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Feeld recension 2022

Feeld review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 85%
Quality match 88%
Popular age 26-30
Profile 1 900 000
Rate of replied 79%
Facilitated Use 8.4
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Feeld The Untent IF Record ACHE Q:

Pro and Control

  • Simple and convenient relatively interface design;
  • Version Desktop and Mobile Available;
  • Fast recording Tramit Facebook;
  • Available profile mode;
  • Wide variety of gender options;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Free messaging after registration;
  • Chat Room Available.
  • Gender gives of 30% of women and of 70% of men;
  • Some accounts have photo false;
  • Only app for Android or iOS, no PC version.

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Many people have special desires in love and sex, noncho but single or married but. For Quest Reason, Feeld Limited Has Created The Platform for People With Wishes And Special needs to bed. Cosio Eat for those who are Device to make new Speed. More often, people live in specific living conditions, which does not accompany different sexual practices. Work hours engaged, camel and work obligations often limped their possibility of traversing relevant partner, which shares their desires and interste, being involved in particular sexual practices.

Your Feeld, you can find your perfect sexual partner, going hand in hand with your preferences to bed. There are more than 2 million active members, eager to find, go out and have sex with in uomo, a woman or a couple of different sexual practices. Straight and gay / lesbians, bisexuals, queres and trans and other sex variables are that, progressed to share the Lotter Speaken with you!

EAT works Feeld and how TRUNT users

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

One of the special advantages of feeld is that you can register Eat couple or individual EAT. Here you can try to look for people with particular sexual practices, eatophilessibles, bisexual, polysis, landlaps and other variables. In this mode, you can encounter your best lover and sexual partner perverse to share your desires and acquire new experiences. Feel free of register and start to fence!

Struture of the audience, quantity and gender relationship

Feeld is one stroky use to find your perfect love partner. Here you can find a variegated pub of men and women of age and races. Meanwhile, more than 500.000 Worldwide items Chattano Certitely and Organization dates every week. Unfortunately, about 20% of the profiles has false photos, so you have some risks when you get someone known. For this reason, it we recommend that we recommend security tips on meetings sites. Like the other dating platforms, the age of Feeld members is about 25-34 years. In giving birth, about 60% of IF members sign up Eat couple. This is an exciting and intriguing opportunity to have a sexual experience with new perverse partners.

Ninching Design and promising options, the Gender Presents to Signant site: 30% of women's Control users 70% of male profiles. Furthermore, 20% profiles are not real OR count false false. Thanks to The System of Abbination Her Feeld, you can meet your partners in noble node. For Cheek, you compile your profil and indicate all the parameters requested in a very truthful mode. The system will express relevant results based on your features and will offer you the appropriate variants.

Main features and user suggestions

Feeld Office to users special features for privacy and community internal connected, Available Only With the update Magjastic:

  • Hide from friends: you can hide your account to your FB friends.
  • Future connection: the exhibition Who System Device to contact you.
  • Last access: Indicate the last activity of Another user Her Feeld.

Feeld is a unique dating fierce and a safe space for apone device to explore. In other words, it helps the user to have an Ethics experience of non-monogamia with new perverse partners and other humans who thoughtful so. Overall, the rest of the features are communied to other various meetings with all the necessary tools.

Registration procedures and structures of Profile Ute Your Feel

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

Feeld requires a simple Signed procedure: does not oblige to provide your credentials and ids or other data. However, IF recommends use the real name and city. Access will be automatic verify, then you will receive the access to all the opposions free. You can instaly compile the profile with your photo and fill other mandatory fields, or regretecate. However, it is advisable to water a profile option for pay for increase the possibilities of abbination.

Platform Design, Intuitivity & Coherence

Feeld is in Loud and Convenient Site with an intuitive interface. There are minimal pop-ups and no advertisements, so you can focus on your search and your messages. In the first page you will find to brief Description of the platform, news and articles blogs, upcoming events and simple suggestions Her Eat Regiblassi and start the communication. The site is prognatho in one graphic style specific with bright colors and contrast. However, the PC site is only one presentation of the platform, while all real tasks tramit the app.

Mobile Application Feeld or Version PC

Feeld works Tramit the app, can be downloaded for free, but no Has Version Desktop. You can use Her Android and iOS. The App Presents some differences compared to the piiates of meetings. The Connest application to create and paracipate to group chat, adding to OWE users. You will receive in Notifies is An Altum user if you connet you with you or you messages. The App has an acoustic signal and app icons of the app. The interface mode is editable and you can move it to the dark with photo of profile more visible. One of the disadvantages of the app is the-mode in which information about the profile are displayed: it is too simple and even of migliegenti. Furthermore, messages are uploaded to a little more seller than other apps. Go your google store and download the software on your cellular!

Customer support and policy of the site

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

Safezz Comes first of all for Feel! Yes Please read the suggestions on security for meetings. You have to be careful when you have to do with strangers, anache is if you behave in friendly and polite mode. Never share your personal credentials with other people on the site, like your home address, the place of work or the address of your parents. Don't upload your bank documents and credit cards to photo with. Never meet strangers in unknown and underpolate places. Of 'seey to the relatives you are walking at an apsemental.

How to register on the platform

To sign up, you have to do three simple actions:

  • Start: Create your account by using your e-mail or the facebook account, then choose to password compossor.
  • Add your photos: Upload your photos and make sure that images do not contain the faces of other people.
  • Check the opposite oppons to page and use the appropriate USED terminal.

You can use your fb profile for simplify it record procedures. No personalize data will be leaked to causes of the high level of security. To improve your opportunities Her Feel Elegel.

Quality of profile and account verify procedures

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

The verifies procedures on the site is quite simple and takes a couple of minutes. When you reach you tramit the app feeld, you will find the simple and convenient design of the platform:

  • Account icons and images.
  • Short profile information.
  • Message section.
  • Personal data.

All profiles including the main photo. Quanding you reg & fill your profile, the other untai will see in the following mode. It was needy, you can adjust the informance of your profile, the contallutes and personal data, adding new images and more specific informances. In General, it is not Messario to provide a lot of personal information.

Reciprocary search and parameterr for users

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

Her Feeld, you can register and upload your free photo, as well as searching with access to parro photo. Unlike other dating platforms, you can send messages to other Free Members. The basic options including the gradiment of other profiles and the use of search filters. Feeld recommends Vivarly to browse your real credentials and photo with your face to inventory your abbination chances! It is forbidden to upload images of other people or use on copyright of other people. In homes discovered, the artifice of the site can solve the Concount and go to your account on the platform.

Correspondence and chat with platform members

You can access the chat without aqually an abound to page and chat with other members of the Community Tramit the mobile application. Like other meetings sites, Feeld Has a System of counting correspondence based on the specified parameters. The advantage of the platform is at the highest number of criteria to find a couple. Ad moderation, you can fence to partner or a couple here based to sex, sexual eastern, age, race and other crosses.

Subscription options for use to page and free

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

DOOPS ESERTI REGISTRY. Connection, choose to Method of Papament appropriate and send to Commission, you want to water the Majestic subscription. So you'll get better for privacy, how to hide the Facebook profile, indicate when someone wants to get closer and save when someone has been active on the platform recent. As you can see, there are not many differences between the oppage to pay and free on the app, except for privacy.

Free Version: features based and restrictions

Your Feeld, it is not acquired to water an updated option to communicate with the other members. However, majestic membership you offer unlimited features to receive notification when other unthaps try to connect. You can send tested messages to other immediate members after registration.

Abbonant to page: Advance and updating options

You cannot see to Chi Piii without An Abbonment to Payment. However, you can see who is entitled to you Eguare the Last activity of the profiles of other members. So feel free to water the updated account and break all the limits for your communication!

Commissions, prices and subscription conditions

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

There are two USE options: Free Iscing and Majestic. The updated costs $ 12 to month and $ 24 for the Sayed year quarter. Eat Usual, you can using Bonific Banking, Credit Or Telephone Letter Cellular Perrqually The Subscription. The system will offer you to take automaticly the funds from your letter, but you can delete it was need. You can cancel the subscription and land your profile, but you can't reimburse the commissions to the causes of technical complications.

EAT cancel the subscription on the site

To close your Feeld account, click on the app icon and go to the account settings. Choose "App Settings", then go below and find the "Ends" option. Choose "Ends" for Delete your account. Keep Present that with the active majestic subscription, you need to interrupt the removal Automatic Your App Store / Google Play. SFORSTately, you cannot repay the registration fee on the site. Feeld Non Othens information on your funds and the platform cannot stop your subscription because it depends on Apple Store and Google Play. You can cancel the registration your iOS or Android on your ID Apple or STS Google Play Market Tramit Your device in the "Subscriptions" Your Feeld section.


Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

Feeld is at Comletely Circuit Site With in Rigoroous on Politage Privacy. Here, you will not meet any suggestions on sexual favors, as well as involving you in the cybersesso. Also, you can stay on your data: None can access your private information, anchio is coming richist of using your real name and information specify HIS. The site collects all the technical data on the longestone, compressed the browser, the IP address, the number and the type of displayed pages, data delle Visit. SUPPLY THAT YOUR MAIL, Number of Telephone and Information Bills are safe.

You can banish someone who acts in abusive or IRRISPETTY MODE and also report abuses or violations of policy terms. You can start a survey by describing your negative spearake through the contact form of assistance. IT COMES Richisto to provide your email address and the user member name you want to report your feel. Semper, someone violates the terms of Used. It is Severely VieThato Communicate With Minori. Furthermore, defusion of pornagraphy requires hostility, breed insults, sex and sexual minorities are prohibited.

Feeld Competitors and alternative meetings sites

Review Feeld - Explorer of real sexuality or a bait?

In a nutshell, there are many alternatives for those who are looking for partner-in-kinks and you can using Nummer Rose dating platform to look for a couple or a single partner. Ad moderation, go HIS AdultFriendFinder.COM or FLINGSTER.com to Trivare people who thoughtful solo mode. There are almost the same opptions of Feeld with some differences.


Feeld is the best opportunity for people who want to acquire new sexual experiences and find to perfect partner. In the platform you can use the navigation Easily and Rapidly find the appropriate option. Feel free to register and look for people that the pansy at the same time! Splencular alternative relationship structures and much more! Unlike other meetings sites, here you can find not single to single sexuality, but a couple to share a new spearake to bed. Feeld is To Picura and Convenient Pathana with a Design Available and Order.

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