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Dine Dating App Resenecy 2022

Dine Dating App Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 61%
Quality match ninety two%
Popular age 25-28
Profile 1 700 000
Rate of replied 82%
Facilitated Use 6.5
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Dine Dating App Users IF Record Ache Qune:

Pro and Control

  • The Dine Has app The Richista Data format; Here, users find in CorressPondence and ask Uploaded an appointment.
  • It is to software for random appointments that will make the appointment.
  • The Dine Pass feature offers discounts at bars and restaurants of the Zone.
  • The Guarantee app to find at least a date for its Uters.
  • Members Possum Visualizer The profile of their game Your Facebook; it is excellent crecational stirrement.
  • The app is use only in the big cities.
  • Standard members do not push text messages to men that the other user does not hold a gold abonament.
  • People receive Only Gives One to five game to The day and expire in day.

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Dine is an App oriented to the future that Look AT provide single face-to-face meetings rather than injured online chat. Facilitates Her dates with functions like Dine Request and Dine Lock: organize the time and place of the meeting. The HAS Program of System Local suggestions for date locations, which marks the Calendar Eat per night of appointment whenever IF gets mutual correspondences.

EAT works dine?

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

There are some simple passages from Will Continures when you use the Dine app:

  • Start by downloading it from the App Store.
  • Registrate and start your search to find an appointment Casuille.
  • Create an impressive profil and choose three restaurants, bar or coffee in which you want to do your appointment.
  • Dine Presents Journal Gives 1 to 5 Potential combinations, along with the information on selected restaurants. Is assumed to be a richista.
  • The other member accepts your offer, you could quantify and set the time and place for the date. Who starts the Select dialogue the restaurant.

People's analysis

Dine Proposes at Unique Concept of Appointments in which, IF Connetton based on Culinary interest. It is suitable for singles wishing to partner for Qalche Culinary Adventure. Is Different from the Methodi of Stolus or Quiz and Create an Atmosphere where the game with shared objectives are carried out for the appointment noturn and preferences.

Dine is at the service of the ideal appointments for serious greasets that are tired of all swiping and online chats and want to meet someone from person. It is Eats to old school where you have to know the partner face to face. There is a great diversity of age, ethnia and nationality. As long as you are to go out, Qusto Web site is your perfect steen.


Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

Dine is at Fantastic App for appointments with its unique concept and its approach. There are some carats who make this app excellent.

  • Dine offers daily party to its users. They are suggested to do to research in-depth.
  • The date recheck puts the whole spean of Appointments in which Comes Richisto The During The Third or Fourth Conversation meeting. Dine Rendels the icebreaker.
  • There is smart preference, which connends to users to do with the algorithm the parrenze in potential correspondences.
  • Dine provides good to make your nightnum appointment more special.
  • Solves the cousin Problem meeting place. The software chooses the location for its users peril unungalm.
  • Users Possum Visualizer The Facebook profile of their games.
  • There is an option of ordination automatic for images and possibilities of corresponding are engraves with percentage ratings.
  • The Communication Diva easy and fast with the messages compiled automatically.
  • The software offers an option to encounter given together with friends.

Dining ease of use

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

Dine is easy to program that has simple layout in a rich theme black and gold. It is easy from Will USE with its scheme Organize.

Design and usability of The Website

Dine is an App of appointments and Has a Web Site Desktop but only to informive scopus. It is to page destination that instructs your users like downloading the software and show testimonials. The site explains to the process of how everything works in real life. It is not access to access. The General layout.

Dine Mobile Application

Has already been told that Dine is software for appointments, which makes it clear that the appointment service has An'App Or works only in an app. Magnificent, if classify the first postuse your iTunes Store when keywords are entered for The Reward Data. On the road to the Number One, Has Lost about 1745 Damende. Unfortunately, Dine is a single available for Apple and the program for Android is prepare.

Customer care

For Earrow in contact with Dine customer service, an option contacted the users to. People can ask any questions through the e-mail address on the website and on the app.

Profilial user registration process

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

Read the complete information on registration and quality of Dine application profile.

EAT Register

Dine recording is a quick operation and takes only a few minutes to be completed. Users can Regubbrates Easily using your Facebook account. It is also a security missure, which verify the identity of the person. SuccessEly, you have to complete the recording process in three phases. These three steps including:

  • Select the city of residence between the eight options.
  • Choose three restaurants or places where you want me to meet you. Dine helps its members suppliers in navigation filter for selection the place. Each option Contains informationi Datagliate on the structure and reviews.
  • Last passage consists in the Will determines more than five people from the 30 you want to frequent. It is to Phalastative passage.

After completing the Phase Lastima, users are directed to the Dine's homepage, which matches the day Situados The Center, left there is the Main and right menu there is the chat area. With an Account connected to Facebook, the Imports app Some of the informances and fills automatically the user's account. So the last six photos carecate your Facebook will be selected Eat Pictures Profil. You can rely on the default ordination automatic setting. The possibilities of members of the members engraves. However, the ordination automatic can be deactivated. Users can still modify or upload photo in the profile.

Dine Matters Information on the background Scholastastic, work, on the number of Facebook friends and on the hometown. Some fields must be completed by the one, including section who they are.

Members must scrivere HIS a paragraph of 1000 characters that you are. They have to complete the fields relating to height, ethnicity, religion, children, sentimental state and, finally, there is a section tag to select some keywords that describe them better, eat vegetarian, yogi or sweetoth.

There are two opposions for the first appointment: It's My Treas and Let's Meet With Friends. They can be activated or deactivated as desired. People Possum Modify the selection of establishments for drinking and mangrimed in the profile.

A person remains connected to the app unless or end to when I do not disconnect or eliminate. Members don't need to remember any password because Dine Li preserves and synchronizes their Facebook account with the parrot page.

Quality and Verify The Profil

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

In the section HIS information of Offering to Utarsi the possibility of writing sixth in no more than 1000 characters. Use the Brief Spazium with Sagzazza and uses deservative and relevant information that will write your Terson. Dine wants its members to have Big Skip supplying less time to read profiles and more to planfy an appointment. Each page has an option of IT'S My Treas; See Access, the other Automatic Person Reciters that endrambi sharing the content.

Let's meet with friends it is a secure option for an appointment, which Means that the user is Soon to go out, but with friends or people around him or her. The profile section shows ancha height, ethnicity, education, religion and many other details on the person.

Cenate Accurately Select Gives 1 to 5 match a day. However, it is not satisfied user of the recommended suggestions, Dine Concept Search crosses Esteffi search filters.

He persemed must spend coin to use the search stroll. Browse the profiles and send to a richista of date or a special richist to someone you like. Special Richest coin to more coin.

Matching suggestions and communication functions

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

Users receive about five correspondences every day based on their preferences. The matches are known as today and can be precise or jump. Members can send Richista of appointment Directo to accererate the process of incoming attivations restaurant card on the photo of profil.

Interest is mutual and he or she accepts Richaesta, you can start to interact Tramit messages. The Condition is that one of you is in Gold Member. Make quickly because the expiration time for these partitions is only 24 hours. The correspondence algorithm of Dine Preview Your preference from navigation of the proposal.

The Participant Comes Enter frue a single scent today or a single word game. Be the person suggested you havevas richista of date, you could accept it or refuel. The profiles are displayed together with their main image and the selection of premises to drink and eat. You want to know some informances on the person before sending richista? Touch their profile and you could see all the informances that have inserith. A Saltata Page Comes removed from the rotation of Abbination and the one you like receives at Richesta, and you have to wait and see accept or less your offer.

Accept someone's offer, you accept their date site. Automatic message is possible, notifying Richaesta's approval. You can personalize the text as desires. Dine is therefore awarded to start conversation and planning the requestable premium appointment. A of the Safety-oriented features of Dine's security is that members can see the Facebook profile of their partners.

To be honest, the power pays 100 roses, which is the app currency, to view Facebook profiles. The roses earn every time if you access and if you complete the activity your strip of day using smart septime preferences and invit friends.

At a time to the matches, you can modify your presence for engraves the chances of meeting potential partners located in the left menu. There is a general card in the part beter of the screen, click and engage the requirements at power data. Includes genre: you can choose between men, men or women, women. Then there are the place and age group that will interest. Vault ends the Ivortion, pass to hot or not, which is to sort of game swing called smart preferences; Help the app Dine to know your preferences in detail.

Registration options

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

Dine is free dating service. See to man, the Abbason Premium is your best option. Feminile sex members have unlimited access to all communication functions, while men must rely on roses for communicate. Rose's number depends on your frequent visit and your impegan.

Standard services

  • Standard members can Regblands For Free.
  • Can Will Create to Profil.
  • They can would use the search function.
  • They can see the Facebook profiles of their matches with the roses.

Premium services

  • Premium members can communicate Tramit messages with all the visitors of Dine.
  • Receive 30 mounts each month, useful for unlocking features.
  • They can hide information about the job and use.
  • Women can hide the parro fb profiles.


Gold subscription

  • The Gave Plan for Month Coast 9.99 USD.
  • The floor Semesterra Coast 39.99 USD per month and 240 USD in Total.
  • The twelve month plan costs 29.99 USD per month and 350 USD in total.


  • Directive Monte for 24.99 USD.
  • 30 medals for 59.99 USD.
  • 100 Mount for 179.99 USD.
  • 300 Mount for 399.99 USD.

Cancellation of the Abobe Plan

Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

For Modifying the ABBOAME plan, go to the opposition settings of the Dine and Modifies Politics Eat Descrected Modifies.

Security and protection

Users can find all their questions about the security and privacy policies of the app Dine in their privacy section. It is detailed block that contains data Complete your every aspect of security measures. There is also the FAQ section, CH can respond to almost all HIM quas damande, General to. The verifa system, with the help of facebook, has put another security network, which habiece to the scammers to visit Dine.

Dining alternative and competitors


Tinderk. In terms of users, a large platform tinder. He has in SYSTEM DI MEETENO DI FRAMEMENT in which you scroll to the right to appreciate and scroll to the left to refuse. Users can find different correspondences since the base of members is very varied.


It is an excellent meeting site for those who do not like to scroll and find matches. It is perfect for people who don't have much time. The Look AT site find accurate correspondences for significant relationships.


Dine Dating App Review - Legit or Scam?

Six was to Culinary Expert and you want to share your culinary adventures with people who play it at the Steo. Offer The opportunity to fix an Appointment During The Cousin Conversation. Members Possum Directly Send request for to Dates without any pulse. The functionality and research opions, IOs me at Unique Theme, make Dine an excellent appointment service that is Worth try.

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