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E-Chat Receuncee 2022

E-chat review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 75%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 20-25
Profile 2 600 000
Rate of replied 90%
Facilitated Use 9.6
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

E-chat IF users record ACHE QUNE:

Pro and Control

  • Piattain Completely Free
  • Easy registration process
  • Great Number of Active Members
  • Many bots and fali profiles
  • It is not ideal for people Interest to long-end relations
  • Lack of Verify Methodi for new members

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E-chat is in Site that succeeds in offer to Servitizio of Free Chat His in Minimalist Pathan. It is in circulation Gives a little time. Users have pepper so Both the service that has not been protested for the manager of updates.

EAT works e-chat

E-chat ROSCE TO COME WITH A CHAT SERVICE WORKING IN TIME REARERE TO THE UTTI THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEND MESSAGES TO ANYE ANYOUT THE WORLD. The Has website of Number Chat Room Cheton different topics. If any of the members attract users, you can start chat and try to create something for One Scope to Short Terminine.

Public analysis

People's analysis

Exact numbers based on e-chat uters are not known, but it is estimated that they are more than 1 million. To higher percentage (70%) of the user base is male, while only the rest, 30% are constituted by feminine sex untii. The probability of a collegation is notevolly reduced EATS basic result of UTERI Distortion. Users come Gives all over the world. There is no distinction between ethnicity or different row. Since not comes attribe a lot of mattanza to sexuality, it is likely that these figures are distorted to beans of the straight work, with the community lgbt ches to decent ragressing.

Main features of e-chat

Main features of e-chat

There are many diversity in this platform.

Chatbox incurate

The e-chat chatbox is equipped with a series of EATS advantages its speed and simplicity. He is a utente is quite satisfied with the platform, you can choose to use the chat on your website. This is due to the fact that the chat is equipped with a built-in option. Before scoring, the untai must play their chatbox and quest implies the escoming of many configurations. They are available opposing to choose Height, Language, Color Board, Color Text, Oute Position and Growth Other. PERT, you can customize in unique mode in Chat box in Chew the antithes do not notice any Somig Spliance with other websites that Pussobberus Use Steas Indocor function.

Easy ease of electronic chat

The e-chat can be friendly to new arrear, as it does not have many end complications from the record process. The Design of the Site State Status Mold Simple and is easy the Will Enter in different Chat Room Watch having a lot of IT Control. Chat Rooms have been designed in failing mode with plug-in, which Keepas the total levels of rather low resources. Means that the Site IF Charge Vellely, even HIS Networks that Non Sound.

Design and usability of the e-chat website

Design and usability of the e-chat website

E-chat has not undergone updates for several years, and chest continues to be the Achilles heel for Ilit. In half to a lot of competition that Accountant Presents Design, E-chat Continuous With on Old Site which is far from the competition in terms of interface. However, the interface can remain very unbelievable and friendly, even for older members of Piathama. Furthermore, ICHE Version Mobile has been Make related well in Da Mode to make up the lack of an app.

The most part of the functions Critical functions have been moved to the Lower section. Solid Slocation With Colors Limitations and Large Characters Creat An Operienne Deludent In terms of appearance. It is highly unlikely that e-chat paddy at the Millennial Schlusive in terms of Aesthetic, but has the potential for Wait to Pietforma Arricchent. This is due to the preserza of a handful of buttons on the page.

Mobile e-chat application

The mobile experience of the use of e-chat is available only by the cellular browser instead of the app. It is not a surprise that the platform has no mobile apps, since I am the design of website was not miglirate or worked over the years. Versione mobile version of many updates to be at step with competition, but is fully grave to provide access. The Manzzazanza of a mobile app can be one disadvantage remember AMPLI eyes of A Millennial, which Mainly usticates smartphones most than desktops.

The mobile site does not approach certain aconity from the app, but it is something better than nothing.

Customer care

Customer care

Customer support takes place practically available as a help available on the site, but it is not very farewell because few information is offered. Furthermore, The Manzaca of Updates to The Web Site Means, Ache, Informatons are not very reliable. The Will Have A Rider To Problem With the Chat System Or The Access page, there is a small option when IF IT IS Supplied. The situation may change in future with the enntronzose of simpler ways to contact webmasters.

Profilial user registration process

The with e-chat registration process is simple, since it can be made in a couple of minutes at the Mass. Since the platform does not require any user information type, it is easy to make sure. There were time, this Create Ache to situation in which the user profil doesn't know much. Injects, this can only be revered by the Chat Room Type to which they are paracipando.

This can be an excellent indemnator of interest and it is also one of the main ways to cross which other members will be able to contact us. Based on the activity at Intern Give at Chat Room, it is easy to stabile a micizia chu can bloom in something bigger. One to User is Mold muted in a chat, he can expect to shorter replied. They Two two people seem pionysi, Pushono start the private messaging process on the platform.


The largest pot of strength of e-chat is the Total Manzanza Gave An Important Recorder Process, which turns out to be simple and easy without complications. Normally takes less than one minute gave to open to countertime. To Uteen does not have to provide informances such as credit cards, personal data, addresses, e-mail and more. No information is requested to the user, who must inside the password combination and preference name.

The registration process is therefore complete and the user comes addressed to the account. All these steps should not take more than a minute e-chat is at the PO instant mesaggistic platform machines in which Aplount an account in a semi period is.

Quality and verification of the profile

Quality and Verify The Profil

There is no profiled of which he was worried about the piathana e-chat. This is dutiful to the simplifies procedure for Opening Say to Control, where no significant details to the user are required. This has its advantages in terms of reduction of teared for Opening Say. There is also less need Say to Verifa Process, since the intits may not very specific information EATS at Number of Telephone or AN e-mail address. But this web site has its disadvantages in terms of untached quality that end up on the platform. Connection, IF IT Verifies a substantial decline in the quality of the longestones. The Number of fali profiles on the platform is among the highest as regards the segment of online appointments. If in utentent is not satisfied with the account for any reason, it is not possible to disease it. Reduced security measures can be at World for Utks, but there is no need for a lot of fear pooché, less information is provided in Cousin.

Search in electronic chat

There are research tools on the platform that are mainly oriented to help users find the various chat rooms offers. You can receive messages from other purposes in chat rooms, but is only from the rooms where the player is located.

Combine and chat

This platform is not thoughts for online appointments, since it concerns more people who disappear between Parrot. BECAUSE OF THE A A PROFILI SYSTEM, ABBINATION is LEASY INTERNALLY TO THE USER. The different chat rooms will be able to indicate the typical type types, since in great part yes expects it to be based on the intursions. ACHE IS A NO USER IF Beat A Chat Box that Sununa Attanta, you can delete wills to new chatbox with new design parameters set.

Esisiston More Chat Room for those dissiding We use Cheese Pivista. Canil Enter Rooms prevalently friendly, but there are an opptional when IF VI concentrolsi HIS Chat Room with Aguuti for adults. Some of the unique chat rooms her this platform Dicoon of random aspects like coffee breaks. In Brief, there are a chat room bag.

Ache is qualced you don't like the user, can Will created at Chat Room all his. All you need is Click Your One Button that Says "Create New Chat Room" and the Untai can start Eat Group Moderators. As a modernist, the user has several checks on the aspect and functionality of the chat room. All this Sun too complicated, things that Certly is not, to user can decide from I'll Enter to room that has already been created. TO TIME THAT AN FARTY SAY TO GROUP, you can expect to receive private messages from intersati downtains.

Subscription options

Subscription options

There are no complexity when IF amert deals with e-chat member, since there are no premium features. Connection, PyattaForma can be very simple to understand ACHE for those who do not use this segment and ST. Entering for the winning time in the world of online chats.

Free version

All available options on the e-chat can be used by any user that if you register on the platform. There are no paid plans on the platform, since all the features can be enjoyed without any restriction.

Abbonage to page

Online dating sites have often put an option in Pag that unlocks some features, which can be very crucial in the world to get a successful appointment. However, this aspect is complex on the e-chat, where the offsets can excrete all the features without additional cost. The site is complexy free in all sections.


Has e-chat in price structure because it does not have plan to page in the first place.

Cancellation of the electronic chat subscription

Cancellation of the elettonic chat

User who enrolled in e-chat Non IF Wonder of Cancelalazion ProSpetent because Idente Premium Packetto. At the same time, the utives should be very careful of the platform output on his computer, since there are no oppage for activation. It is not possible to delete an account, but at the causes of the presence of very few information. So, the only ones can sleep in peace, still do not intend to use new e-chat.

Security security

There are no great efforts to make sure that e-chat is safely safe. Invest, the greater part of their efforts standing to provide anonymous destination to chat with users. Because of profiles that count very few Her data of her One Person, is unlikely to serve her to her She's She of Her Her for Qualcuno who is concernating to get illegal access. The site provides information on its privacy policy and terms, but these are not immensoy when IF treats to reassure the user in terms of security.

Electronic chat alternatives and competitors

Electronic chat alternatives and competitors

Many people are eager to in contact with world people in fashions to have in new perspetent on life. EAT e-chat sites can offer a serim solution for this requirement. However, several options on the Merco Pissono be taken into consideration for great potential. They are:


Qusto is more to meetings and CONTER site users to interact between Parro Your Topics Common Interest. Every single person who struggled for Cream in relation to significant that hard has longed you will find an attractive pitttosto Eharmony as you have enough features and options to find untai with similar set of interest.


Although at Large Number of sitel sitel sitel and contact with I single, eliteesingles.com is in Site that if you concentrate Fortecy on the Uttery that IF I distinguish from the mass Her different fronts. The most part of the profiles HIS This platform are attractive Molds, which can be an ortimation for people close.


This site specifically on people who are from positive lated in terms of size. The successful Percentual on a piattaForma Regolre could be falling from the social stigma on individual plus-size. However, this site is entire dye people who love beautiful and large sizes. It makes it much easier to find an appointment without having to spend a lot of time. The Community Plus-size is in Great Number His this platforms. There are intelligent features EATS The possibility to see the members that are Attally online and many others.

Final conclusion

E-chat was at promising chat site for a while, but no has done the big mass that many IFs waited at the time of the launch. It is easy to surf the site with its essential layout, but the mannancance of any work can be aseer appearance. It is unlikely that the operators will soon arrive with an award, a few times it seems that it came out of the window.

The very old style chat from the servebio in uneven in which the themets sail to instant messages on the smartphone parro. Connection, in Future it could occur to significant reproaching of the number of active intits. For ill-Moment, e-chat has a discreet chat rooms and people to houses that can provide entertainment. Just a few minutes to set up on the platform. Chesto remains his biggest force point.

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