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Blued Recention 2022

Blued review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 51%
Quality match 89%
Popular age 25-35
Profile 1 200 000
Rate of replied 86%
Facilitated Use 8.3
Popularity 9.0
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Blued Users IF recorded even here:

Pro and Control

  • To 100% gay platform: the site provides online encounter services to gay community. There are no female profiles, the Chee makes perfect for serious men who near to meet other gay people.
  • The Group's function: The Web site offers to group group Tramit The app in which the offsets can send and share videos as a community. Community-based chats extend your search for suitable men.
  • Live function: unlike other gay platforms where the chat is the communication function, blued.Com efefer from live chat. You can videocap and transmit your best moments to stream your talents.
  • Rapid and simple registration procedures: registration is simple and does not require hours like other sites. You can register Entered 10 minutes and get in touch with countless gay men.
  • Economic: the services to the page provided by the site are exceptional but cheap. It is convenient I Will Pay on the ABBOAME plan and video plans.
  • No security guarantee outside of the site: the website does not protect the antithes beyond to put them in contact with suitable partners
  • App's schiacioration: the app to turn IF anomalous arrest mode, negatively influencing on the overall Website functionality.
  • Fali and scam profiles: the HAS website promsed that there are no fraud profiles houses, but we have found some in our research.
  • Negative reviews: the website has received negative reviews from previous previous ones who are complained of its poor functionality.
  • It is not a free website: for personalizing personalize and real with to suitable partner, you have to will pay to adhesion plan.

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The Blued Dating site was launched in 2012 and is Divincent to PYATTAFORMA popular for young gays. With over 40 million registry members around the world, it is diverse to Common Platforms for the largest part of the young beautiful people on other men. It is available mainly eating app, but the module of the website works well.

But Blueed is the right dating site for you? To obtain answers to this question, you will have to dig deep into the Internet to get all the information. The good Thing for you is that we have made you can get all informs Him His Blued.com. Read this blued repensation article and you will not have to fight with mediocre information found on websites.

Review Blued - Legit or Scam?

EAT works blued?

Blued.com works by making use of suitable partner men who adapt to the interverse parrots and needs. Cross one strunt chat and video, the only ones can communicate with the people with they were matched. This site is Schlubive for men and there are no authorized women access to gay dating services. People Possume Search for suitable dates based on position, age and other search options Use to PaiataForma from. If you can say CH This site oriented towards gays and suitable for serious men and that close of Hundedi with other men at the Wire.

People's analysis

The Blue Dating site is a social phytworm that is addressed to the gay community. All the members who know are 100% gays and are looking for Say to some relationship types. The largest part of the Registry members from the web falls into the range of age 25-35. These men are in their active years and they are fence something serious. The platform accepts people of all breeds, and therefore is a supplier of multiculture gay services.

Over 70% of Members Comes from Asian countries Eats Korea of ​​South, Vietnam and China. Extends its services ACHE outside Asia by providing gay services to European countries and the United States. We find that both at with headquarters meetings around the world of Because of the vast area of ​​Copera that it is to combine men. The Globe Coverage and the presence of young people make it ideal for people who close gay flirting and random meetings.

All Sommatian, we can say ch blued.Com is related to the websites to gays that was created for ainuarte to make ahead is gay services to men interest. The site is impartial in terms of registration of members. You have to be singles at least 18 years for dividing in a member.

Public analysis


You can transcire your free time using these functionality your blued.com. Help to provide more emozuna and closer among you and your suitable partner.

  • About Has Enjection Your function: This function connected to know and visualizer people who visit your profil. It is therefore possible will created to connection with the person suitable attractive special featic.
  • Live function: this function connected to users to stream their most unique moments from displays to the meetings site. You can enjoy a guest, to star or creator of your spectle. It is the Carattia Main of Web and En Consisting of Riverrale your best mall to suitable partners.
  • Groups: You can unusi or I will Believe to group to communicate EATS to Community. These groups are usually formed based on your position or to yours. In each case, you can enjoy a wide chat of the gay community.
  • Fast Messaging: Tramit Quick Chat function, members can interact Processes to Piattain Video. Users are soltly combined based on the language they speak. Ensemble The Parties must accept VIDEUCKY E, ENTER 15 seconds, you can decide will Continue or Main.
Main features

Facilitated azure use

The Website offers to Fantastic Speeding of appointments suitable for men of all ages. The site has used a simple English language to allow users to recretre different features without difficulty. Also, all search features are provided on the website. Looking for and get to Corressdeza is as well as said and just a few seconds to get the results descended. The overall site functionality is user-friendly and missure to offer the best spectual of online meetings for men.

Usability and Azzurrati Design

The Blued website was created for the Modern man and Coming Fendito with One Special Design of Layout which is Squiquito but simple to use. The Design Presents to Politage Environment and Simple Using White and Blue Colors. In.

All features are provided on the official website and you can use for access to different appointments. Chat functionality, especially, helps untai to communicate and learn about other people at the Steo. The chat cabin has a cartoon function that warns the alms of unsuitable messages.

Blued.Com makes it simple and immediate for the untii families with different features. The design is made to be used by anyone and there are no comprafted processes involved with the inspiration. For Register, the Will created to Personalizate Profile and I'll Paid An Abobeame is Eats had already been done for you.

Usability and Blue Design

The azure application

A mobile app for Ilite Web Blued.Com is available and can be downloaded and install for free from all. The good Thing is that the app is compatible with the most part of the telephone and ocu. It is not a weighing app that can influence on the functionality of your telephone.

Get Gay Meeting Services It is possible to travel the app as features of all the features of the web in common place. It is important to emphasize that Chesta App is suitable for moving people.

Customer care

Customer support for this website is available 24 hours HIS 24, 7 days HIS 7 and can be reached Tramit the website. Users with damende can do formal high technician request for assistance. These guys are ready to restrue and help users to solve their damande. The answer to your richist requires a maximum of 24 hours. In terms of usability and simplicity, the Blue Site.Com Has A Vivace and Effica System Customer Assistance.

Customer care

Process of registration and creation of the profil

Regill and get to Profile Customizo is not a complicated process. You need Say to laptop and at Fort Internet connection to start the whole process. At the time of registration, Informancei is required Yes Her Base A few minutes are needed to complete everything. The account verify is not to must and the use site Special Technology AI to detect any fraudulent and fali accounts. PERT, it's not necessary that you Worry to enter contact with related account to trufffe.


Registration is simple and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes. It is Messario provide unique Uteen and password complash to register. So you are asked for insert to captcha that you are not to robot. All this is easily realable and should take less two minutes.

At the time of registration, it is not Messario provide the profines number Say Phone or e-mail address. The largest part of the appointment sites requires people to give this, but Hanigno facilitated this process for you. Registration should not be to Bonovious Process and these guys have been assured that it is not.

After completing any procedures, you will be immedied to be addressed to different pages where you will ask you to provide basic informances. Informatons like your Puenno, Nickname ethnicity are needed to complete the registration process.

This is what you need for HIS Blued Register.com. It is in Process quite simple and we have not found any complicated process. Now you should be posted for creating to profily customie that will be asked in the scene of gay meetings.

Verify profile and procedures

Your plays profile based fundamental to get the most out of this gay site. Yes recommends to people interests to load photo clear and vivid for Creamn to custom profile. You will be visible to the vast gay community crosses these carecate images.

Remember the WILL Believe a Beautiful Description of Te Stheso. Intends your personality. In this mode, you create to Profily Custom Available Only for you.

Verifying The Profil Comes effected by IT professionals hired by this platform. These people have been professional years in the scene of online and know how to detect false profiles. IT IS ILU your profil is plus, you will be automatedly rejected by univitable to the PSForma. The Verify process requires at maximum Mino di a day.

Your profile was verify, now you're a step by finding the man of your dreams. Getting services in this platform proved to be as simple as recording and verifying profiles is simple.

Profile and verification procedures

Blued search

At a time you have approved and your blued profile.com works, it's time that you're looking for suitable gay people. You will be directed to One page Suggestions of countless gay men who could peats. You can eps.

He is you like to tall and man, the search function will provide suggestions for these people. Look for Uom suitable with blued.Com is a simple compound that EAT adapted to your charters and specific needs.

Correspondence and Chat Your Blueeed

Compared to other websites related to men, Blued USES AN APPROBRICE Different to match people. Non-function "My like" function Its Quossy Site and Uttery can Will Follow Posts from other people suitable for notictors. Communication takes place Tramitit Public groups and private video sharing. You want to publish your best videos, you have to invite your contacts for private interaction.

The chat concent to communication faster and more effective. Is available only for people who have subscriptions of abbonage. The creators of the web site they understand that not everyone can access to PC and, as such, a site app was created. The app is easy to download and has all the features in the Site.

Correspondence and chat on blued

What are the finishing plans for services?

The Meeting Services Supplier for Men Offerer Two Hymon Options for Hyme Interest People. These plans differ in terms of USE and Thing functionality you can and you can't do. These subscription options are free and page. Let's give one look aprophonate to what they provide and Carican.

Free basket floor

Free Version of this site offers maximum commercial registration and creation Comfortable profile. Yes sends anache to consent to users to broadcast live streaming, send messages and have private chats. We believe that basket is not in some family fashions because the greater part of websites charges these services. After registration, you will know much better Qusta Part by Blued.com.

Paid floor

PAGE services such as sending virtual gifts and the publication of comments on live streaming are available here. With this plan, the likes can do everything they want to do with the website. There is no limit to the Number of services to which you can access with ABOAME plan.

What are the costs for blue?

Imagine that you will be wondering, what are the costs for the highest services your blued.com? We came across these prices provided for various levels of services.

  • 42 credits: addibited of 0.02 USD for Credit for Total of 0.99 USD
  • 125 credits: addes of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 2.99 USD
  • 420 credits: addes of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 8.99 USD
  • 550 credits: charge of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 12.99 USD
  • 1.106 credits: charge of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 23.99 USD
  • 1.386 credits: to addes of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 29.99 USD
  • 1.695 credits: an charge of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 39.99 USD
  • Two.540 credits: An charge of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 59.99 USD
  • 4.116 credits: an charge of 0.02 USD / Credit for Total of 89.99 USD

Interruption of the Abobe Blued plan

You are not receiving the right services you were concerning, not worry your actualbe abbonment to pay and opra for the best plan. To obtain this, we encounter that users must contact customer support service. You will have to write to a formal richista to cancel your plan and the reasons. They are needed from 3 to 5 working days so that your Richasta as managing and approved.

Getting the right services is the Maina Maise for Family With a Platform of Meetings. We hope these informations help you if you sign up for this website of gay community.

Interruption of the Blued subscription plan

Blue securezz and protection

The Website offer at Solid Security to users and you can block people who don't pace you. The HAS site at DETPLIATA PRIVACY INFORMATION that COMES FOLLOWED RIGOROUSLY. Read this section to get all the specific security mechanisms that the Web site has excreted for PROTEGENCY your users. We have not encountered any security problems and believe that Blueed is Sicituro's site.

Competitors and Azzurrati alternatives

Countless dating platforms for men have served the gay community. All these service providers boast to make use of the best services for the gay community. It is true that they work almost at the steo but differs in the price and additional services. Here are the Maini Rivali di Blued.com that b we have encountered.

  • Hornet
  • Grindr


We hope you have learned and obtained all information His Qusto Popular Gay Dating Channel. The decision to sign up and less is yours and we are pleased to have helped you get all the ones you have biso.com. Follow us to read other recurrences your different meetings sites.

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