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Blackplanet recension 2022

Blackplanet review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 68%
Quality match 90%
Popular age 18-25
Profile 1 000 000
Rate of replied 90%
Facilitated Use 7.7
Popularity 9.1
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Blackplanet IF users record ACHE Qu Q:

Pro and Control

  • The method of creation of the accocation is easy and fast
  • All features are Available Free
  • Status updates are inserted in color color
  • The site is quite fluid and simple
  • Customer support is Mollo Effective
  • The largest part of the ads here cannot be ignored
  • Non-Has safety function platform
  • You will find many false profiles here

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Blackplanet is on online dating communities created apps to satisfy afro-american citizens. Although services are all offered to absolute zero costs, you may see some ads on web pages. Here you can Socialize through public forums and private messaggistic works. ACHE WAS you could see some advertisements regarding work offers, members Comes often remembered that these posts are not verified for authenticity from the platform and can be of Will Present to question.

If you say what Blackplanet both to the largest online communities for African-Americans and its Main scope is to provide to Piathana for men and women to find love, or at least socializing for friendship and networking. The site is operative gives a little time and is at the first online socializing community of niche for blacks.

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EAT works Blackplanet

Blackplanet is in Site of online dating Dedator that meets the needs of blacks around the world, in Particular in America. The Pyathana is composed of more to a million uters. There are some data on the functionality and blackplanet's public.

People's analysis

In the "Stories" section you will see many news articles; Although not as updated frequently, you will see that many members often leave their comments. Although only site moderators possibly publish new articles, you can share your thoughts Tramit the comments boxes. The largest part of the topics listed here concern the famous African American icons and celebrities; However, some problem Eat death of Anthony Bourdain and Harvey Weinstein alms were published here.

Blackplanet has about 200.000 users from the United States themselves. With more than 50.000 active users, you will see more untheared feminine sex than males; The first comment will always comment on the articles, update their States and advertis loor photo. Meanwhile, male members most often use messaging features and chat rooms. The largest members part here has a tablet between 18 and 24 years. It is rare to find members of age to exceed 55 years.

Public analysis


Blackplanet is at social chat site with different features to make interracations more memorable and flirt with other members. Some of these features include:

  • Chat room

You will be in the Grade of I Will Enter in any public chat and discussion various topics with other members. Quste Discussions can help you make friends. Chat Room paracipation is free.


This tab will allow you to check what at Her. Analogue to other social networking sites, you can put my like and commend these posts for Increas.

  • Stories

This card will show you the latest stories and events on African American celebrities. You have the possibility to add Sits these articles and discussion your thoughts HIS of them even with other members.

  • Notes

You will have the possibility to create messages similar to love letters; Can be incorporated with the photo. Because this feature can be used free, you can send all the notes you want.

Main features

Blackplanet use ease

Blackplanet is Sales One of the best chat video sites for Blacks in America and the world. The Piastforma is simple from cupcannsive, use and surf. The General Design. The site is also known to offer the best assistance to its customers.

Website Design & Usability

Both the website and mobile versions of Blackplanet are updated regularly. Because BlackPlanet is one of the first reality sites to satisfy the social institutions of Afro-American. Developers ensure that the site remains the first of the class when IF features functionality and aesthetics. The General Design.

BlackPlanet mobile application

Blackplanet has its App Dedates for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app was very preceded for its usability. The mobile app greatly resembles its version desktop, which reduces at the minimum apprecimiment curves. Apps can be downloaded free for iOS and Android Tramit Apple App Store and Google Play.

ACHA All the features of the app are free. The app has been optimized and updated regularly. Thanks to the design and functionality of the old school, you won't have problem or problem in using the mobile app.

Alternatively, you can access Blackplanet Access Accesses from the Web of the Mobile Device browser; You can use this function the app slows down or PROBLEM PRESENTS.

Customer care

Naturally, you will be Sicury and doubt Torment, when you use the services provided by online meetings sites. Forticely, Blackplanet is to Piathana that offers the best supposed customer service. Customer Support Agents are available 24 hours HIS 24, 7 days HIS 7 and they will make of them better to solve all your doubts and Damende.

You can contact the blackplanet administrators e-mail tramit. Because the site operates for business, you will not find any telephone from Telephone Available. All your damaging must be sent via e-mail and to each will be provided to replied or solution Adjuda.

Alternatively, your Blackplanet you will find anache to dedicated section to the FAQ. Quu you can search for answers to all the questions you have. The FAQ Consists of a cast of questions that are post-attently by other Utrisei. All damande are ordered in Category where you can find what you're cleaning more comicly and easter.

Customer care

Profilial user registration process

A of the best features of Blackplanet is that it is a record-breaking process is quite simple. All you have to have are some basic details you have to type and an image for your photo gives viralize; You have them, you're in place!


The will created to profil that your blackplanet is very simple. If you are new member, all you have to do is fill out important personal informances and necessary. The total recording process supplement should not take more than two minutes.

The HAS website Recaptcha that prevented the spam bots to access Piathathana. The registration process requires information as a date of birth, sex, email address, uteen name and password.

Quality and Verify The Profil

You can choose to view all the photos uploaded in the albums. Can you comment on post public, do you have no friend of users who uploaded the post. Since the site does not require the addition of detaches Olre to basic computer, you can find many members with incomplete profiles.

Blackplanet profiles differ in certain aspects from those of normal meetings sites. Your every profile you will see:

  • Name Uteen: non-rapprest the real name of the member; So you can just imagine it. However, names are more useful because some people not if SENSERY at ease in the riverver their real names. The content name content to qeste people to open up to the communication and actary to speak without the fear of receiving social disapproval, offense or injuries.
  • Image of profile: this is the image of the quote. I don't have the chance to open the photo to Greatness Nature, you can always ask the user more. The Guaranage site that none of its members realizes images of repertoire and photography of celebrity EAT Image of Profil.
  • Brief Description: Qu, members usually write some lines that desbrit the parro personality and the objectives of the communication. You will find Ache some users who leave to funny notes, which can be a good form of expression of thought; Chest shows that the user has sense of humor and is not too narcissistic with sex. You can choose from Modified The Brief Description in any moment, in Display Mode to other members your current mood or Station Station doing Pray.
  • Multicultural post cast: this section may remember Pinterest; Represents images or pharosis. However, here you will see more happy writings that graphics, since the site is done for the smartest communication than to discuss photo and images.
Quality and verification of the profile

Blackplanet search

Blackplanet Offer One Strunty search free. Looking for people near your location is simple because the site offers search filters Postal code, age, sex, etc. You can connect other postcodes that are not yours; Quest allows you to search for members out of your zones.

Trovei Ache Three important sections on the website: Who's Online, Popular Users and Popular Posts. In these sections, you can watch posts and verify which members are receiving more attention. This is good mode to speak with strangers. You want your name to appear even in Quest Lift, you have to make sure your posts and images receive many I like and comments.

Combine and chat

All BlackPlanet messaging features are free. You can publish to message in a bulletin board where people can add their comments. You can get messages (called notes) in the photo. Previously acennate, the site hanche to function stories that will give you all the informances you are concerning on the famous color characters.

Only moderators can Will Create to Chat Room; However, they can be excreted by all. These chat rooms can be ordered based on the position, gender preferences and age. You will discover that the largest part of the people here are educated and friendly during conversations. You will notice a different job ads in chat rooms; Almost all the rooms have at least a work announcement packed gives in a member.

On the Main Website. These images including images of members or questions or dichariations. Quste Questions and images are one of the many ways to contact with the other member. This model attraction model responding to their questions is almost similar to other social media sites; Adley, you can give my like and leave comments on other members posts. Tutavia, you can't republish anything HIS Blackplanet.

Some communication methods inclusive the following.

  • Hit invident
  • I Will Follow To User For Verify What New SHE Has loaded
  • Lasting my like HIS these posts
  • Lasting comments His these posts
  • Direct messaging
Pairing and chat

Subscription options

Eat Acennato, over the above, the site offers its free services. You don't have to promise services for using. This Means that you can send all the messages you want without cost concercpting. You don't have to use any Type of Abbonamea.

Subscription cancellation

There aren't a few buttocks of Who His Blackplanet Abboasi, cancel your plans is out of discussion. The onica you can cancel here Your Blackplanet is your account, Chuo Be Easy TraMit The Settings option.

Security security

Blackplanet is to Social Site that a lot of the serious the His Sicurezz. Adley, The Pathana Uses The Recaptcha Function For Guarantee that Every New Uteen Exceeding Verifies Test. With the help of him, Rarely you will find Bot and Profiles Spam His Blackplanet. Furthermore, the Guanarage site is that all the personal informances on the member are protected and blocked at the internal servers.

Blackplanet also "instructs" its members HIS EAT MANTERE THE COMMUNITY BRONE AND RELEASE FROM FALS AND SPAM. Be a member is agressive or offensive to you, you can contact customer support and complain about him / her. The site will therefore act immediately against that uteen, banning the profil of him Immediate, temporaryously or definitely, Sweet of Golden.

Security security

Blackplanet alternatives and competitors

Blackplanet is to Lunch Creature Mainly for Blacks. There are not many sites that IF turn only to a group specific. However, it is for some Motif you don't like Blackplanet, you can use the following Alternative black meetings sites.

  • Interracialdatingcentral

InterracialDatingCentral is an excellent online meetings for blacks. However, you will find Untai of different ethnias. The Pyathana boasts a large database of Ueri.

  • Afraromance

Another online dating site for African-Americans, Afraromance, Offer Caratti Caratti Excellent, whether you are concernating an adventure, a Say adventure a night, in relation to long end and Pezzle the Marriage.

  • Neri IF meet

Black People Meet is to Piathana who satisfies the different emergence of Africans all over the world. The site will help you look for new friends, random meetings and even lasting relationships. This site offers many features that you will find in the largest part of online meetings sites.



DOO MANY CUISINE, IF can say that Blackplanet is one of the best meetings today, especially you are a person of color that Lives in America. It is for fun and popular meetings site. The interface is quite simple and can be EASILE COMPRESSED AND USED. The offer offers simple and foreign contact functionality.

Blackplanet concentrates all his attention to usability. Since the Site Has a Simple Design, The Picatforma Guarantee. It won't test your patience to learn and understand Thing Has to offer all the Site.

While the largest part of these sites that if they turn to a gatetorne group requires you pay for services, blackplanet is to flat chef all free. Is Surrounding in Site I have a simple records process. Blackplanet is pretty safe and protected and one of the best dating sites for Neri today on the market.

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