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Curvesconnect Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 68%
Quality match 91%
Popular age 25-26
Profile 2 000 000
Rate of replied 89%
Facilitated Use 7.5
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

CURVESCONNECT The only IF records registers ACHE Q:

Pro and Control

  • New and Fresh website;
  • One safe space for Curvy people;
  • Nice design;
  • High ease of use;
  • Intersant profiles.
  • Low activity;
  • Siteation with the mobile application is not clear.

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Curvesconnect was founded Gives Person who studied the field of appointments for Olter decade, which highlights a great base of knowledge on the sphere. Jerry Miller knows all the pros and controls, all ambiguous problems and doubts about online appointments. TO VOLTO, He noted that people whose bodies do not correspond to the ideal body vision of an ideal body suffer from attention to dating platforms. Moreover, some of them have even soft bullying and abuse. Miller Has Decisive of eliminating such problems and developing their own platform where people with extra pounds IF would be heard to the safe. Here's how Curvesconnect was created.

In this recoupe, check Eat works the platform, if you are reliable, who the visit, the Was Expense and so on. Analyze every look in detail for Aiutti de decide the website is suitable for you. Continue to read and you will find the answers to all the damande you might consisted interasing.

EAT works Curvesconnect?

How does Curvesconnect work?

As has already been acennate, Curvesconnect has been tilted Appersonally Eat One safe secure for girls and boys curvy with extra pounds where Pushon. This platform aims to enjoy the people in superposition or those who admire sinuous bodies to find their love. The Mira Meeting site, first of all, to provide opportunities for appointments and serious relations that can then end up. PERT, your body is sinuous and you feel insisal her with normal appointment platform, Curvesconnect could be the right place for you to be safe. And even if you are thin and happy but love gore, drill and embrace sinuous bodies, probably you have the will consign the registration.

People's analysis

The more signant is that Will people here near random appointments. All those who come here close to significant relationship and if they are waiting for the same Gives you. Although this is international platforms and anyone can access you from any country, the largest part of the Apparently visitors to Americaniii. Although Dominine women usually the dating platforms, this is not it is it is. This platform has more men than women, which offers multiple possibilities for single girls but not for boys. As such, there are about three times more men than women.

As for the distribution by age, IF can say des. Rarely you will meet's someone who has less than 30 years here. As for sexual orientation, oromexuality is Ben Thirty His Cheek Pivista. However, gender opions are limit; You can be Just a Uom / Woman Etherersessual or a gay uono / woman. Non-implies platform that people transgender and other minoraranze visit.


Parking of special functions and options of the platform, offering several intersuring options. Adley, you Were to play well not I noto to those who visit a lot of online dating platforms. Qusto is the Hot-Or-Not Game Game you have to choose IS Consider Attentino or Mino IF profiles a person.

Successely, at chat room fuit from place for communication with different people. However, Worth notice that the chat room is smeller inactive. PERT, you should write private messages to those you are integrated. Enabra that the chances of biting someone with to talk about are really low.

The last intenseless function is the "Flirt" Pulsating. Once decided to click on the button, a fantasto pop-up button that will suggest several sentences to choose from. To phrase you choose will become starting message, which will be delivered automatically to a person online interest. PERT, the function can be good consumer for people who are afraid to start conversations alone.

Curvesconnect ease of use

The ease of use is an aspect of Big Importance that must be Analyzed Thorough Cousin to evaluate Worth at Pathana. Without an intuitive and complete design, Probilly is not possible to browse HIS to Pyathana, which, without a doubt, Will Believe a negative his impression in Site. Of Suend you will find a detailed analysis of Curvesconnect.

Design and usability of The Website

Design and usability of the website

First of all the colors are quite calm and do not irritate the eye. The dominant colors are white and blue. The only accent is placed on the noteful pink bright and "Like" Eat buttons, "Message", "Flirt", etc. Of the color. In the complex, IF can conclude that design is Pikesto Harmony and Attragoous. However, some people Caus it minimalist and not nooy. However, as regards the fact that a regular user of the Piastforma is more than 40 years old, IF can assume that the GETs will tend to this design.

Regarding usability, all sections are Sevenite Sequate Net and Possum Eastern Easy Navigate. The sections have adequate titles, then you will understand Rapidly Thing and where it is, so you are not in Site.

Curvesconnect mobile apply

SFORSTately, we could not get any information on the available of a Curvesconnect mobile application. Although the ITS Google search provides some results of the corresponding richest, we could not find the app in the Play Store. This Means that very probalyly you will not find an app or for Android or for iOS. However, the IF website suitable for any mobile browser. In this mode, you will be gradually accessing the platform in any moment from your phone or tablet with the Stea ease that from your pc or laptop. PERT, using directly moving meetings is not a problem, but could hinder the process and influence overall impression as mobile applictions are genaly more convenient.

Customer care

Platforms does not provide your e-mail address or number sedic or any other contact information. However Comes offers separate section entitled "Supported". What you choose, you will be directed to a separate fantasth that will offer you to type your message and envy. PERT, TO PROBLEM OR A QUESTION, CONTACT THE PURCHASE TEAM FOR ASSISTANCE. However, the speed of their answers is not defined. Some platform customers complain long dropping times, which is to significant point to be taken before registering.

Profilial user registration process

Curvesconnect review - is a legitimate website or a scam?

AN Important aspect that requires SEEME CUSTAIN is the ease of registration. People nowadays Near Quick and Simple Actions, so it's necessary that the registration can be made in a few steps. Furthermore, at a good website uneasit to have substantial information on people's profiles, otherwise it will have no sense to browse them. CURVESCONNECT HAS A Process of recording quite simple; However, you will not be allowed to Explore The Platin without satisfying some Request.


It takes letterly about a few seconds to register. For Premium, you will need to indicate your postal code, how old you are and your sex. The seso of your potential date will also be richist. After creating passwords, you can click your "Registry" and start to browse the platform.

But in the homes where you don't better your page, navigation will be the Tastemously Limit. You will have the opportunity to see only the Available sections but not their noity. For procedures with search for partners for the Marriage, you will need to upload your real photo that will need to overcome Verify procedures and provide some data on your preferences.

Quality and Verify The Profil

First of all, you will be asked to choose your ethnicity. Without this, you will not be in continuous grades. Done this, you will have access to all the features of the platform. However, it is better to be careful to fill your Cousin Cousin of Cheese.

You will have to insert your details on you, EAT Religion, Corporate, Iclude, Income, Profession, State Sentimente And Have Figli. IF suggests that to fill features EATS length and hair color, the color of your eyes. Successeely, it is appropriate to specify drink or fumes. This is Important to bite potential partners who IF fully adapt to you. Also, there are several fields that suggest you type some sentences. As such, there is a section where you can write some information HIS of you, which you would like to let people know. Another section is for the Said description a person you are near His PiastForma. You will have to be sincere and honest your these points for inventory your chances of finding your love. The last section will concern your interesting and hobby.


The search process is quite simple and easy to navigate. You have to say who are surrounding. You can choose sex to Person Sure Interest and its Enier. You can also select any suitable age group. The last opption suggested is to choose how close or away from your city you expect people to live. As you can see, there isn't much about specify. However, you can set two additional filters. These are ethnicity and religion. In the compliance, the search oppons are minimal and we can't say that it is quite convenient.

Combine and chat

There are OW ways to match to person. For Premium, you can play to Hot-Or-Not game. You will receive a Notification someone piii or when you have to correct. Gives Cheese Moment on you can start with Conversation. Or you can browse the profiles of people in the search results and choose to flirt or send messages to to Person of You Interest. Furthermore, you can visits any page that attracted your attention. You can choose Traffier OPPTIONS, such as Flirt, MY LIKES OR MESSAGE, IN THE SAY TO PERSON PROFILE.

Subscription options

Just like the largest part of dating platforms, Curvesconnect offered two options for Abobeame. The first is called "Standard" and is available for untios without parades at Single Dollar. Naturally, Free Version Has has its limits and, to use all the features of the meetings site, it is necessary to water the subscription. The abbonive to page IF calls "Premium" here. AN Purchased to Premium Acoke, you will have full access to all the features and features of Curvesconnect. Of Sudondo you will find Typi Typi subscription subscription and information on prices for the oppage of subscription to page.

Free version

EAT Free Member, you can play your profile and fill it as desires. You can still use all search filters and browse the profiles of other platform members. You can visit profiles and send flirt to who you like. However, these are all opptions available for standard antithitis. Star, six six idoard to spark Reactions here Series, The Free Version Ti Will Serves Only Eeather Test To hear Is Piastorm is suitable for you. To start real splease, you will need to update your to premium account.

Abbonage to page

Payment subscription

Peru regarding the premium subscription, you will have access to the same opptions described above; However, you will not be so limited. PERT, you will be in the Grade of Will Enter in the chat room and try to communicate with the people present. Successeely, you will have unlimited daily news messages and you can send messages to anyone on the platform and receive messages from any Person Your Curvesconnect. Also, you will have the opportunity to upload all the picture you want to your profile. What is even more intersting, you can see the online state of all the members, which Hano visited your profil and that you are PAACIOUSTI. There are people you want to block, you will have the opportunity to filter.


There are three types of subscriptions to page. You can acquire an abbonage of 1 month, 3 months ago 6 months. The Premium Variant will cost you 9.95 USD for Month. You will pay 6.65 USD per month in the second homes and six months will have a price of USD 4.99 per month. As you can see, the last opption is the most profitable. However, WorthWhile notes that CurvesConnect is rather pitthecom economic and you can certifically connected the acquaceous gave an abound of 1 month to test all the features and see is the.

Subscription cancellation

Annulment is simple. You can simplely send richist to the support team and wait for suspending your payment subscription. Or you can filter yourself. You will have to log in, the Will Walk His Settings and choose "Gestoci Subscription". Here are some opptions from which you will have to click His "Cancel Abbonage". And this is all. The effect is immediate.

Security security

Curvesconnect offers to Big section rich in important security information. Provides answers to the most frequent damandas. PERT, here you will find the answers to Damnde Eat Eats An Negative Behavior or Agressive, Something is Messario Doing Shares and Strange Messages, You Will Determine Anappropriate Behavior. Furthermore, the developers should pretty enough of their customers to provide guides smearttttostostostosty yours as prejudders During scammers searching for an appointment online. It should be noted that the phrases not analyzing the previous ones of its members and is not guaranteed that an individual with which to communicate not to criminal. That's why we recommend that you feel their guides and pay attention.

Curvesconnect alternative and competitors

CURVESCONNECT alternatives and competitors

There are many people whose appearance is far from the ideal icons that have been set up by the Society. For Queoss Motif, there are enough alternatives to Curvesconnect. Large Friends, Curvy Women Date and BBW Cupid are the main competitors of the Piatain in question. Although everyone has differences and similarities, the concepttt is the same for everyone.


Curvesconnect is an interessing piathana of specialized meetings for people of sinuous fashion and fan of such curves. The Create platform at strong impression of a Community Would be which aims to acute. Design is minimalist, ancha is beautiful and elegant. The main disadvantages are the absence of a mobile application and poor activity. If you are young of some part d'Europe, it is unlikely that you will find someone here. However, if you are an American woman ch close to formosa man Olre 40 years, you will have high chance of success. However, Curvy people and admirers IF I Feel sure secure secure HIS Curvesconnect.

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