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BLK recension 2022

BLK review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 95%
Quality match 94%
Popular age 18-26
Profile 1 800 000
Rate of replied 93%
Facilitated Use 8.Two
Popularity 9.6
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

BLK IF users recorded even here:

Pro and Control

  • A Community Clubs for Neri Singles
  • You can customize your preferences as you wish
  • You have the chance to get back to the game to offer Parro to second possibilities
  • The function of Potenziament Profile Connects to evaluate your profile Eat One of the best profiles every month
  • No ad or promotion
  • No filter for the distance in the current Version
  • The age filter does not work semper
  • Difficulty in the updates unless the actual abbonive is not finish

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Affinity Apps, LLC possesses BLK. Is a of the best apps to satisfy the black community. The App Connest to users to encounter single blacks in the location and, if Sell click, Junche Puseon to scan things the following level. The app works by scrolling to the left to pass and verse right to add my like to profile. ACHE the other uteen scrolls to the right, is in CorressPondence and both Pushono starts chatting to see where they bring.

The black is unique and there is something irresistible in black women and men. While there is nothing wrong with placing white and brown people, for some, nothing but another Black Guy Handhe. This is because men and women of color are intelligent, impertinent, sexy and adventurous at the weather.

Translude confidence, which others find themselves attractive, and manage to raise envy in the others with their carismatic slender as soon as in a room. The men and women of color spinning in their ethnic and and are proud of what they are, and the Blk Dating app is to celebration of this uniqueness.

The App content to black singles to meet and choose appointments partners from their community and find someone similar with similar.

EAT works BLK?

Blk is an app about appointments in which the user can scroll left or right to travel or like anyone. DOOPE THAT A NEW USER IF HE IS REGISTRY ON THE APP, HE MUST LOAD AT PHOTO AND SAYS TO PRESEZIONE.

The App suggests matches and is Proposal to Profil, can Will Show the profine Interest Fracing Click on the "heart" icon in the profil. The other person passes attracted your profile to her turn and makes you pierce, the profiles are matched and convenations can inaccord.

At the same time mode, the Know If You Pass Your Approach, to User can scroll verse sinisra or press the "x" icon on the profil. The profile will slip to the side to make post to one new. The Connest app users to customize your profiles and preferences, and can scroll through the various suggested profiles to choose their potential ABBINATION.

The Has App in size of 192.3 MB downloaded from Apple Store and requires iOS 10.3 or later versions. The app is ACHE compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. In the homes where you download the App Your One Smartphone Androd from the Google Play Store, the ECuperà One Space App of 44 MB and will require Android 5.0 to up. The HAS app received at classification by age of 17+.

People's analysis

BLK HAS A SOLID COMMUNITY. Today is undoubtedly the leading app for black singles. Users Ornament The Elegant and Food Fashion and adorn the fact of not having to navigate between white or Asian profiles for access to black profiles Your other apps.

Users have assigned to the Pinteggio of 4 app.2 Your Google Play Store and 4.5 Your Apple Store. The number of community members is in Cassaria Income because the App Comes from RNA Arche in other languages. Besides in the UR, the app is already available asian in Spanish.


The BLK appointments app has some unique features that distinguish it from the other apps of appointments. In addition to scroll to the left and right to refuse or put I like to profil, what is the interstant here is that the app BLK OFFER ACHE A 'REWIND' option, Available with Version Premium of the app with which uteen can return To profil that he or had previously refrained.

This because there hundreds of profiles to browse and choose, if could refuse Premium Profile, but Cabbage Sindus then, IF might fly RECHNING WITH THE STERSSO PROFIL IN A SECOND MOMENT. Or it could be that stent may seem to be lictal in the first conversation, but you could communicate to give him second possibility and communicate with him again.

The second possibilities can be crucial because it is not sequerad. To flip, more than few cousin can be needed than the right agreements VENDGE. BLK offer to its untai the chance to return to what they had inisially appreciated in which can be sure of the Senk.

Furthermore, BLK Portal The "My likes" concepttt to subsequent Livest. User can only scroll to the right to indicate if he likes to profil in any other Apps of Appuntamenti. However, since the apps of appointments have profiles in Manytiotini, EATS to a unhealthy member who likes to Profile Profile Mold more than the others that Has unconscious? Like Pusion Expresors who didn't slide his finger to the right houses but they are sincerely interested to specific profil?

BLK makes everything simpler consent to users to send the answer "My really like" Tramit The Version Premium of the app. This passes the message that the user is interests and that the Recipient IF profiles is different in the sea of ​​profiles.

With Version Premium, the smart ones can send 5 "My like it really" every day, together I like unlimited, no advertising and also have the opportunity to increase profile for 30 minutes every month, thanks to which the profile has the possibility of receive maximum paid attention.

With Version Elite of the app, you can enjoy all the advantages of the Version Premium and check immediate all the untai to whose piracial is your profil.

Corresponding quality

The BLK HAS app to exceptional correspondence quality and the profiles are suggested on the filter of the age. However, some intites believe that the addition of a filter would subsequently loves the trifiest. To flip.

The conversion

The Blk App Not Conted to a User of Pub Versals Or The Comments Its Another on the Ute App. This for Avoid that mistreated user profiles are offended in the homes where you have been rejected.

Corressdeza preferences

The BK provides profile suggestions based on user preferences. A new user must die end from the beginning I know I know how many male, females and with which age, she would like to interact and the suggestions are sent to connect.

How Blk works

BLK ease

Users found that BLK is a simple and comfortable app to navigate. The App provides functionality series, but does not complicate the interface, lasting the unthights free to engage in their Maina navigation and chat committee, without any lobby.

Design and usability of The Website

The USE of the App BLK IF IT TRANSLATES IN A FUNNY AND PERSONS RELESSANT EXPERIENCE. The app is designed to be trendy and classic and navigation is simple. The pages of the app have a darker tone, which gets a mesh and the refinement of the app.

BARDE DAY, BLK can be USE EAT APP, downloadable Smartphone Tram. NON WAS A Web Site, but Version Desktop can be downloaded Your to Computer Apple from Apple Store is the Pihattain of the Operating System Comes updated.

Customer care?

Blk Features at Powerful Suppose Customers and Problems are solved promptly. Any Claima Gives Party to User can be presented to [Email & # 160; Protected] One Uteen Presents Claim Control to Profil, you can report it and the app blocks the WAS profile there is preda provides.

Ease of use of BLK

Profilial user registration process

The BLK app registration process is simple relatively and requires very little time. New user must provide some details to complete account configures.


For Regibars with Blk, the Uteente must use an e-mail valid ID. It is Messario provide essential informances such as name, e-mail address and a new password. At a time the IF user is Registry, the CREATED ACCOUNT CREATED and the UNITENT must provide AMBARAGE OF PROFILE, specifice the position and indicate your preferences of CORRESONDEZA.

Quality and Verify The Profil?

BLK NEAR SAY GARK that none of the UAH Each Falks accounts, Reason for which each user must submit to a process of verification check that the account configureration is full.

It's Still to connect to the e-mail address or how to send an otp to the contact number. Users Possum ACHE Consult the detailed privacy information of the app to obtain a clear picture of the princes adopted to safeguard the personal informances of the utentives.

BLK registration procedure and user profile

Blk search

BLK users cannot end in the App in search Say to partner profile. The app provides the profile suggestions based on age preference and the position provided by the one. However, once to correspond it was created and the offenses are found in the other's List chat, members can always go back to chat with parrot every time they want.

Blk search

Chiacchery and combining

The chat and Abbination Your BLK process is like any other apps app. However, the utentives suggest to aggrand other filters to make the process of payment even better as they believe that age should not be the only Criteria During The CorressPondence of Profiles.

BLK chats and combinations

Registration options

There are three types of opptions that can be USES HIS BLK. Free inspiration, premium and elite. However, it is not possible to upgrade or the downgrade of the Account from Premium to Elite and Vice Pours End to the Execution of the Immediate Abobeamea Plan. Withl elite package, you can remove the mester and see all the spectators to which it is pyrucied.

Free version

The BK app can be downloaded and install for free. This does not require objections. In this version, Pushon's offenses send my like but they can't see at Chi Pission at a time halo. Only Once the profiles were combined you can start conversations.

Abbonage to page

The premium and elite upgrades of the app can be used Paying the Secuente TARF:


The price of the Version Premium is the following app Comes downloaded from Apple Store.

  • My like - pack of 5 $ 2.99
  • My like - pack of 25 $ 9.99
  • My like - package Gives 60 $ 17.99
  • Boost - pack of 5 $ 7.99
  • Boost - 1 pack $ 1,99
  • Boost - pack of 10 $ 11.99
  • 1 month HAS premium subscription at a price of $ 9.99
  • The three-month HAS premium subscription at a price of $ 14.99
  • The six-month HAS premium subscription at a price of $ 23.99
  • For a month of elite registration, the price is $ 19.99

Upgrade subscriptions are renewed automatically from the APP a day before the end of the abonation cum and any modifiers can be managing Tramitit the account ivisters after the QQuasteo.

Subscription cancellation

Any user can will continue to use the BLK Free app, but if you want to get more from the app, upgrade to premium or elite versions. They can still choose to downgrade of your account to Free Version not renew the updates after the Journal of Abbonage. However, it is not possible to downgrade of the per half account and wait for the end of the aggent period.

On the other part, IS a disapaccriberate user disabled the prior account BLK, can warde to page of the account halls and click Your Disable Account. Reasons could be requested on the Reason for which you de Unind Remove the right account and developers as feedback to better. In the homes where Athe you want to return to the PicatformformformForm Blk, he is free of I Will Believe Another account.

BLK registration options

Security and protection

App developers respect the privacy of their members and therefore strong cryptographies are in place for restricted mainiterate the personal data provided by the utentives. No chat message can be leaked from the app and users must accept the set of terms and conditions at https: // www.Blk-app.COM / EN / TERMS-OF-USE .

Users should Ache Will Consult the privacy information at https: // www.Blk-app.COM / IN / PRIVACY-POLICY To get a clear idea of ​​Prcautions of the Prediction Privacy Privacy.

Safety and protection BLK

Competitors and alternative BLK

ESISON ACHE Several apps that turned to people cancer details:

  • Spark: Spark is quite popular these days and is an app designs specifically for Latin. Those who want to go out with noisy latin man or at Latina Sexy Pushon find here their uncontrolst of dreams. The greatest part of the app's owners are Spanish and Mexicans, but possum to register as other than Near Latin partner.
  • Meetings for singles curvy: Those who love formose and big women will find the most beautiful women here. The app is thought for color that no aft of fear to show off the grill.
  • Christian meetings: Christian Dating is Thinking for color that I think for Fortono in their faith and want to look for someone in similar Prospetiv. This app is Three for the most conservative people who near signature relations and users talk about their faith and religion, among other sews, to know each other.
Competitors and alternative BLK


The BLK app had created a lot of chalpee in the black community and its popularity is in Continued Increase. With so many color people around that want to find someone similar with which to go out, go out with some.

The HAS AN ELEGANT APP APPEARANCE AND REDSE TO MAINTAIN THE INTERTET OF URSTS. The app is available in many countries of the world and with the new suggestions and inputs of the utystyers, the app will be a leader in its niche.

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