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BookOfmatches Recejee & # 8211; Legit or scam

BookOfmatches Review - Legit or Scam
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 54%
Quality match ninety two%
Popular age 18-23
Profile 2 000 000
Rate of replied 88%
Facilitated Use 9.7
Popularity 9.Two
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

BookOfmatches IF users recorded here:

Pro and Control

  • The website is free, including all the features.
  • User base from different countries.
  • The men / women report is 4: 1, which Means that women Hanign can find a suitable partner for applications.
  • The site is an actor to long ends on the appointment scene.
  • Search parameters numbers, you can find intites USTRICING attributes EAT Preferences for smoking and drinking, lifestyle, Physico appearance, region, age, profile with photo, etc.
  • A VAST range of meetings services.
  • Several privacy options, Eat Consent Single to specific people send you an email.
  • Bass online reputation. Many users believe that the website does not deserve attention.
  • Old style website with a bit obsolete interface.
  • Directorial comparable to other dating platforms.
  • Many accounts have no profil images.
  • Inactive fals users.
  • Men should be ready to dedicate more time looking Say to partner because the gave a feminile rafte.
  • Authentication Tramit Email / ID is not Messaria.
  • Noteworthy delays in the answers is part of the staff.
  • No mobile app.
  • Hosts ads, but are inserted into the side bars.

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BookOfmatches is a piattaForma of simple and no-frills dating which invites single men to meet sexy girls from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and many other countries. This Has Meeting service started its business in 2002. Attally uscrizano about pehe thousands of men and women. Internet Initiative Partners, LLC., Which is based in Illinois, manages this website. In addition to this online rivors, you will find ACHE connections to third-party websites your bookofmatches Eat SnapSext, The Free Site and others. With the help of bookofmatches, you can encost males and hot females, extraordinary and talented and creere romantic ties with Parrot. The only task is to choose the right approach to contact them.

PERT, when your intarsi coincided with any of your bookofmatches, you should not the Will Think Chestic is the destination. In the online communication process, you will discover to be at Completely Different person online. Many boys and girls, who are registered His bookofmatches, are not likely to a long history of love or Married but Near to partner to chat, go out, friendship or otherwise. Your bookofmatches, the most unpleasant impression Choatrosts having what the person who is Pacius is revived to be false and scammer who is dieter the profile. In many reviews of Bookofmatches, you can read that Chest is an Event Common His Quossy Website.

Bookofmatches review

How the Bookofmatches appointments work?

BookOphmatches registration is not complicated and only takes a few minutes. You cannot regize the site using your social media account. The site requires inisially to enter the name uteen. It should be anonymous and classifier Eat PG. SuccessEsly, Messario will enter une-mail and password Percedered to subsequent passage. Thus, the subsequent page counts Some mandatory and optional Damande Eat sex, preferences for drinking and smoking, background, age, appearance and preferences for your partner. It is never richest to confirm processing e-mail or phone, which Means that scammers can regerglaisi and Easily Use IT. After Complete. ACHE WITHOUT ADVICE ANY INFORMATION, YOU CAN START TO NAVIGATE IMMEDYE IN THE PROFILES.

In. The largest part of bookofmatches reviews don't explain how informances ask you to fill out and many profiles have no additional photo and computer profile.

To give you a brief representation of how much data the service asks you to fill out, you must answer to Chess Tames HIS BOOKOFMATCHES:

  1. Describe your personality to the best as possible?
  2. You speak of Sessel you would like to try in future.
  3. In the past, such as the personality stretches of another person they helped you be you lying? What quality of them have made you feel comfortless without worry?
  4. Which would be your perfect visiting speeding?
  5. Thing you have infamitite of more than people with which you came out or known eat friends in the past?
  6. What quality Rims in A Partner or in a friend?
  7. Six devices to descend to commitment in difficult times and situation?
  8. Tell us about your most enjoyable life experiences.

The eleco delle Damield Continue, you can also add your Music Prefer, Comic Clip Or to Music Video Give Another site to your profile BookOfmatches. However, you can add any flash video types as long as they don't count nudity.

How does the BookOfmatches appointment service work?

People's analysis

BookOfmatches was created to turn to all religions and ethnicities, but only for Heterosexual meetings . In the middle of the competition, the service welcomes people of each sexual orientation to an adjust without difficulty. To be honest, the service is not great utility outside from Canada and the United States. Today, the Basic of Bookofmatches users is diversifying. Furthermore, the number of female utetes is an anchor belter compared to the Uomli. Means that Hanign males with greater competition Gives Part of other users who would send random messages. The effective number of members is not available; However, the greater part of the untai returns to the age group 25-35 years.


Members canil release bookofmatches, all features, including profiles, e-mail and instant messaging. Compared to other premium sites, this appointment service provides decent communication tools. Receiving that is a free service and the antiquated interface, some unthaps are complaining that the Cute Chat IF Bloc feature. Since the service is complexy free, many unmarried not if they conceive until all the features can be used. BOOKOFMATCHES Evaluate every member through your assessment system. Users must have an approved image on their accounts, Almen for Power Using this function. You are already one, select the "Evaluations" card for Visualizer the Pointe of the Proposure. BOOKOFMATCHES YOU MAKE TO ASSESS THE PHOTOS OF OTHERS, see the evaluations of the hottest images, vote for the titles and review the statistics of the securities.

Main features

Let's take a look at some of the useful features of Bookofmatches:

  • Instant messaging
  • BOOKOFMATCHES offers A Internal Chat System where all members can will enter into contact with any online user / actival.

  • Audio and video
  • Using these communication tools, the untai can decide want to encounter the other person or main.

  • Personal Blog
  • You can create to blog in the page of your profil bookofmatches, which can be displayed Publicly.

  • Forum
  • Members Possonus uses the BookOfmatches Forum to ask any questions, ask advice related to appointments and discussemer any EAT algent Polytics Or sport .

  • Private messages
  • These are Directly connected to your e-mail ID personnel. This function is free for everyone.

  • Winks
  • Qusta feature Indicate Your Form of Entire Direct Verse Qualbuno. You can use this opption up under the image of Profiling of the Oute.

  • Friends and Enchi prepare
  • You can add an Accipative Profil to your "Friends" or "Prepare" lists. You will be able to contact them news without performing to search every time.

Main features


The BookOfmatches website is old style, but Consign that is free service, we won't give us a lot. You will see the links to other dating platforms HER de Ella BookOfmatches, but not infágician as pop-up ads. It is time for the service to update the website to attract more untreated since Prayer a little more obsolete.

Design and Site Navigation

The website is intuitive and easy to navigate; All important cards are positioned in the PART SUPPORT OF THE MAIN PAGE. Anchor at a time, this is in Piastorm of Free Meetings for people who have to go out without spending money; So there is not much to complain about.


Bookolfmatches has no dedicated app yet, but you can using its web version optimized for smartphones. Version Mobile combines evaluations, friends and prepare cards in the Home Quench card click on the "Home" button; These options will be visible. Version Web Offer new "boys only" option on the card Now ine, which is not present in the classic version desktop.

Customer Support

The support staff will help you if not Razci a Travar The solution to your question in the HER BookOfmatches guide section. You can contact them to report any truff activity. Unique Mode to ask for help is select the "contact" button in the background to the page page. You will be redirected to another where you can send your message to Customer Rapprestant.

Customer Support


Recording at BOOKOFMATCHES is a simple process. Each new user must fill out fields to set up as a member official. You will have to choose unique Uteen as an identity on the BookOfmatches website. You will have to provide an e-mail and key password IDs for Conflude The Phase Premium.

Registration process

After Complant. The Handicultural Handle are Field Damende related your work. You should try to be the most truthful as possible since these information will be shared advertised on the website. After completing Qusto Procoxse, you will be redirected to the Printle Pagea where you can upload up you Photo of Profil. You can answer questions yes / no, enter more details in the essays section, update the general information and use an album to upload more images. BookOfmatches offers other features How to perform personality tests, play and do much more than navigating.

Quality of Profile and User Authentication

Users as soon as Registry must not verify their transit e-mail account or ID. But the support team verifies the besence of suspicious accounts or incomplete and them eliminates. BookOfmatches reserves the right to refuse any photo or close an account be published images are not appropriate.

BookOfmatches provides quality piggies to all members. To obtain 100% quality pointory, to Uteen must dose to bookofmatches to be a person real using the site. A superior quality pointeggio to 50% indications that to profil is Walking Mol.

Profile quality and user authentication

BookOfmatches search

You can search for member using various search filters HIS BookOfmatches. You Consent Person Say. You can Ache Visualizer Who is online, Fence Order for Age, For Accession Recenti Or Order Members Choose In Region, Sex, Age, Bookofmatches State, Preferred For Cumaters And Alcohols Or See Only With Photo Profiles.

Potential contacts and prey contact

All HIS BOOKOFMATCHES profiles are highly customizable and you can use as Public Strunt. Although there are less customer reviews on the utility of service, it provides you in -oences using relevant research criteria from our daily life. You can search anyone for appointments, chats, reports series and activity with the partners your bookofmatches. This platform is a great way to start your online appointment trip. IT We recommend all sections, including essays and titles, for better matchmaking.

In addition to the instant chat and the use of audio and video tools, there are other communication modes, eat forum and private messages. Compared to similar services, bookofmatches offer to variety of communication ways to find as free functionality.

Registration options

BookOfmatches is serving free meetings without subscription plans. Users can use all the features without limitations. The website never requires payments for use any functionality, nor are there hidden costs.

Free version

The services are available for all members.

1. Access yes base Create prepare lists And it is
Create Photo Profil And it is
Send friend requests And it is
Private photo visualizer And it is
View profiles for entire And it is
Two. Research
Appears for Cousin in searches No
Save searches No
Research profiles And it is
Advanced search filters And it is
3. Communication
Start instant messaging conversations And it is
Read the emails of all members And it is
Risk with Messenger Chat Requests And it is
Send email to all members And it is
4. Profile Manage
Personalization from Profile And it is
Presents your profil No
View who has visited your profil And it is
Load video (staff) And it is
5. Matchmaking
The service sends recommended correspondences And it is
Test the personality And it is
Use matchmaking tools And it is
6. Half
Vote / Value photo And it is
7. Additional services
Chatrooms And it is
Blog and Forum And it is

Version to page

Refer to the Free Version for Full Cast of Free Functionality for All Members.

Tarfari plans

BookOfmatches does not offer any pious plane is 100% free for use the meetings.

Cancellation of the Abobe Plan

Since BookOfmatches is free for the use of the appointment service, the subscription plan cannot be canceled. You want to delete your account, select Select the opption "Help / Delete" in the Lower Party of the Main Page or from the Home tab. You will be asked to provide your password for canceling the account. A Volta Inserts The Password and click Your Send, your profile will be delete delete. You can ACCHE CONTATÍN CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE WANTS MORE DETAILS ON THE ELEIMINATION OF PHOTOES OF PROFILE AND DELELELE PERSONAL INCTIONS ON THE BOOKOFMATCHES website.

Paid version

Security and protection

Bookofmatches Proposes to its members of Lenda attention to scammers and communicating only with those untii with images of profile, details complete and quality assessments. While the Support Team performs Quality Controls Regulations and Eliminates Suspected Accounts, any Safety Different Measurement Can Protegel From Fraudulent Activity Your Bookofmatches. Users can imagine anyone to send them walking messages to the mail section and selecting Lock Qualbuna and insert the name of that person. When a blocking blocks in member, IT Impedes Simplely to receive any message type (inclusive winks, friend requests and greece) from that individe. Blocking someone not means that you can't see that you are online or what you display your profil.


BookOfmatches is at the service of free online meetings but you have to deal with strong competition. His closest competitors are Oasis.COM, Connectingsing and Mingle2.com. BookOfmatches and Connectingsingles are free, mint Oasis.Com is semi-free servibia. Mingle2.Com offers access free to the site, but it is ierary it seems for advertised privileges. All offer Freegy ConnectionShip tools, but there is a variation in terms of users. Mingle2.com has more than 300.000 members, followed by Connectingsingles with 82.000 users. Oasis.COM Has less than 50.000 Single Registry, while Bookolfmatches Has Olter 20.000 users. IT IS STAY SURROUNDING AN ALTERNATIVE TO BOOKOFMATCHES, DOESSENTS Try TINDR or Other Apps of Appointments.

Security and protection


BookOfmatches is at online platforms for person inclusive to appointments, friendship, chat or costroously if long reaction. QUOSS Service offers Many free features, thus beating other to payment websites that request an update of the subscription. Furthermore, consent to contacters other e-mail tramits and is not personsary pome extra dollars. The website is obsolete, but it's easy to navigate. Trav The other free meetings services that claim to provide many features, BOOKOFMACTCHES IF DISTINGUISH as Says the truth about the functionality is offered. You are attentive to budget and desidori to website with an ucupa spears of appointments free online, bookofmatches is sycted for you.

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