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Connexion recension 2022

Connexion review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 88%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 23-25
Profile 400 000
Rate of replied 90%
Facilitated Use 9.6
Popularity 9.0
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Connexion IF users recorded here:

Pro and Control

  • Easy from will.
  • App for mobile devices. Being your mobile app, this platform can be use uses anywhere and in any moment tramit smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy to connect the Utetes: Using the connections, this site will give you together matches from your contacts.
  • Profiles Verification: the largest part of the profiles HIS This Platform comes testa to provide quality and authentic matches.
  • Expent: the abbonive to page is a bit expensive compared to other sites.
  • Few members: compared to other emerging sites, the untii of this evidence are few.
  • Unlike other platforms, membership is not so diversifying as Dpendende from connections.

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Welcome to our Connexion receaved for 2020. In this Receuncee, we will discuss the features, the Used, the members of Quest Web Site and to its alternative and competitors. PartoCipa to this later learn more.

Connexion is at online dating site, ProgronTat mainly for members than serious partners for meetings and long-end relationships. It is in Site that combines modern with traditional with methodi meetings, for Will created in perfect partnership trac people that laly. If you concentrate on bringing more part and quality dates between members.

Works using members' contacts, for Cream to trust Singles that you can combine and incontrararera. Uses intelligent profiles for show your contemporary shared contacts. It has Verify functionality to allow you to remove the trufffa profiles and random correspondences, not value.

It works Crosses Friends, Family, colleagues and other people in your social network contacts to present to other singles you can match and go out. Use your social contacts to connect to potential combinations.

It specializes in creating long-end and mature relationships with its own, quality and long-lasting. It is not in Site for regular meetings and sex trappings at the occasional short term.

This meeting site was launched in 2018 and Connexion owns. You can be excreted your mobile applications, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store Android and iPhone, respectiveness. The download and installa of this app are free for all members.

Let's see how it works in our Winter Segment.

Connexion review: is it legitimate or scam?

EAT works Connexion?

For Using Connexion, you must first create user account. User accounts can be created on Web sites or in mobile apps, to download. After downloading the app, you have to register.

Once finished, your PROFIL COMES added to Connexion, from One of your contacts. Qual one like your added profil, receive notifici that warns you that someone is interests to you. This burst could be someone I know or someone I have one of your contacts. The "my like" will remain anonymous, until you combine you through your connections. After the association, you can will ahead and send parrot to message for I'll conversation.

Matchmakers are people who help others untheared to find in CorressPondence. You can enjoy Sasale Her Richista of someone who asks you to put him in touch with Taua Social circle. All you have to do is Amount your prepare contacts in the app. Thus, Connexion performs the correspondence.

People's analysis

This site of meetings has no restrictions with its members. It is in Site of connection that uses contacts to link its partners to long ends and relationships. These types of members can be grouped as of suedend:

  • Geographic: users of this website are around the world. This Means that you can find them in all the regions of the world.
  • Sexual Eastern: the site has not provided any specification on the sexuality of its members. This Means that the website can be used by all members, including the LGBTQ Community.
  • Age: Connexion is to Website for adults. Users are more than 18 years old. The largest part these untays are young people, who have the mission to find partner with to settle.
  • Sex: All types of sex you can use this site. Men, women and transgender.
  • Ethnicity: this site contains members of all types of races. You can find Indians, Chinese, black American and others, depending on your connections.
  • Objective: The greater part of the untai of this site is looking for matches with which to settle. THIS MEANS THAT PERSEMS HIS QUOSS QUOSTSITE LONG THREAD REPORTS THAT TO MARRIAGE.

What are some of its essential features?

A few essential features are available for use for members of this application of appointments. These features make it easy to use to achieve their purpose. Some of these features include:

  • Matches: these are Will Persons Him With you connected. To have to corridonde, your profil that my like must receive to your like. Profile that Piii remains anonymous, until you like it again. You can then create conversations after the abbination to these profiles.
  • Matchmaker: these are individuals used for Will Be a Party. You can use your contacts to connect someone process this app. This maybe your family, workers, friends, etc. Don't coast NOTHING DIVERTING TO SENSALE.
  • VIDEO: Yes video trotting from the app, which are intended to describe and inform the offsets Your Eat works this app.
  • Lock function: Connect to users to block abusive accounts and the antithes that publish pornographic and classified contours on the site.
What are some of its essential features?

Connexion ease of use?

This app of appointments is on average when IF treats user-friendly. Has rating of 3.3 Your AppStore and 3.9 Your Google Play Store.

It has unique features, accuses the matchmakers, which connection to users to connect Firely and Velefoy tramitai connections.

The Apps of Appointments has authentic profiles, which makes it safe for its members to find quality matches.

Usability and connection design

Connexion's design is good with limit functionality, thus operating easier without bug or abnormal stops.

The administrator of The Website Working Semper 24 hours a day, since members receive regulation updates and security features to stay safe HIS this site.

With its interface and the red color design, the site attracts the user en intentant make the remunion and the used.

Conenexion mobile apply

Connexion is a mobile appointments app, available for your Android members and ACHE YOUR APPLE DEVICE.

These appointments applications can be downloaded Your Google Play Store and Ache Your AppStore for Android And iPhone Fingers, respeftly. Download and Installla'App is free for all members that use this PSTForma. All features can be found on the Mobile and Avising App to Web Container Site Privacy information, Frequent Damande and related used terms.

Customer care

Customer support is available, which can be contacted several means. The customer support group is available anywhere to solve problems and problems.

For contact customer support, users must send an e-mail to: [Email & # 160; Protected] OR Use The Section Contact Us Availability On Web Site And Ache On Mobile App. To send message, the units must provide your name, e-mail, object and the prevai message of invian.

You can ACCHE ContactDe Connexion Process The Parrot Social Media Accounts, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even.

Customer care

EAT Incridsts to the connection and creation from Profile

To have your dating platin to have your Messario Will Create One.

Registration and SAY Creation to Account Your Quest Platforms is easy and fast for all members. These processes have been explained in detail of Suand.


For use this piathana of meetings, new members must register and Cerraera accounts. To register, the untitutes are required to enter HE SIGINITI Information:

  • Username: Ti Comes Richisto to enter Username Used HIS This site.
  • Date of birth: Messario provides your date of birth in this section.
  • Number of Telephone: is Richisto at Number Say Telephone for Account Connections and Verify.
  • Password: you have to protect your unique password account with.

DOOPS Registration, it is Necessity Will created the successive profil, EAT explained Said.

How is the profile? You have to verifice?

Users are required to provide informances mentioned by Guendo for Creek to Profil Your Quest site.

  • I manage photo: In this section you can remove or add photo to the proposal.
  • Location: It is necessary to choose your position in this section.
  • BIO: This section asks users of Include to Brief Biography His Stei.
  • Description: You Comes Richisto to provide to Brief description of you lying, your body, deliberate body caratti and other abiseitivity.

This NoteVolly inflissce section on the mode where this function creation function will link you to your games prepare.

How is the profile? Do you have a check?

Connection search

Connexion works according to your contacts for the Will created in connection. This Means that the members you can search are at the internal connection. You can search for Tramit members the following search filter:

  • Age: You can search for links based on their age HIS This meeting site.
  • Sex: you can search for male or female while you are his this meeting site.
  • Location: you can choose members based on their area.

Combine and chat

To combine and chat HIS this app of appointments, you have to register and I will create user accounts.

The Site Web Create to Network of your potential matches, which you Comes Richisto to pray for Will Created in Corridor. In correspondence comes created when you have reciprocal like.

You can chat with your partitions Tramit The messaging feature that is HIS Quest Web Site. You just need to send message to create a conversation. Members of the account to Posson Possum send messages to people who have not yet matched.

Pairing and chat

Abobe options to Connexion

There are two types of registration on the Piatain of Connexion meetings. These Account Including:

  • Free inspection: If free accounts, semper available after subrito registration. This Type of subscription Offfe Functionality Limate to its members.
  • ABBONAMENT TO PAGE: YES Updated Account TransmENT that offer all the features of this website.

Free inspection

This is an non-payment account that offers free services to its users. However, these services are limitations and including * registration of the free account and the creation of the proposal user.

  • Connection: With a Free Account users can access all their connections and Cream matches while you are your website.
  • Messages: users with free accounts can send messages to their games.
  • Shared contacts: Users of these profiles can control their shared connections with other members.
  • ABBINATION SYSTEM: users with basic accounts Possonus using the ABBINING FREE system.

EAT explained to by, members have to go their own to premium accounts to access other features of this site.

Abbonage to page

Subscriptions to be payments Premium accounts that become enchanted to different packages available Your Platform. These premium accounts offer all the advanced features of this site, including free account services. The premium corrount members enjoy the following advantages:

  • Users can decide who will display their HIS profiles these accounts.
  • You can invite in Anonymous other people to unrubs to your connection I am HER account to page.
  • Hide or Listens Uteti: people with account A can can hide, Delete or Block Untii while you are Your Premium Accounts.
  • Advanced search filters: On Premium Accounts, users can "invade" other people's contacts to get matches.
  • Members of the Premium Account can decide who to send them messages.
  • Public: This Conters feature to members of via public to get connections invests to relive on your contacts.
  • Video Chat: users with Account A can communicate with their Tramit Tramit video games.

Prices for these premium accounts are available our Write topic in this recouped.

Abbonament prices

To take advantage of these account to pagament, it is Messario effective payments. These payments are available your different subscription packages including the untai can choose. These packages include:

  • Package of a month at $ 11.99, payable mensilly.
  • Three-month package at $ 29.99, payable quarterly.
  • Six month package at $ 47.99, payable semiannually.
  • Twelve months package at $ 69.99, payable annually.

The higher the package, more savings on subscriptions.

Cancellation of the Exchart in Connexion

The above Packetti are self-recurrent. This Means that are renewed automatically to time reached the expiration date. Automatic renewal takes place 24 hours before the expiration date.

Depending on the download mode, the utives must cancel this automatic renewal process to cancel these subscriptions. This should be done 48 hours before the expiration date. Those Your iPhone Posony cancel it It's your Apple Store Mentum Android members can cancel these subscriptions in the Google Play account settings. The subscriptions already sent are never reimbursed.

Cancellation of the Connexion subscription

Security and protection functions

The Site Web has finished various security and protection measures to its members for Make the Lother Sicurezz.

Privacy has Politics aims to protect members data and provides details your web site acquires data. Wide Most Eat This data is acquired, archived and excreted to intern. Privacy information describes ACHE EAT This data is shared between third parties.

Connexion Verify Ache members accounts to reduce at the minimum the scam or scam fals accounts and put in place to block function, in which members can block make profiles.

Connexion competitors and alternatives

Connexion is tackling competitors signant cha have passed this site and are very popular excentious, being to platin of online meetings. These competitors can be good alternatives to this site, which readers can control and provall. These alternatives including the following.

  • Badoo

Badoo is one of the maini meetings sites in the world that the untitutes must control. Has a Vast Base of Mebbre and Contains Untii of all social classes. Badoo is available around the world and can be utilized EAT mobile app or tramit the website. The greatest part of its features are free.

  • Adultfriendfinder

This is in Site of Adult Meetings for All Social Cets. AdultFriendFinder is suitable for the because dates of its broad membership database, creating good pirattforms to find ealy dates. It can be used HIS mobile applications, both Android and iPhone.

  • EHarmony

Eharmony is on online dating site, specific for people who are looking for serious appointments that bring to long finish relations. This dating platform has an easy interface from Will USE with millions of members to make your sideline of perthrift. Eharmony can be good alternative to Connexion since Has An extensive number of members and offer extended Type service.



We have reached our last review of this site. We highlighted all the features and used them. Pray It is up to the decide member will be used this platform to find to corridier or look for alternatives. This site is excellent, especially for people with a Consider Number of contacts. The profiles have been verified, to offer users authentic and quality correspondences.

However, membership is too low. It could make a lot of premium time that IF Opting to Correspondence prepare. Another disadvantage is the premium subscription since the greatest partell its functionality must be paid. Chest Rendes It To Expense Piousness for Troop in Corridor.

For repariousness, it is worthy worthy to use, especially for the people who near Date Theri. Download the app, installs and anti-fortune fortune.

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