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Farmesonly recension 2022

Farmersonly review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 63%
Quality match 86%
Popular age 24-27
Profile 1 800 000
Rate of replied 89%
Facilitated Use 8.Two
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Farmesonly The Untenti IF Record ADE here:

Pro and Control

  • Farmesonly Has Unouumile Price policy;
  • The website has unique carattiors that no other meeting site has - Farmphone and Farmesonly Store;
  • Possibility to receive messages on the Telephone Tramit text messages;
  • Quick Register Procedures: only a few fields must be filled.
  • Design and layout of attractive old-fashioned and little sites;
  • The messaging is available for premium subscription holders;
  • The Farmesonly application is compatible Alone with the Android devices. No iOS version;
  • Matchmaking algorithm is too simple; IF EN BASES ONLY ON THE AND TO THE POSITION OF THE UNITS;
  • IT Verifies It from Proposal is DECOL;
  • High percentage of falses profiles;
  • No premium subscription badges are available, so it is difficult to differentiate standard members from premium ones.

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Farmesonly is to web site aimed to connect individual farmers, breeders, cowboys and cowgirls that precry life in nature and love animals. The site also has one slogan: "The people of a simplicendent city does not understand", sublitting the importance of finding someone who understands the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the campaigns. The Farmesonly website was launched in 2005 by Jerry Miller. But the platform has become popular traw the only ones only in 2007 thanks to his commercial video comes your youtube.

What is the basic of Farmesonly Website?

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?

Usual, the functionality of IF meetings based on the website matching algorithm. It also applies to the Farmesonly website. The ABBINAMENT SYSTEM OF THE PLATFORE IS DECOL BECAUSE BECAUSE PERSONS PRESETD IN CONSIGN ONLY LA LEASRO AGE AND POSITION. Users can find those matches in the Find out section. Seconds Ssenziae is solitly messaging, but in the website farmesonly, the unlimited chat is available single for premium offenses. Standard Members Pushono Send only Flirt and aging people to the prepare list.

Analysis of the base of the members

Since farmesonly look at gather only single people from rural areas, the target public is small pitttosto: 5 million people. The most part of the members are men: inhabitants of the campaigns, farmers who want to find life companions cadvano their interviews, peprazzano life in the countryside and love animals. Farmesonly claims to be at the international paladalform of Meetings for farmers, But the largest part of its untii comes from the United States and Canada. These people belong to various races and have several sexual orientations. In the registration form, the untai can choose to of the four variants, Adley "I am a woman who close to man" OR "I am to woman who Near to woman" and so on.

Peculiar Caratics of The Web Site

  • In Farmesonly Store, Pushon Unites Acquaring T-shirts, Hats, Cups, Sweatshirts With Hood And Many Other Withl Logo Products and Slogans Farmesonly, The most popular of which is "city people don't understand!"
  • Premium members have access to extraordinary features convenient called FARMPhone. Contents to connect the TELEPHONE ACCOUNT FARMONLY numpers and receive each message sending them on the Parrots phones as a text message. The Concent function to block undesiderate users and respond to messages.
  • Like the matchmaking systems of other Discover sites, the Farmesonly Discover feature shows the images of other untii profile, which you can declare by clicking on the "Polish His" option or ignores with "Pollyce down".

Farmesonly is user-friendly?

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?

To understand if Farmerson focuses on the or NOT client, we need to evaluate the ease of navigation and registration. Registration is simple smilltcto. Users must only enter the profine e-mail address, postal code, age and sex. It is a matter of just two minutes. However, the profile creation is quite long and distagliata because it requires information insert. Navigation is simple: all sections are located in the menu on the left.

Old style design but simple navigation

The Farmesonly non-Frame Modern interface, the Chu can allumate some pots. Among the colors excreted in the design Previous the Color Green, the color of nature. Six Was at a Member Standard, in the Upper Of The Progile You will find the Big Pulsating Green Orgio. Acánt to it, you can see the ethnic advantages that the premium subscription can give you. Just below that part, you can find the cards update now and search member. The Main menu is located on the Star Stresidist. Here you can see all the main features: Who's Online, Discover, Who Likes Me, Farmphone, My Email, etc. Here you can find the cards of my profile, Account and Contact Settings. Overall, the navigation is not complicated. All sections are Organize, divided into parts with inscrupts and used advice.

Farmesonly Single Mobile Application Perpault Android

The PiattaForma Farmesonly Has A Mobile Application Compatible Alone With Ireroid Device. Users can free skaricary from Google Play Market. The app was developed by Farmesonly Media Inc. And more than 500,000 times from its first launch was downloaded. To install the application, the debut to have at least 2.5 MB Say Memory Free and Android 4.0.3 or later versions. The App farmesonly has at evaluation of 3.0 stars and received more than 2900 Recession of customers in Total.

Quality customer support by e-mail

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?

The Farmesonly website has two sections: frequent damande and support for assisting their users with the problem chevon deals with. Has Been a Problem, at the beginning you should try to find the solution in the Frequent Damande section in which all the items are categorized orderly in topics. You don't see the answer, go to the support and choose the Theme of your Request: access problems, billing problems, other damande / doubts. In the Module Supplied, you must Insertion your email address, name uteen, name and surname and number Say. So you type your message or describe the problem you're facing, enter the security numbers and click on the send button.

Quick registration and creation signed to long profile

The Farmesonly registration process is simple: compile four fields, charge a photo and the account is soon. But if you open it, it will be empty: no position, no information on punetto, nie. Because of the simplicity of recording and scarce email verify, the website has high level of fali profiles. For Godtrobe that you are to person real with the seriousness, interesting to find partners, you should inlet detailed information of you and the person you want me. It is in Process long enough but to achieve success.

Rapid and simple Process of Quick

To create Farmonly accounts, it is Messarium compile the registration form on the home page of the web site. Enter your e-mail address, your postal code and age. Here you should therefore mention who you are and who you want to connect. There are four options in the to relax menu: to woman who to man, to man who near to uro and woman who near woman. After compiling all fields, click on the Near Pray button. SuccessEly, you should upload to photo or connect your Facebook account and import the images from there. As you can see, farmesonly does not require you to enter your name because, after recording, the system assigns you to username consisting of two components: cowboy, cowgirl or farmer and numer, ad spout cowboy687970152. Furthermore, it is not necessary to choose a password because farmesonly generates passwords for each user and sends tramit the e-mail address mentioned.

Complement of profile and verify e-mail

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?

During the registration process, farmsonly will ask you for verify your email address Inviting your password at the address indicated. Means you need to insert to valid indirong; Otherwise you won't be able to receive your password and open your account.

Farmesonly recording takes only two or three minutes and the only ones can already access to profil. If you want to distinguish yourself from the mass of CEO Number of fali profiles, you should add more personal informatives. To do this, you should open my profile on the LATTATE STRETCHLESS OF THE PAGE AND SELECTION THE OPLICATION PROFILE option. Here you can insert to title with a maximum of thirty characters, which will be displayed on your profil. In the information section HIS of you, you should scratch to discretion to. Successively, in the section your abjudini and lifestyle, you can select the relationship type to which you are open: casual, friendship, civil status, isstriple, work, body typhe, children. Finally, you can scrivere your real name, CH will remain hidden to other users.

Oltran to pick you out, you would like the other Utters ship to part partners. So you should complete the section your correspondences. Here the system will ask you to mention the age group, body type, the relationship type of your ideal partner and a general description of the qualities you should own. After AVERS entered all Quste information, your profile appears quite detailed and authentic.

Farmesonly members research stront

In addition to the tips of System Abbination Farmesonly, you can apply search filters to tropp the people you want to connect. Basic search filters are available for all members, but Advanced search can be USE USE single by premium members. As a standard member, you can look for people choosing SESO, age group and location. You can even decide how to order search results, based on their age and account of the account. In addition to these basic filters, Pushono premium members access to those to those like the type of relationships, the Ablzyi of smoking and drinking, children, religion, education, the civil status. And finally, Has Been in Mind Qual one in galvanlar, Digit the name. The search by username is available for all the longestones.

Impect people and send e-mail

On the star stretching of your profile, you can see the Find out where the abbination farmsonly system shows the profiles of your potential partners. The platforms not applies to complicated algorithm. IF It Bases Only on your age and location. Here at Discover you can view the Photo OFLI UTETI, an image at a time. For Visualizer the profiles of other utists, you should press. He is en someone like someone, you should simplemented make the message icon and send an e-mail. SFORSTately, the messaging is available only for premium intites. Free members can write those to Payment Only buy The Gold State that connects to standard users to send messages. Messages called email from farmesonly come solunly received in the My emails section.

Differences between standard and premium subscriptions

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?

EAT The largest part of online dating sites, the Untai farms receive standard accounts immediately after registration. Dissatisfied members of the Limitation features of the Standard Posians Posians Squirene One Premium subscription that unlocks many other functions. Abboam's plans are listed in USD to vary from region to region. Farmesonly offer to premium members Two two services called Gold Status and Farmphone. The owners of the Gold Status Consent to standard members to send their messages. And the FarmPhone service is suitable for users who want Uscreas I Parrot phones to send and receive messages. Telephone numbers remain private, but users can receive e-mails invite their own account farms on their telephone as text message and can answer in parole.

Available functions for standard subscription holders

  • Registration and account creation are free for all users.
  • Standard members can search for primary filter appliances profiles.
  • Free agriculties only users can visualize photos of other people.
  • Flirt's sending is available for all the longestones.
  • Free profiles can use function Find out to view their games.
  • Standard posony users add the profiles of other Utteri to the prepare Enco.

Available functions for premium subscription holders

  • Pushono Premium Members Start Conversation Inviting Messages.
  • Users to page can see who Has Invioate Parrot Flirt.
  • The time of the last Visit of other Untai farmes can be visible to paying members.
  • The Premium Connest subscription to load Unlimited Photo Number.
  • Blocking unwanted members is at page service.
  • Offer The opportunity to receive e-mails and replies procedures a mobile app.

Premium subscription prices, Gold State and Farmphone

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?

The Premium subscription includes three abbonive floors.

  1. The subscription for a month coast 21.95 USD.
  2. The three-month subscription price drops at 13.32 USD per month. Users Pay Only 39.96 USD for full period saving 40% on monthly price.
  3. The total six-month subscription price is only 65.94 USD because farmesonly reduces Plezzo Menick 50%, Carrying AT 10.99 USD.

Premium Pushono users send messages and receive only from other paid members, but desidora receive anache messages from standard users, posson acqualy gold. Coast only 9.99 USD for A MES. The FarmPhone service that connined to receive text messages Tramit to mobile costs 4.95 USD Telephone.

Farmesonly Accepts Payments Traditional Different Systems. Users can promote traffic or debt credit cards, Paypal, Google Play or check. Recipient of payments is Farmesonly Media Inc.

EAT interrupt the automatic renewal of the subscription

I Have Used Your debt Credit Letter To buy To Premium Abbony, you should cancel it Following these steps:

  • Go to the settings of your account that IF finds on the Star Stresidentent of the Proposal;
  • In the Deleptazioni page, he banged the Genisci section your abbonage;
  • Click on the cancel button and confirm the action.

You have purchased the Farmesonly Tramit subscription, you must access your PayPal account and deactivate the automatic renewal button there. After cancellation of the Premium subscription, it will not be renewed automatically. At the expiry of the subscription, your account will return to being one standard.

Poor security and high percentage of fali profiles

You can find links that make up to the terms and conditions and privacy sections of Farmesonly in the Bachelor of Website. Users can examine them before the Will created an account. EAT we have already acennate, the USES decol Platform Verifies of e-mail, which does not prevents false profile recording and scammers. So, our recommendation is the envy of pre-assessions for proteagency your data.

Farmesonly similar sites and competitors

Farmersonly Review - Is it a reliable place to find your love for farmers?
  • Loveaholics is at Pathana of meetings that has an Actor interface, Essian search options and Advance communication features for audios the singles to connect and build relationships.
  • QuickFlirt is in Site of matches per color that no fear of EATS Distance challenges, different cultures, ethnia and age difference.
  • Naughtydate is in Site of random meetings with a broad base of members


Farmesonly is to Piathana of online meetings that has its audience Dec Destination: individual rural inhabitants, farmers and farmers of United States and Canada. These are people who want to find some love of nature as it is. The offers to Free Standard Subscribe and Premium Package to Modest Prices. The registration process is simple, but successively users must enter detailed personal information. For the design and the layout, the obsolete website. And finally, the work of Matchmaking FarmOnly System IF Basic Solo'E age on the position of the Uttings, so it is not useful Mold.

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