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Compatible partners receant 2022

Compatible Partners Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 59%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 22-23
Profile 1 200 000
Rate of replied 95%
Facilitated Use 7.8
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Compatible Users Partners IF register acache qune:

Pro and Control

  • Has a design and an easy interface from Will Use.
  • IT HAS of precise compatibility tests and specific for its members.
  • Wide number of members: it has millions of members all over the world.
  • The Major Part of Uttersi is stable and educated. I am on the spot for a tropping partner with to settle.
  • Easy and fast registration process. II IF can simplemented enter Tramitit Facebook.
  • Few communication functions. Has only messages and eye squares.
  • No webcam
  • Some features require premium subscriptions.

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Welcome to this recoupes of compatible partners-2020. Compatible Partners IT WAS at a vault to Gay Meeting site for men. Neb 2019, Compatible Partners Has Changed His Website for Diverter To Piathana of Eharmony Meetings that IF turns to all sexes. In this rechencee, find out more HIS this site, its features and other transformations.


Compatible partners have changato the dating site to divart Eharmony in 2019. Now it's a site of Eharmony meetings.

The Compatible Partners website was born Eats Pathana of gay dating, which Was Just for single males interested to other men. Attally, eharmony, as you know now, is at the site of meetings for all the singles that close apper.

This site of meetings is owned by eharmony.Com and can be used on the website and mobile applications presented HIS Google Play Store. If i boasts to be the number of number one in the world.

You have to register and have an account before entering this platin of online meetings.

EAT Functions Compatible Partners?

How do compatible partners work?

Compatible partners, Actually known also as an Eharmony dating platform, Comes used by Series people looking for partners who think of the spread for serious relationships and long-standing appointments.

Is messarium i will register an account your quest piator for powerlo use to troppy potential matches.

This Compatibility Test Meeting Site to match its members. The details of yours are excreted to make sure to potential corresponds that you satisfy your criteria in terms of likes and preferences.

Using automatic questions to match its members between Parrot.

The correspondence, the untai can send winks to create attention and can converse Tramitit the messaging function.

This site can be used your browser desktop and also your Android and iPhone mobile app.

People's analysis

Before then, Compatible Partners was at Piathana of meetings for gays only. When it has been updated to eharmony, it has different types of members that can be classified in the segmenting categories:

  • Geographic: Website Cheese is available in all regions of the world. The most part of these members comes from from the United States of America.
  • Ethnicity: Meetings site Cheese members of all Ethnic groups, using all over the world. You can find blacks American, Indians, Africans and other breeds of the world using Web Site.
  • Age: The largest part of the eleventives using this site has a third compressed age 25 and 35 years old. These are the members who are ready to settle and are looking for compatible partners. Age users at the age of 18 are not authorized to use the site.
  • Genre: Before Alra, Compatible partners VENIVAN USCREZATI ONLY GIVES Gay members. After being updated to Eharmony, now Comes used by all people, including men and women.
  • Sexual Eastern: WAS compatible partners in Sitel of gay sexuality. Attally contains all kinds of sesuality, including straight members, lesbians and other types of LGBTQ communities.
  • Objective: this dating platform comes now urszed by serious members looking for partners compatible for long-end to relationships, which could lead to marriage.


Main features

Different features serves different functions HIS QUSSTA PULLS. Quste features consum at qssto site to be functional and easy to iase.

Quste essential features including:

  • Video Data: This is an Esseguita Data Processing video, Webcam Process. Concept to members to call to each other Tramitit The Webcam to chat and learn more about the one on the other.
  • I would prepare: these are the pitching parties. You can agree the highest number of profiles as possible to the prepare list.
  • Damande: these agissconue EATS Rompighices. You can send as much as possible to your potential profiles for Will Conversation to allow Parrot to chat with you. These damande are automated.
  • :-): what are these rompighiac. Members can send smiles to the profiles they want for Will Interest.
  • And if: this feature is available on Premium Accounts. It provides members another 30 member profiles fall within their tastes and preferences for Verify.
  • Messages: This is to conversation function. Consider to members chat with the corresponding profiles HIS this website.

It's easy to will use?

Is it easy to use?

This dating platform is easy to will use. Has continued to develop its features to meet the extinguishes of its members.

The website and its features have been designed to be fickle and fast when used IF trumpo. He has ancha created to a quick and easy regrement where users can record and create their profiles with ease.

The Webba site has also introduced functional mobile applications for its untached Android and iPhone.

The HAS MINIMUM NUMBER website, which makes factille to navigate without interruption.

Compatible combinations Use and design: key points

Compatible partners, Attally known as Eharmony, have excellent web site, easy to use. The Blue Interface What Rendes Accustom, With Additional Images of Models for Most Beautiful Him Rendering.

The features are fantastic and positioned in a strategic position where they can be EASE giving from people usp.

ACHE The design is simple, but MUSTA WITH features location individual. This Means that is not Messario Click on the tabs to find them.

Ha brill created mobile apps, which can be used your google and lost his ios platforms. These mobile apps can be downloaded and install your all platforms for free.

Compatible with the mobile app

Compatible match, now Eharmony has existing mobile applications for its users.

These mobile apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store and ACHE HER AppStore for Android and iPhone fingers, resply. Is free download and install these apps your platforms.

The furniture apps contain all the features of Quest Web. Users can take tramit subscriptions these mobile apps.

These mobile applications consents users to be online Semper and anywhere in the comfort of their smartphones or tablets.

Compatible Partners Customer Support?

Compatible Partners Customer Support?

Compatible partners, the Attucidoral Eharmony, Has Special Client Supply. This IF team occupies problems encountered by the use of the use of this site.

Customer support before contacts, members are encouraged to consult the frequent damandas available with the Use and read the answers to some of the most frequent damandas.

To contact customer support, users must click on the "About us" section and compile the "Accounting" module. Can send an e-mail to [Email & # 160; Protected]

Can Ache Uscren the postal address to contact customer support. Eharmony, inc. PO BOX 241810, LOS ANGELES, CA 90024 USA

How to register and the Will Creates to Profil

To have your Eharmony account, the current compatible partners, is Messarium to register and then Will Create to Profil.

There are two types of HIS Profil Quest recordings. These increding:

  • Manual registration process using the e-mail address.
  • The USE Gave An Account Facebook makes the recording process easy and fast.

Using registration The Facebook account is easy and fast because the greater PART of Comes information acquired by the Facebook account.

In this Receuncee, Doción Enjoy the registration using the email address:

Here's how to revise

Process e-mail registration is at Process Say Recorder.

To register, users are required to provide the following details:

  • Sex and genre that you are surrounding: this section requires users of Type your own sex and gender type. Can Includes Man Close To Woman, Man Close Another Man, etc.
  • E-mail address: Users are required to provide AN E-mail address Valid in Qossa Section. This will be successively using verify the account.
  • Password: It is a robust password to block your Account your Quest PyattaForma account.

After providing the details above, you will access the creating recording process to profil.

Eat is the details of Profil? IT HAS Verifies IT?

How are the profile details? Do you have verification?

Users are required to provide more details on SEXI to complete the registration process.

The HIS profiles this platform are somewhere detailed and require the Securities:

  • Lifestyle: This section requires members to provide these information:
  2. Drink abjudini
  3. And I Has Been.
  • Hobby and intession: Members are required to provide their hobbies and interste in Qossa Section.
  • Photo: Members can load up to 10 images in Qossa Section.
  • Compatibility: This section requires verified users with their compatible matches
  • Questions and Answers: This section requires users to risk the four compatible questions that consent to obtain HIS matches this site.

The process of verifies comes always undeaded through the e-mail address. The Website sends collegation that members must confirm for Verify their accounts.

Compatible partner search options

Compatible partner search options

There are several search filters that you can use uscreas to find potential matches your quests website.

These search options including the following:

  • Basic information: you can search for users based on their age, sex, location, among other features it is based.
  • Bodies Features: you can search the elevantes based on height, hair color, eye-colored, body structure and other Fisyhe features.
  • Lifestyle: You can search the untiti based on their social abjudini, which includes: smoking, drinking, etc.
  • Advanced search: conept to untiots to look for profiles using their intursions, hobbies, user names and lifestyle, among other advanced search options.

The chat and abbination process

For fun combining and chat your queest, you have register.

After creating to account, the website passes to compatibility tests, in which it is Messario respond to damande on the compatibility set. These damends determines the Type of profiles with which you will be connected.

After getting your preferred profiles, you can send wins and I like to create interest. My likes reciprochyra you and your sought-after profiles created to corridier.

After you get Correspondence, you can send them smiles to flirt and enche to have Lanorno Attention.

To create conversations, members can use the messaging function.

Registration options

Registration options

There are two types of abbonops HIS EHARMONY, precedent compatible.

These types of subscriptions including:

  • ABBONAGE SAY BASE: Yes trumped free account that members get immediately after registration. They offer filfore limate features.
  • Premium Subscription: Yes Tropa of updated accounts Tramit Abbonage. They offer all the features of this website, including the advance ones.

These inscriptions and their characteristics have been explained in detail as of Suend:

Basic Abbonage

Being free account, the basic subscription offer only basic functionality to its account holders.

These essential services includes:

  • Free account recording and Manage of Profil
  • Viewing profiles of other members.
  • Free Push account holders Browse matches outside their search preferences.
  • Compatibility test: Free account owners can surface with compatibility tests.
  • Spiken: the members with free accounts can send winking to their potential youth games this site.
  • Account holders free receive members' notifications than their profiles.
  • Users must regain their own to premium accounts to use other advance features.

Premium abounde

Premium subscription

These are account to page on the website. They offer all free functionality, including the Advanced features of Suband:

  • Unlimited photo view of other members of this website.
  • Premium account holders receive and possess us to use personalized messages to communicate with other untai of this platform.
  • Posson view accounts of members who have your I Parro Profiles. Posson can check these profiles to see WAS feed.
  • Caste Prepare: Account holders A Possum Possum Visualizer The profiles that prepare them.
  • Premium account holders can look for matches outside their search.
  • Incognito navigation mode: Premium account holders can browse incognito and browse other profiles in Anonymous Mode.

Subscription prices

Members are required to make payments under form subscriptions for use and enjoy the above premium features.

Esistone Diver ABBONAMENTY PACKAGES that users can use their own premium accounts for parent.

These packages include:

  • Premium Light: Offer Free Visualizer Photo, Unlimited Messages, Remote Search, Viewers Si Profile and Detailed Profile.
  • Semesterree AT $ 65.90 plan, which translates in $ 10.95 / per month

  • Premium Plus: it's is the most popular plan that offers free photo visualizer, unlimited messages, ricid at a distance, display of profile, trail others.
  • Twelve-month plan $ 275.40, which IF Translates in $ 22.95 / month.

  • Premium Extra: offer all the advanced features above for two years.
  • AT $ 430.80 month ventizer plan, which translates in 17.95.

EAT cancel the subscription to compatible partners

All subscriptions mentioned above continued to be recurring expired.

The annuloment of these suggestions dens from the with which they were purchased.

To cancel Tramit the website, the intits must disable the automatic renewal function in the own account settings.

To cancel Trametation Mobile App, the utents must deactivate the automatic renewal function Your Google Play Store or AppStore, Sweet of the Platform.

These beams must be carried out 48 hours before the expiration date to succeed. The website does not reimburse the payments already presented.

Security measures and protection

Safety and protection measures

Being to Piastform Online, Eharmony, the former Compatible Matches, has adopted sufficient Measures Perfector the accounts of its members and I I Parrel data.

All IF accounts join this web site are verified and approved before being authorized to operate.

Members Possum Ache report suspicious accounts that seem harmful to Qosso Web Site.

This Has Wide IncompromPanying to Politics Dating platform. Members must send this policics on Privacy and Understand IT.

Compatible and alternative partners

Compatible partners, now Eharmony, have to face the competition of other websites in Side cheffrono services better or have better features. We discussed three in this additions that includes:

  • Ashley Madison
  • Qusto is at the site of Mestally online meetings by members who need to go out with different types of partners, away from their spouses or spouses. It is used by people requesting extramarital relationships. Comes mainly by travelers and you can access you Tramit the Website and Ache Her Mobile App.

  • Adultfriendfinder
  • This is an online Site for single adults in Near of appointments and random meetings. It is in Site more frequential by the singles who want to pare the sexual thirst. It can be used on the Web site and ACHE in the apps.

  • Flingster
  • This is an Online Site for adults who want to leave to Forum and Chat Online. Mintains Anonymous people cross the use of AR masks and contain fali profiles on his site. It can only be used Tramit the website.


Quoss marks our end to this detailed reception. We discussed everything about this site. Now it's up to the items to evaluate Will Be Used or look for Alter Alterre Alternative. Some of these alternatives have been highlighted above. Readers should be careful that compatible correspondences have ceased to spherere and have been socialized by eharmony since 2019. It is the same company, but with on the name Different addressed to all kinds of sexuality. No longer acts as a gay site.

Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns
Samantha Burns
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Samantha is An Authorized and an coach of relationships that was recognized by match.COM EAT ONE OF MAINI SIESTI OF LOVE AND APPOINTMENTS OF THE SECTOR IN 2017. Sympathy, Educational and Diverer, Samantha's Guaba helps readers back into the appointment market with more safety and self-reactivity, Olter A in Vision Realistic of their perfect correspondence.
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