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Daddyhunt Risijee 2022

DaddyHunt Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 57%
Quality match 91%
Popular age 21-24
Profile 36 000 000
Rate of replied 90%
Facilitated Use 8.6
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Daddyhunt The IF Uteti Record Ache Qune:

Pro and Control

  • The App does not have Just Announcement
  • Can be downloaded to your Android Device / iOS
  • The user interface is quite intuitive
  • Many free availability features
  • Can Submit Photo and Video Tramitit Messages
  • Usability is limited for standard members
  • Prices may be high
  • It can only be used on your mobile device

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DaddyHunt is Attally Corsines One of the larger and popular meetings sites over 40 years.

Daddyhunt has more than 200.000 registered users. It's more trendy apps for Gay Community. It is because the company, when it is inisially initially in the business, it has come to a conclusion based on your spearake of fogging online and on the observation of trends that is more favorable to have specialization apps app. That's how Daddyhunt Has started her trip.

EAT works daddyhunt?

Daddyhunt is to paradise for gay men around the world. And why shouldn't be? It is composed of members from all parts of the world. It offers so some of the best features that cannot be found in other apps Gay Meetings Online.

People's analysis

Public analysis

The site is quite large. You will find more than 12.000 members that can be contemporary online. You will find all kinds of mature men ranging from computer fanatics, muscular men and bald boys to truck drivers, cut and directing of the company. All members here are looking for at VAST range of simple faulters, seso chats, sexting, long ends, etc.

The site has more than a million subscribers and continued to grow every day. Daddyhunt will offer you the access to different types, bears and gay dads that want simply be sincere and real about their desires and want you to face behind.

The largest part of Daddyhunt Comes members from the United States. However, this non means you will find other types of men from countries like Finland, Panama, Egypt, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Hungary and UK.


Main features

In somstanza, DaddyHunt is an App of Appointments Quite Amuser With to Simple Mission: help you to travel your corresponde. This missions dictated the features that the app you offer. Here are some of the features you can use to find the most quickly matches:

  • Private mode
  • You can using Chesta function in that your profile can be visible to others who led you. In this mode, DaddyHunt Offer absolute deferion, IT WAS necessary, with the help of this function.

  • Tramit fingerprint protection
  • Want to safeguardare Maggiily Your daddyhunt activities, you can choose fingerprint protection. However, the smartphone device Devee to Disposal Technology of fingerprint sensor.

  • Unmatch
  • The puzzle tender to go off in real life. Steo can be said for online apps. It is important to remember that camibian people, as well as their tastes and their decisions. You can choose not to match your partition and vice versa. You also have the option of Cancellare Chor Chor Chronology.

  • My like it
  • Power Like is the essential features of Daddyhunt. Like all Sappoamo, the abbination is to a long process that can take some time; The game must be mutual premium that you can start to talk between parrot.

    With the help of Power Likes, you can "upgrade Eats" to Profil; The corresponding member will be informed that his profile is peaceful. To Her from Her, She, you can decide will Press.

Ease of Daddyhunt's use

Ease of use of daddyhunt

Daddyhunt's mobile app is quite friendly. All functions are aligned to be USE in the perfect order. Furthermore, the site customer support service is great and will not disappoint you.

Website Design & Usability

DaddyHunt is a mobile app. However, you can visit the Main website to download the app for the TOU DEVICE MOBILE. The website does not contain any functionality. All you can do here is Download the protoming app The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, to any category Approach your Telephone Cellular.

The Website Contains Enche the FAQ section. So the details of Site Sound Southern been mentioned here. The Blog Includes site that lists all types of topics that can be related to gay men.

Daddyhunt mobile application

Daddyhunt mobile application

Since DaddyHunt is mainly a mobile app, HAS AN APPEARANCE AND TO Multitost Distinctive March; You will be immediately supervised that it is daddyhunt. Thanks to the unique shades, the smart attenuated app; However, he also has a youthful atmosphere.

Ache Daddyhunt Has An Elegant Design And Good Taste, Navigation is not difficult and its characteristics did not confuse. DaddyHunt is the most accessible apps from eating and using today. Thanks to the well organize menu, the buttons and simple features, user speeding is more friendly than the greater part of other gay dating sites.

The app can be downloaded Your Android and iOS Devices RespectiveFely Tramitage Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To date, there are 87.500 Android and 33 items.000 iOS users around the world.

Although the app can occupy at 100 MB sizes, it is quite light and not fatigues your mobile device. You can let it run in the background and will not consume the battery too much, avoiding so many problems.

Customer care?

Customer care

Daddyhunt's customer support service is quite reliable. You can compile an online module with your email address and the problem you are addressing. After sending the quey, you can expect at 24-hour excursion.

It is also possible to send direct mail message to the agents from customer service. It is an immediate elevation and the team will be growing to examine your problem more closely. You can send an e-mail is being addressed to problem that cannot be solved easily.

You can check the FAQ section. Here you will find the answers to almost all the favorable dampengends. These are the problems faced by other members. Who knows, maybe some Has already solved the problem from which you are actctually afflicted. IT Semper Control The FAQ Section Before you contact your customer support agents.

Profilial user registration process

Registration process and user profile

If you want to be some father, you will be happy to sopere that daddyhunt has simple registration has method. Furthermore, the process will not take a long time. Want to attract guys who Adnaja, you can warde ahead and the will create to profil his daddyhunt. This site is to place that celebrates older gay men who will help you Will created at Healthy and Diverter atmosphere, compared to other meeting sites for gay men on the market.


YOU WANT ONLY FIND IN DAD, you have to create an account HIS DADDYHUNT. The registration process is today one of the easiest in any app of online appointments. Without frills and complications, it will no longer take a minute for Cream an account. The Free App is available your Google Play Store and App Store and must be downloaded on your device.

After installing the app, you can start the process of creating your account. You have to register using your email address; You need your name, Say to password compossor and the date of birth. After the registration process, you need to verify your email address; This can be done to touch the link that the app has submitted to your inbox.

Alternatively, you can still using your Facebook account for Cream An Account Your DaddyHunt. All you need to do is type and your access data to Facebook; Took turn, all your data will be imported Gives Facebook. Both methodi are easy and without complications.

Quality and Verify The Profil

Quality and verification of the profile

Because DaddyHunt is mainly a visual app, makes Mold Rividation on Profil images. Thus, the app has established some rigid guidelines when the trump of your Daddyhunt profiles. All profile images will be examined and will be rejected comply with community standards. The developers have studied the hundreds of online and close appointments the best for the community.

You have to load photo sharp: the higher the quality, the better. The images must be clear, sharp and well lit in fashions of Enamle the chances of obtaining more correspondences and. It is not possible to load photo dark or blurry, photo of group or pictures of cute animals.

Olter to the image of profile, you can open five public photos of you lying; Three can be set private photo private. Until the photos are recognizable and non-Alcona Continue Continue Explicit, Qaste can be any Thing Eat group images or Nature shots. It is Messario notice that Only Premium Only Visualizer can.

For subsequently your profile, you can connect it to your Spotify, Instagram and Facebook accounts. In this mode you can show other members to taste your life. They could check your feed or playlist gi instagram and find one or two cost shared.

DADDYHUNT RAILS ACHE ON THE POSITION. To time the GPS of your detection device your cum position, the app will show you all the potential matches based on those who are closer. You want visualizer the profiles of men in other cities, you must have a premium account.

Daddyhunt Search

To finished the registration process, it is possible to browse over two million profiles; Also, you'll find more than 4.000 members already online when you have completed the registration process.

You will find many activities in progress on the platform. You will start immediately to get admirers from time when you create your account. The profiles that will appear on your page including the status of the relationship, age, position, etc. Indicate Ache the Type of Men who Surrounding.

Combine and chat

In addition to prompting diversity to the internal of its community, DaddyHunt attributes importance to the agency of each member. Therefore, almost all the contact features of the app are concrete to be mutual and consensual.

Adley, you'll find a chat option here His Daddyhunt. However, you won't be able to chat in Casual Mode with other members. You have to be continuous to scroll through the profiles. Scroll to the right, it Means that likes that person; On the other part, scroll at Right Means Not Contrary. So the other member has sliding your finger on your profile, become both to torque the one for each other. A few correspondence is mutual, chat function will be activated automatically in a mode that you can start conversation with the tau.

Naturally, Daddyhunt developers know how long it would take to another member; So they invented to functionality called Power Like. The Power Like function will be sungere to the arter with you. That member will receive immedifier to notifier and peprace or minus your profil. To each new member will be offered at Power Like Who yes you flourish, otherwise you will have to water more Power Like.

At Party is you get, you can send the photo and video to the Member. However, multimedia files will disappear immediately after being displayed. So, you don't have to conscious you that old clips and photo resistors with harmful wheels, since DaddyHunt makes the muscors needed to prevent quest Type of reproof.


Daddyhunt Offer Free and Premium Subscription. The characteristics vary in grazing registrations; however, you will also find similar.

Free version


Yes, DaddyHunt offers free inspiration. Some of the features you can use

  • View your games
  • See the profiles
  • To might eat
  • My Piadition other profiles
  • Creation and complement of the proposal

Abbonage to page

Daddyhunt Offer Ache to Premium Abbonment. Some of the Available features for premium including members:

  • Modify Your search to search for the Type Gius
  • Modify your position to see other members
  • Modify and Close Your My Likes
  • Private photo visualizer
  • Check to those who are piracute your photo
  • Be visible to the people who are peaceful your profile


Daddyhunt prices are as follows:

  • Month: US $ 4.99 / month; To Total of 4.99 USD
  • Three months: US $ 5.99 / month; A total of US $ 16.99
  • 12 months: US $ 5 / month; To Total of 59.99 USD

All payments will be charged by the App Store account, only after confirming the Quequido. You will be added to you a day before the end of your subscription plan. You can use the Payment Tramit Telephone Cellulare or Credit Letter.

Subscription cancellation

You wish to cancel the subscription via mobile pay, you have to write to online store and cancel the DaddyHunt subscription. For credit cards, you have to warde to the settings option to cancel the subscription.

Security and protection

Daddyhunt Turns Mold on the Serus The Safe. The Crittery to 128 Bit Use Technology app for Guarantee that your personal and financial data are blocked in the circuit. Moreover, the app does not suppose the bully; Be a member is bothering, you can report an abuse of that member and developeders will examine subsequently the question. Guilty, the use of the app in Permanent Mode will be forbidden.

Alternative daddyhunt and competitors

Some of the best alternatives to DaddyHunt Including:

  • Scruff
  • Grindr
  • Growlr
  • Planet Romeo
  • Calabone


DaddyHunt is a mobile appointments app for gay men in which members can free quelasiasiasi social and be simple Amum are. A few is a older apps for gay men, Daddyhunt is quite agglunged with her design and oven to fashion. In pretty youthful appearance. Also not contains tools and complicated algorithms. The features are very direct and simple, but interactive and excursions! Daddyhunt is the app you are!

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