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For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 62%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 36-38
Profile 567 000
Rate of replied 91%
Facilitated Use 6.3
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Cybermen The Untenti IF recorded ACHE qu:

Pro and Control

  • Easy to record and the will created to profil: processes are fluid and direct. You can still synchronize with Facebook for Cream Acoke plus velocery.
  • Free functionality: the greater part of the basic functionality of this App of Appointments is free for all members.
  • Variety of Members: This online HAS variety phase of members, including straight members and part of the LGBTQ Community.
  • Anonymous: the use of this application is seeprement anonymous because the largest part of profiles have no real images.
  • Scam profiles: because of its used anonymous, the greatest part these profiles his this piatain are not authentic.
  • Higher Tarf Premium: for using the advanced features of this app, you must buy subscriptions, which are somewhere more expensive than other sites.
  • Non-active members: this app of appointments has very few active members. Frame to CorressPondeza may take more time Expedition.

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Welcome to our Recchencee of Cybermen. In this Receuncee, we will talk about the characteristics of this app, its used and of other informances that the intite must Company During the use of this app. PartoCipa to this later learn more.

Cybermen is an application for online relationships designs to connect the Gay Community with other people who think of them to chat mode, appointments and sexual feelings.

Over 50.000 gay members access to the app every day to chat, go out with someone and establish relations to long finish with other eleventives. This application of appointments is free; Members do not pagan to use the services of this Mino app who do not want entering them in the VIP section.

This Appointment App is Available Its Android, iPhone and iPad Device. Can be downloaded and installed for free gives apstore and google play store. Can be downloaded for free from Amazon's online shopping site.

Cybermen is compatible with the Android and Apple Device. Contains the terms of Used, the privacy information and other relevant informatizations, but not offering meetings. Cybermen is owned by 123multimedia and Hambri all over the world.

EAT works cybermen?

How Cybermen works

This main function of this online appointment app is to connect gay men for serious meetings, friendship and connects such those who need sexual partners.

Concept to its users to go out and chat Free of Charge remaining anonymous Its this app. Does not require personal information to register. Members can chat in Anonymous Mode and have meetings with Le Loor Neighboring Dates Tramit Quale App Cybermen.

CyberMen Guarantee to its members enjoying a free dating experience, complete Anonymity and Discret Type reports.

Parliam of the membership structure

Let's talk about the structure of the members

Over 50.000 members checked every day, users of this apps of appointments are classified with severe EATS:

  • Geographic: Users of the app originate all over the world. The application does not limit the USA from for some locality. However, some countries do not conton this sex type Type. Perty may not be available for some countries.
  • Orientatus Sesual: This online meetings app is designed to be excreted by the gay community. The only Type of members available this are the gays and the bisexual community.
  • Sex: this is an app based HIS men. Members who use this application are males.
  • Age: cybermen is classifying 17+. This means that acette people aged or superior to 17 years. However, being in place for adults, the greater part of the members of Has Un'Atà Compressed Tri 18 and 65 years. The most part of young people, who have an age compress tri 20 and 35 years old.
  • Ethnicity: Cybermanns do not specify the Type of Ethnic Groups who should use their site. This Means that can be used by all races in the world, including American blacks, Chinese, Indians, among other ethnias. Languages ​​Available here including English, Arab, France, Hindi, Italian and Spanish.

Unique features of Cybermen

Unique features of Cybermen

Being an app for the spaces, Cybermen has no functionality tones. There are only some features that members can use USES to use the services of this app online. Quste features include:

  • Anonymous call function: this resulting function to members call their games in anonymous mode. Cross Qusta Call, their numbers are not revered to other Utters. This function is available only for members with premium accounts.
  • Location: this function concent to men to find their games based on their position. Members can activate the location to see who is nearby or away from Parlor. This can be possible Tramitit The GPRS Function.
  • VIP entry: Qusto is to premium abbonage. With VIP, gay men enjoy the following services:
  • Anonymous function: you can call in Anonimous Mode other gay his this app.
  • Priority messages: VIP members can send high priority messages to their games. These texts are highlighted to be seen first by the assigned.
  • Vida reports of VIP members can see Isl their message has been scanned, read or rest.
  • Use without advertisement: users with VIPs can use this free site without advertising.

The app is easy to will use?

Cybermen is serving gay chat easy to use, very fast and free. However, the largest part of the relevant reviews that have downloaded Quest states that it is easy to download and install, but not to use.

Being an anonymous chat application, the greater part of the untai claimed to have fraud profiles. The HAS website in which members can block annoying and fraud profiles.

In general. It has low rates of 3.4 Your Google and 2.7 in the Apple Store, ITS five.

We can say CH is an application of Halfusly User-Friendly meetings.

Use and Cybermen app design: key points

The design of the app is not developed and is not promest start i Know itCration with other applications of online appointments. There are very few available features yours this app, making it a bit difficult by Will Use.

However, the design and colors are good, but the app Devere complete spires to reduce at the minimum the anomalous arrests and missed access as from Snarte reviews.

Cybermen has a mobile app?

Does Cybermen have a mobile app?

Cybermen is a mobile application.

CyberMen Your Android can be downloaded from Google Play Store, while the PytattaForma IOS app can be downloaded from APSTORE.

Cybermen does not charge the costs of downloading and installing it. It's free HIS all the platforms.

Parliam of Assistenz Customers

The application of Cybermen Has meetings in customer service, which undertakes to resolve the problems of During the uscrezo of this dating platform. The customer service can be reached during the whole day.

This customer service offers supported services to its users and can be contacted free tramit the e-mail address.

To contact customer support, users must send an e-mail to [Email & # 160; Protected]

Feedback Comes Semperly Immontivityly or EnteEbered 24 hours.

Process of registration and creation of the profil

Profile registration and creation process

New members must register and create their own profiles for having your website.

Esistone Two types of RECORDS HIS platform processes this.

  • Tramitit Recording Facebook: This is the simplest form in which members are required to connect profiles to their facebook accounts.
  • Traided e-mail registration: it is the manual recorder process that requires the used.

Here's how to revise by e-mail

Users must regain accounts for use this online ad ... The details indicated by Burgundo are needed for e-mail registration Tramit:

  • Date of birth: members are required to specify the parrot date of birth in this section.
  • E-mail address: Messario Specifying AN e-mail address in Qossa Section. This email address will be successively used for verify the account.
  • Nickname: This is one pseudo name that members can use to remain anonymous HIS this platform.
  • Password: Users must will create a strong and easy-to-remember password to remember to protect their accounts.

Before completing the registration process, the new profiles are required to accept the terms of Uscreco and ACHE to utis regrade the privacy policy.

E ™ Details of the Proposal? IT HAS Verifies IT?

And profile details? Do you have verification?

Cybermen does not require a lot of information on the profiles of Utteryi. In this section only few agents are needed and no verifies is expected.

HIS profiles This online dating site Request detached signs:

  • Photo: In this section, the untii are required to upload their own photos. However, there is no verification.
  • Age: Yes Refers to the user's age. Users of this dating platform should be over 18 years old.
  • Country: Members are required to specify their country in Qossa section.

Cybermen search options

Cybermen has several features that can be using to search for other HIS profiles this apps app. Quste features include:

  • Location: you can use the location eating search option to tropper members at internal tau location.
  • Age: You can look for correspondences based on their age HIS this dating platform.
  • Region: You can search for users based on the region from which they come.
  • Name: You can use on your profile name to look for untai your dating platform.
  • Photo: You can search for users with or without images His this piathana online.

All these filters are available for basic and premium members.

Cybermen Matching and Chat Process

Cybermen Matching and Chat Process

The processes of Abbination and Chat Your this is easy for all users.

To Make User, it is to redirect the profile of him and then send message. TO TIME that the other member accepts your message, DIVE TO CORRIDOR.

There are two communication modes:

  • Chat: Pushon users share your messages you this platform for free. Can Chat Text Promit or Tramit to Video Chat.
  • Anonymous calls: you can call other members of this dating platin using anonymous call function. This function does not show your number Say Phone. The function is available only for the members with premium account.

Types of registration

There are two types of inscription on the Cybermen dating platform. PARROT INCLUDED:

  • Free subscription base.
  • Premium Abbonage to Payment. Payments are always performed through the inspiration to several packages excreted by the website.

These inscriptions have been explained by suedend, together with their carats.

Basic accounts

Basic accounts

These are free available accounts for all the untai of this dating platform. Free accounts do not require subscriptions but offer limited functionality to their own. The services offered by Basic Including accounts:

  • Account Recording and Creation of Profile: Users can regiblass and create your own free profiles.
  • Free gay chat: users with free accounts can postocare and using gay chat free.
  • Anonymity: Basic account holders can chat and communicate with other members of this platform without rivestarial Personality.
  • Chat and Facse Connection: users providing Alcount Free.
  • Search filters: Free account holders can search for other understanding an application of online appointments.

Premium account

These are the subscriptions to this App of Online Apps. Premium members enjoy the following advantages:

  • Anonymous call: Attractive Qusta Registration, members can call in Anonymous Mode, which Means that I parro personality not comes ever revealed to the recipient.
  • Priority messages: the rutiful premiums get their messages highlighted in the post in the arrive of the recipient. What happens to be read and receive more varying than others.
  • Chat without advertising: premium members enjoy a browsing experience and chat without advertising. Advertising never disturbs them.
  • According Reports: Premium Account Titles can see six flord messages have been conscious, visualized or misimber.

Cybermen prices

Cybermen prices

Users are required to effective payments to have your quest account?. These payments can be performed Tramit Google or Apple, depending on the platform.

To be updated, members are required to Paid One of the Packages:

  • The VIP Premium package, which costs $ 7.99, offer users the VIP access.
  • The Direct Call package, which costs $ 2.99, Company to users to call Directly Other members.
  • Top Message Package, which costs $ 2.99, Said to users to highlight messages in parro mailboxes.
  • No Publicity pubchetto, which costs $ 1.99. Qusto package content to users to navigate firely cross popiattain without visualizer ads pop-ups.

These IF packages renovated automatically every month, with the same cost of package to which Yes is subscribers.

Eat Terrera Abbbonage to Cybermen

The subscriptions HIS This Piatain of Online Vengeon Appointments Semper renewed cars days before the expiration date.

To cancel these subscriptions, the intits must deactivate the automatic renewal function in the account settings.

Your Apple users can disable this automatic renewal feature by deactivating it on the AppStore.

Informance to Cybermen's security and protzole

The largest part of these security features depends on the app provider. Operating System Mainly Determines Security features. It could be the Google Play Store or the AppStore.

However, to provide securezz to members and their data, Cybermen has developed his privacy information. Politic This indicates how data quaids are collected, archived, Uscrizati and HENSE EATS are shared with other third parties, in accordance with the terms and conditions.

You also recommend users to block and report abusive acacound on parrot profiles using the function contact us.

Cybermen Competitors

There are several alternatives that members can use in addition to this application to get their games prepare. Competitive quosts including:

  • Adam4adam

Adam4adam is at the main apps of gay meetings in the world. Is free for all its members. This dating platform has its undices to go out, chat, surreer friends and have relationships, long-end connections or simplemented meet to have sex. It's a long-long gay platefers.

  • Jack'd

This is also to the main gay dating pest machines Available Eat mobile app. Concept Jack'd. It is available in over 2000 cities in 180 countries around the world. This meeting has over 5 million members and is still growing. Comes uses mainly by males who near chat companions, friends, love or occasional sex.

  • Grindr

This is to Piathana of Gay Online Chat. Concept to its undifles of connecting and chat free of charge. Its members including gay, bisexual, trans and queer. With the Vast User Base and Good Reviews, Grindr DIVED A Major Competitor of This Cybermen App.

Final conclusion

In this Receuncee, we highlighted almost all that the individuals need to know before I'll Enter Far Party Psporma.

The good of Cybermen Thing is that the greater part of its basic features are free. Members will not be in fun in their pockets to sign up to Parro to excrecate the basic features. However, the functionality and quality of the base of uters are too low. It could take some time to find to CorressPondence Your app.

It is recommended only to those near matches in their locality or whoever prefers dating platforms. From the alternatives above, you can examine them and make the steen better based on tastes and preferences. Try your steo!

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