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Elitesingles Recention 2022

Elitesingles review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 95%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 22-27
Profile 1 800 000
Rate of replied 84%
Facilitated Use 7.3
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Elitesingles IF users recorded even here:

Pro and Control

  • A mobile application Elitesingles for Device Android and iOS
  • An Intelligent Matchmaking Algorithm that generates accurate correspondence
  • Incredibly low percentage of fali profiles
  • Strong security system and Rigorous Verifies of Profil
  • Registration process that requires time Because of the personality test
  • Highly Limitation functions for COMPOURT account
  • Expensive premium subscription plans

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Elitesingles is popular online matchmaking Piastorm that IF addresses exceptionally to professionals Interestati to Relations Series. Colleague more than 13 million singles from over 25 countries around the world, Agining about 2500 people every month to find the sweet sweeten parro. The reason for the success of the platform is the Psychological Test of the personality that each member should sustain to help the Matchmaking System to recommend Spective Highly compatible.

The axis of eliteesingles functionality

The axis of elitesingles functionality

The axis of eliteesingles functionality is its mandatory psychological survey for each user. To have completed the test, the Matchmaking of the starts algorithm will confront the answers with other intite responses and choose highly compatible profiles. In the Party and you have encountered sections, the untai can find tips on the correspondence and start to communicate with the people you prefer.

Gender and distribution relationship by age of the website of Website

Gender and distribution relationship by age of website members

The success story of Elitesingles is Eccitant pikeestostum. Spark Networks Services GmbH, which is in Main European Company. The company, inisially called affinites, was founded in 2008 in Germany. In 2009 he launched his first online dating platform that worked only in Germany's territory. From its establishment, the website is Divill simper most popular, expanding its geography. Attally, the Eliteesingles Has Web Site 13 million members, of which only 5 million come from the United States. Now the website works not only in Germany but Ache in other European countries Eat United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa - Complessy, in 25 countries. The base of platform members is homogeneous in terms of gender relationship: 50% men and 50% women.

  • Elitesingles is not very popular among the young people of the compressed ages between 18 and 24 years.
  • 27% GRI users, of which 18% are men, apparently Feature range of age 25-34 years.
  • The majority of members, ie to direct 38 percent, are men and women of the compressed age between 38 and 44 years. In this age group, women are the leaders.
  • The Percetece of members in the age range 45-54 drops again to 27%, where women continued to mintain the title of Leader with 16%.
  • The number of members describe Dsthetically in the age group of people Oton I 55 years.

The Fantastic Thing of the Elitesingles is that it has no prejudices about religion or people sexual preferences. The website welcomes non-lonely heterosexual people, but I do the representatives of the LGBT community. Furthermore, the site has separate sections for gay and lesbian meetings.

Additional features for Matchmaking Efficient

  • The analysis of the Personality of the Big Five is quécosa of which Eliteesingles can boast certainly. This function analyzing users' personality based on the results of the test and recommends correspondences based on answers. The good of this function is that it does not show the answers to other members but it is full of full vision of their personality.
  • The Matchmaking Intelligent System recommends Gives three to seven new profiles every day that they have high chances of being your ideal partner. The matches are ejectuated based on your position, age and, above all, the answers to Terson tests.
  • "You have encountered?"Elitesingles is constituted by user profiles that you missed Mentor healed the tips on matches.
  • Wildcard Matches is one Strunting Progetat exceptionally for premium antithes to receive 20 additional advice on the parties every day.
  • The Elecue Preparer Conest to agree people to the list of those user profiles that you find intersants and you would like accounting in cute.
  • The Eliteesingles Magazine is a blog that publishes your various topics to give advice to its members on successful dates.

Elitesingles IF Waitable of the Comfort of Utte

Elitesingles cares about user comfort

In General, the Elitesingles website is well organized and simple. Registration is easy, but the Process of the Psychological Test is long and takes time. Qusto is quality profile price. The navigation on the website is simple. All Main buttons are found in the visible parts of the page and some of them are colored green. Norsorship The Novo Registration Process, The PiastForma IF worries about the comfort and satisfaction of its members.

Design of the Website and navigation of profile

The Design of the Website Elitesingles is modern and pleasant there sight. The color of the key is Green because the Eliteesing logo and all the crucial buttons EAT sends mesassage, my like and smile are in green. Open the user's profile, in the Part Superbe, you can see the main sections: Messages, matches, visitors and you encounter. In that section, you can see the profile of the oute and cover photo with the buttons for send to message or smile. The bottom part of the page is Currency in four sections. In the Profile section, you can see all personal informances. The gallery is the photo and album card. In the personality section, you can find the results of the test of the user's personality. The Interpi Contains card information on hobbies or other Interti Say to person. In general, the navigation is quite accessible because there are not many buttons and sections confused by Lossi.

Mobile applying elitesingles available for download free

Elitesingles mobile application available for free download

The Elitesingles mobile application is compatible both with Android Device and iOS and Available for download Google Play Market and App Store. The app has all the features of the Version Desktop. You can set invining messages, smiles, like the profiles or by adding them to the prepare list. To install the Elitesingles His Android Device app, you need 23 MB Say Memory free and at least Version Android 4.1 and 172.3 MB of free space and iOS 9.0 or later Version for Installlaje iOS. Because Elitesingles is to popular international popular train in more than 20 countries, the Spark Networks Services GmbH company has ensured that the application is available in 16 languages ​​such as Russian, Czech, Dishes, France, German and others. In the Play Market, the Elitesingles application counts Attumally 2.5 stars and more than 9 thousand reviews His App Store received about 14 thousand reviews of the Utte with 3.1 total rankings.

How to contact the customer support team?

The Elitesingles Has website with a very detailed help section in which the unansets can find answers to any questions. It is divided into Topics EAT Introductive Guide, Account Manage and Other. Users do not find answers to their questions in Chella Section, they can contact ELITESINGES customers. The IF team commits users to assist the most quickly. However, The Pathana informs that there may be delays. The motive is that the Eliteesingles customer support team is located in Berlin, Germany, and delays can be related to different time zones. Users can contact Team of the Customer Tramitit the contact module or to Marta Paleee.

Recording and creation of an accounts on the website

Registration and creation of an account on the website

The process of registration in Elitesingles is simple, but since the requires the injury of detailed information and the personality test, they could be necessary to 30 minutes. This long procedure is not fine to Sestta and free of Means. The Website wants to provide accurate and intelligent correspondences for which you have to collect as much more informance possible on the utentives. Transcursing a little more time to compile all the necessary fields can lead to your life partner.

The registration process on the website

For Will Create An Account on the Web Elitesingles, it is necessary to run the passages passages. Go to the home page of the website elitesingles, where you can see the registration form. There you should choose your sex, the sex of your perfect correspondence, INSERTION your address valid email and password. Read the terms and conditions of the website and the privacy and mettic informativi to check in the box for confirm. After clicking on the Start button, the Site Will Expire The Test of the Test of the Personnel. The test aims at Analyze 29 sections of the personality of the untilventi risk to psychological damande. You should ask questions by selecting variants of: not if applies at all, if appelled legally and applicable complexy. Since IF deals with a process that takes time, the untai Pushony save their answers and return to complete the test in a second moment.

Provide details of profile and overcome verifies procedures

Provide profile details and exceed the verification procedure

During the registration process, users do not inherget many information in the registration form. However, it is fundamental complete the profile by providing information HER height, religion, bad ablinini, level of education, children, interste and preferences for appointments. In the section of the description of each user, you can find all the informed informances and, in addition to them, some damande and the answers of the user to them. In the personality section, you can find informances on the user's personality. I Have Noticed, he is not rich to any process of verify users. However, the safety team of Elitesingles Manual Control All profiles to make sure that SCOO authentici and disacustes all suspected and fals. That's why it's enriching the profiles with Messarious Information.

Say base research stront and avonzate elitesingles

Basic and advanced elitesingles search tool

The search streaming Elitesingles does not work like normal search functions. Each Proposal receives correspondence tips that corrugondon to profil. So, users don't surf the entire elitesingles platform database. Apply search filters between corresponding tips. The search for free account. Premium subscription unlocks encouraged filters that Conston to perform in-depth research.

Find your combinations and start communication

To time your account is complete and soon, is ill moment of incurred new people. In the upper corner of Dostra del Account Elitesingles, you can find the matches and you have encounters you. Enrame Contegnated features of possible correspondence. The Ti System shows the profiles of different people, to which you can Pierce or Jump. Usual, accounts include detailed information on the education of the users, the bad Abljini and so on. If it's whole, you could start conversation with he / her. Communication is possible joined you have premium profiles. Free accounts cannot or start conversation or reappower to their sent messages.

Opptions of Free and Premium Abobe

Free and Premium subscription options

Elitesingles offer two registration options: Free and Premium. Toded after recording, the supplements accept to The Free Account, which has limit functions. Remuise.


  • Registration is free; The website does not charge only the creation Say an account.
  • As a part of the Crickione, the untai can arouse the personality quiz.
  • Users Possum Visualizer The results of the test of the personality.
  • Free VOI users of Elitesingles can complete the pearl profiles by loading photo.
  • The profiles receive tips on correspondences every day.
  • Free members can send smiles and sepreacare other utystyers.

Page for Acconstruction Premium

  • Paid members receive an uliore explanation of the results of their TERSON tests.
  • The ABBINATION system of the platform combines premium members such as the ideal abbination.
  • Elitesingles premium members can see the profiles that have visited their accounts.
  • Users at Possum Possum send, receive and respond to messages.
  • Premium users can view the photos of other Utistyers.
  • Payment members can comment on photo of other people.

Premium package with three floors of abbonage

The Premium Eliteesingles Comes Subscription Comes First With Three Plans Abbonage: Lightweight, Classic and Comfort. Each of these App plans access to degar functionality.

  • The Premium Light Subscription Costs 57.95 USD per month, for Total of 173.85 USD for the whole Journalied three months. The subscription unlocks unlimited messaging functions and Matchmaking Intelligent.
  • The classic subscription price for the whole period of six months is 269.70 US, which helps save 22% of the monthly Tearey, Carry AT 44.98 USD. The plan makes available unlimited messaging features, Matchmaking Intelligent, Visualizion of the photo of all members, viewing of profile guests, displaying message receipts.
  • In the Comfort Elitesingles subscription case, the monthly Plezzo drops at 31.95 USD for Total of 383.40 USD. The Conest subscription to send unlimited messages, using the professional matchmaking system, Visualizer All images of the utentives, see all of the profile guests, read the message receipts.

The site Web Elitesingles accepts Payments Tramitait Credit cards and Paypal. The prices shown on the site are the tarfs for each month, but users should i'll pay the quota for entire in advance. To Espopio, three-month subscription purchases, you must partend entire in a single solution.

Premium subscription cancellation

Premium subscription cancellation

DOOPE The Cousin Quequeto, the Abboasi will be renewed to the expiration dat of the Abbonas for the Stax duration of the initial subscription. To Espopio, Originally you purchased an ABBONATION of three months, the automatic renewal Understand three months. To interrupt automatic billing, Messario disables the renewal button and cancel the subscription. For this, you should open the Entry menu and choose the My Account option. You'll see the Cancel button, click on it, select Reason and Tab Continuous. Successively, enter your password and confer the cancellation. You can also check your email address because you will receive an e-mail confirming the Premium Elitesingles subscription deactivation.

Security, Protection and Privacy Standards of the Web Site

All elitesingles utives should be saved that their personal informatives are protected by SSL cryptography. The platform does not provide data from its members to third parties. The HAS Platform A Team of Verifies From Profile Che Control Manual All Profiles And Block Low Quality OR profiles, which explains the low percentage of spam. The fraud detection system monitors the platform and opacts suspicious activities. Users can read detailed information in the terms and conditions sections, privacy information and to remain safe of the web eliteesingles.

Elitesingles Top alternative meetings sites

  • Match.Com is A of the most popular dating platforms with a base basic members and results of Big Success.
  • Eharmony is at Piathana of online meetings with an algorithm of match-based matching that unites about 438 people a day in the Marriage.
  • Luxy is a Elite meetings site For successful men and women but committed to starting significant relationships.


Elitesingles is to Piathana of online matchmaking. The Matchmaking System of Platform Yes Base Its Detailed Psychological Test and Works With High Presision. Everyone can border their perfect partner because the basic of Elitesingles members is homogeneous gender and welcomes Etheroscian, gay and lesbian people. Standard accounts have limited functionality, but possum to water one of the three subscription plans. People could find rather expensive premium packages, but the results justify the prices. The Guarantee website with its own units of being credible in terms of security, since The Elitesingles platform uses the SSL encryption protocol, The Manual Verification of Profile and Fraud Detect Systems.

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