Jane Wilde for your Stephen Hawking or Penny for your Leonard, then the Geek2Geek site is made for you. It is post-singles that use the brain when IF is love and romanticism. You are fascinated by the conscence of science, philosophy, narrative and fantasy, finding the partner that reciprocates could be complicated to times.

For quee, geek2geek or gk2gk was launched to venture the nerds to fall in love. Geek2geek has been started in 2004 with the statement that is a principal platefers for Star Wars communities, Star Trek and World of War to meet and find love.

The HAS website attracts more than 200.000 members, which is quickly insolith for this niche. There are no registration costs HIS Quest Web Site. The retention of the are quite good.

Many utystyers have segaled frustration with i parrot customer response services. Since this site website has been in USE for more than a decade, customers' higher Suported and Transparency.

EAT works Geek2Geek?

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

Registration is simple and fast and answer all questions in the registration form is not essential. The image carion is not Messarium During Profil Cream. The Match-Making IF It Bases Its Damende Eat "Type of sense of humor" and "Interest areas".

When the algorithm of the web finds your correspondence based on your answers, similar geek profiles are sent to your mailbox. It's easy to handle new friends HIS this site. The Piathana is decent and easy to navigate.

A PROFIL COMES approved in 24 hours. No verifies is not richist; All features are immediately visible on the site. A of the most important sews to know During The Cream Action of The Profil His Geek2Geek is that it is free.

IT We recommend making your profile the most attangant possible to attract other fanatics. It's easy Modify your Clicking profile on the "My Account" button in.

People's analysis

There are more than 200.000 ACTIVE ACCOUNTS YOUR This Website. The number of people may seem Lower compared to other meetings sites, but it is in good number recipe the Public Muerato. The most part of the members is quite active and Near to brilliant partner as they are.

Male and female members are well distributed. You will find people aged 18 to 25 and over. It works well for people who close to person with to talk about to fall in love with.

The Conest Web Site to block spammers and others who continue to send unwanted messages. This chat platform is well incorporated for fast and fluid conversations. The Connest site will spend to access the blogs of other members.

Features Geek2geek Malls

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

A of the essential characteristics of Geek2geek is myVideo. You can upload your videos and Aneca share youtube video with other members to view them and comment. But, before charging, you have to regain your registration.

Another interstante functionality of Geek2Geek Concepted to users to define to dessalia for cartoons loaded on the website. The member and the team scyrono restart better. The geek goddess you allow you to obtain valuable advice your appointments and relationships.

The web site crenda on the serious match-making. It Help to be Type Just of Person Aware achedo selected profiles by Hand for. The site also sends this cast to your email.

These Yes Correspondences based on the preferrets set by the OUUNT DURING the registration process. It is fundamental shows your appearances to allow algorithms of the website to choose the right abbination for you.

As soon as you sign up for the Geek2Geek site, you can access the photos of other members. It is emozing browse the profiles and select them or reject them.

The website also has cast of the most voted profiles. You can check the first 10 evaluated members. You may find these more attractive profiles since the website uses greater part of its advance features to offer the best of everything.

Geek2Geek offer to variety of items that give you suggestions and tricks to have to Big Appall. This information is free for everyone. A of the best sews of the Website Geek2Geek is that the greatest part of its features are free. The site algorithms make it more useful to select the perfect matches for you on base to interned and hobby similar.

Some other important features of Geek2Geek are mentioned DY Subdulum:

Quality of the Abbiennian

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

The quality correspondence quality function convent to upload video and blog. This conennd at the Site Information Web Site your tastes and to pair with the Giust. Your interests and your hobbies are taken in Cuisinet During the creation Say to quality correspondence.

The conversion

You can access the "Review" function from your profile. IT Hits Understander the authenticity of the profiles and websites. The right reviews Pushono Improve your visibility and you can earn trust with other members. Furthermore, The Aiota IT function to make you match Easily and Ancha to Piececti.

Corressdeza preferences

Correspondence preferences help the algorithms of the web at Combénsive your preferences and personalities in MODE that can choose matches for according to yours. Geek2Geek is free, but the subscription of the subscription helps us to use other useful features to improve your list of games and chat better. The abbonage helps you access functionality as:

  • Near correspondence
  • Send messages to Gold members
  • Reply to messages
  • Receive texts from untai free
  • Advanced algorithms for better Abbination

Geek2Geek Freedom for the user

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

Geek2Geek is a simple incredible web site that is popular Mold Popular Trag. The design and functions are quite facility.

Design and usability of The Website

Geek2Geek is Ben Prognatho and simple. All major caps are well post-gathered and enough to find. The website is white and all the features are accompanied by intessing color guides. It is easy to navigate and all the features are accessible from.

Geek2Geek mobile apply

Geek2geek has not yet launched its mobile app. There are no words from the team regarding his launch. All functions are mentioned and accessible only through its website. Geek2Geek has a Version Mobile of the site that is well adapted for Android and iOS devices.

Customer care

In During the USE of the web problems, you can contact the Geek2Geek Tramitit team the "Guide" section mentioned in the Main Page. After doing Clice on the "Help" button, Yes subsequent page page, which contains various FAQ categories.

Damende on the belonging, Damende on profile and damages regarding messages and flirting are some of the critical categories. Anache answer related questions to chat, part and prepare. He Dames help you to understand the site and offer hiss eating u runstly suggestions to get the best matches.

Profilial user registration process

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

It is easy to register and will create a profil your chek Geek dating site. Geek2Geek recommends BURST Tightly all your data as a fence to find the right Type of Coriscontence for you.

How to sign up to Geek2Geek

The inspiration process in Geek2Geek is easy and fast. No longer takes than a minute or two. You can will use your e-mail to register and the site is free.

For QUUST, you need to insert the username you want Visualizer on your profil. You can write any username you like; Choose the one one.

During the Insert of the Information of Profile, it is advisable to enter the details that Tiuterann in the right Type of Individual. You can complete your profile every time you want.

Furthermore, you have to load Unhammine of Chiara profile to prejudice to create combinations. TO TIME Create the profile, you will receive correspondences based on the information of the proposal. You can Visualizer the profil of the Person With which you are matched. You can start the conversation only after purchased the subscription to Geek2Geek.

Free members can read all sent messages Parro. They can send new messages to Gold members and respond them, but to start contact with other free members, you must be in Gold or Silver Member.

For reasons of privacy and security, Geek2geek offers I Will WILL Prevent Communicate Member with you. You can lock an account you want by clicking on the lock icon on their profile. Want to unlock to account, select Simichly the profile and click on the release button.

Quality and Verify The Profil

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

Geek2geek's profile quality is pretty good. The most part of the members provides details sufficient to attract other users. These details include work, instruzzle, interest, hobbies, tuxedo and preferences on drinking. Also, unlucked height, Puelno, Religion, etc.

It is much better to enter the right information as it offers to the reader at the best under you and aid the System to. Before the profiles appears, it must be approved by the Geek2Geek team.

Any information offensive or annoying comes to removed. The website is not connant the carion of obscene images. The Has site also an eye on the scammers who could attempt to disturb members.

Geek2Geek search

It is not present no search function on the site Geek2Geek Web site. You don't answer Close to Profil. It helps you choose between the correspondences made based on the information you have I share in your profile.

Matching and Chat Your Geek2Geek

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

Geek2geek allows you to send to Flirt. A flirt is an approved approved for send to message to another said member you are interested. All members can send independently flirting from the status of the subscription.

When you click on the member's profile, you will find an icon that helps you chat. I am is online, you can run to chat; Otherwise you can leave to message, Seen the Abobe.

Free Pushon members send messages to Gold members. You can answer the texts received - the Venton correspondences made based on the general criteria you selected - the "Find Creation" icon on the Guide site to your Specific.

Subscription options

The Geek2Geek site is free, but some additional purchases are needed to enjoy it to Bottom and engraves your chances of encountering your true partner.

Free inspection

The site consoms free registration. While continuing with free inspiration, you can search matches, receive and read members, Flirtree with other members and send or answer Gold members' messages.

Abbonage to page

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

The site offers services to Page Tramit Subject SILVER AND GOLD. Free IT services allow mubfrure of the base level of the function. Wishes to bring your abbination to another level, IT recommends to sign up for the SILVER or GOLD subscription.

To sign up, и needed click on the "Subscription" icon in. He will conduct you to the next page, where all the comparisons and the advantages that derivan from different inscriptions are mentioned in detail.

The SILVER SUBSCRIPTION CONNECTED to send unlimited messages and respond to messages from all members. The Gold You Too Convented subscription to receive messages from free members. Show Wide your profile for Cousin in the search for correspondence.

Capbonage to Geek2Geek Payment prices

The prices of SILVER and GOLD subscriptions are as follows:

Silver Abobe
  • Per month: US $ 34.99
  • Three months: 69.99 USD
  • Six months: US $ 119.99

Gold subscription
  • Per month: US $ 42.99
  • Three months: 79.99 USD
  • Four months: 149.99 USD

Subscription cancellation

To cancel your abbbonage to geek2geek, you must access your account. Click on the "Gestical Account" collegation in the Main screen under "Account status". It is Messario Scroll down the "account information" and deselezing the box "Renewal Automatic" and proceeds to the next step saving the upviews.

You will receive an e-mail confirming from the Geek2Geek team regarding the cancellation. We recommend Key Save e-mail for records: you can read Underland information on the terms and leading on the Geek2Geek website.

Security security

Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

Geek2Geek uses all miscorevibles to provide securezz and protection to its members. Maintains Details of The Proposal To The Secure For Prevent Abuses. The site has an eye scammers and expect users to follow them.

Geek2geek Non Show Your email or your number to no other member. The Site Uses System of Anonymous e-mail for Preserving Your Privacy. It allows you to block the profiles you don't want to see.

The FAQ section provides suggestions and tricks to pursue secure online dating methods. Rispen Ache to various questions in detail on the safest ways to conduct online appointments.

Alternative Geek2Geek and competitors

Geek2Geek is in Piathana of unique meetings for all geeks out there. Look at provide the best matches for Nerd and Geek. While some geeks Pussobberus to top up the functionality of the website, some of the app appropriate app for appointments. IT IS STAUSE Near good websites or encounters apps that can Aiotti to encounter your partner, here are some alternatives:

  • Soulgeek
  • Is at a good meeting site that competes well control the giants with better correspondence quality and a user-friendly interface.

  • Hinge
  • This app is less simple than other apps of appointments. Meets the needs of the Millennial who wish to find the right combinations for sexes.

  • Intellectconnect
  • Cheese is one of the best and oldest sites that you crust to find rapidly the your corrence intelellet.

  • Otakubooty
  • Otakubooty's design is really good. It is suitable for the Public destination.

  • EHarmony
  • Eharmony is aimed at people who close occasional appointments and reports Series.


Review of Geek2Geek - Legit or Scam?

Geek2geek is in PiastForma of online meetings for those who prered Hyim intellectual conversations and associate with. People who pitchion games, scientific things, fiction films, souls and other intessing activities scene this site to find partners. It is a prognotat for a gate-torn group.

The most common problem mentioned by the greater part of the Geek2geek Untii concerns the DifsetTy customer service. It's not good Eats Expected by customers. Users complain to the casanque of security checks that make the website vulnerable to spammers and scammers.

Chat without interruption, simple interface and capacity to upload videos and blogs make this site really surprising. So, geek2geek is an excelly site you are in the grade of filter some problems using your common sense.

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