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Be2 Recention 2022

BE2 Review 2022
For the purpose of the site
Public Activalan 54%
Quality match 95%
Popular age 23-28
Profile 1 400 000
Rate of replied 85%
Facilitated Use 8.8
Popularity 8.4
FRAUD Mol rarely
Registration Free
I can visit the site

Be2 IF users record ACHE QUNE:

Pro and Control

  • The site has an algorithm of unique correspondence.
  • I am a personality test to optimize the matches.
  • You will not have to deal with fali accounts.
  • Premium members have access to efficient messaging features.
  • The prices for ABBOAME PREMIUM plans are high.
  • Some profiles have blurry photos.

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Be2 combines meetings between men and women for more than 15 years. It is to Piathana of reliable meetings, who has users all over the world. This German site appeared on the market in 2004. Nowadays, it has gained a reputation in about 40 countries. Many couples have found love and friendship through Be2.

The HAS site in Unique Algorithm to match the right people in a brief period. However, you want to access the most efficient features, you must get Premium Abbonment. Allows you to receive. Unfortunately, standard members can not do so many sews on the appointment platform. They are limits to navigation profiles. Notes that there are many profiles with censored faces. It is one of the main motifs for which the most part of the members decides to water to premium abbonment. Legging The Security BE2 recommended, you will have a clear idea of ​​site meeting site worth your money and your time.

Review of Be2

EAT works BE2?

  • Premium users have access to the most efficient features.
  • The streaming of Abbination Analyzed the results of the Test of the personality.
  • You can use numerous search filters for tropping compatible partners.

A DUE user Will Import to search filter and wait 24 hours to obtain in Series of correspondences. You want to test the whole potential of this premium dating site, you must buy a subscription plan. You will have access to interaction features with other singles. It is easy to receive and send private messages to potential appointments. You can add the most valuable friends to the prepare list.

Be2 offfre DIVERY WAYS TO TRACK Matches. The first mode is to check the correspondences, which is based on your compatibility. All recommended matches are updated every 24 hours. You should keep an eye on these suggestions. Notes that each suggested member has unique indicator and certificum number that represents the compatibility rate. You should accounting the members, who have in Green Goods. Means that tau compatibility is pikettostum high. You Saw an indicator of red, it Means that you and your potential appointment do not have Mold in common. You should prove attention to the numbers indicated, which are the compatibility rate. If you want to live a positive experience in appointments, you should choose the highest quality.

People's analysis

  • There are 766.000 million users worldwide.
  • The gender equilium is of 57% of female profiles and of 43% of male profiles.
  • The largest registry of reader members part find lasting love relations.
  • There are many intites from various European countries.
  • The FILTER site fali profiles and removes them immediately.

The largest number of Registry Comes From members from Europe. The members of the BE2 meetings are incredibly different in terms of sex and age. It is at the service of effective Matchmaking that helps single men and women find potential partners for Relations Series. You will not find many unwinds Premium because of high prices for premium subscription plans.

Be2 states that the number of items around the world is 766.000. Tutauia, some resources affirm that the number is much higher. The problem is that the administrators of Be2 infuls the Parrot Utter database, in the Case Troubo Inactive profiles and Falfi.


Be2 offer to its members Registration in Series of unique carattiors. You should test them and try to improve your Speak.

  • Just Ask Feature

Using the following function, you have the right to set different domages for your potential matches. You can cast for these predefined damses, who will help you discover many details of yours in Uom Single With you want to go out. Furthermore, this contents function of uninstarished conversation without words without words and strange. It is a characteristic use for timid people who do not have the confidence in themselves to take the first step towards lost who likes. This feature will do all the work for you. So relaxed, sit and wait for upcoming answers. As soon as you see people react, и ill-moment giblo to start new conversation session.

  • Index BE2 function

Activating this function, allow Be2 to take to advanced calculation between the results of the test of your personality and the profiles of other people. Your personality will be marked with respect to potential partners. You should use this function to evaluate the rate of perfect compatibility with other singles on the site. Don't forget that all these values ​​are quite relative. You can read UNDERTERIORIO INFORMATION HER This function in the section called "Underteriorin details on the Corressdeza".

Main features

Be2 ease of use

Be2 welcomes people from different nationalities, professions, sexual orientations, age groups. The interface is user-friendly. You will find Easily all the functions. So people who are not PC speedi will not find problem to use the platforms.

Website Design & Usability

The web design of the BE2 dating platform is simple and well organized. At the beginning, you will not have to deal with complex or advanced functionality. The HAS dating site a pair of main cards in the main menu. The two functions are called "correspondences" and "Inbox of the messages", which are displayed by fantastic icons. Do not appear Receive new Message Private or in Corressdeza, the Visualizes to Notified website, which frame a bubble. Ti paciera The main color palette, which is to Mix of Rose, White and Gray. These are colors suitable for meetings site. However, you will not find imaginative details in the Web Design of the Desktop or Mobile App.

BE2 mobile application

  • The Utters undergo Test of The Personalita During the USCrezo of the app.
  • The registration process on the app is faster than the Version Desktop.
  • The greater part of the Utteri Has a nice feedback on its expected.
  • You will find the same functionality set of the Version Desktop.
  • The mobile app does not have a chat option.
  • You can download free be2 app from the Apple or Google online stores.

YOU WANT TO TRY THE MOBILE APPLICATION BE2, you will find the same functionality set of the Version Desktop of the Meeting site. You will have a mobile appointment experience, Eat make the other members of Be2. You will find well organize functions in the top side menu. Has Been need Be2 settings, you will find the menu on the right Laval of the screen.

Been to Version Desktop of Pathana Be2, you know that all potential matches Vengon Insert in A Cast Was Structures. The app shows your potential dates in a view to two columns, which shows the picture, the name, age, the potenteggio of your compatibility and the place where you live.

Sane Open the profile of a member, you can see that the image occupies almost all the screen of your mobile device. Do not show up to move to a little lower to view the details about the person you like and want to know better. Only to see an image is not sufficient. Has Been need to messaging or connection, you'll find them on the side of the screen. Molt Plobilly, you will have a pleasant impression of the app Be2. It is the best solution for single men and women who do not want to personally contact with new friends online and potential meetings.

Customer care

All members have free bets to contact Customer Support, where you can engage domencens His technical problems, financial or security. You will receive an answer without any delay.

BE2 mobile application

Profilial user registration process

Here's how the registration process appears:

  • There is an eclusive "gay share" opposing on the site.
  • Every new member must respond to personality tests.
  • There is an option to blur the image of added profil.
  • You must submit to an e-mail check.

You should prove attention to these during points the creation of your appointment profile:

  • It is possible to import the private views from the FROM PROFILE images.
  • You can send richist to other members, asking them to satisfy the parro profiles.
  • Each profile is Incredibly Detailed and Identifies The Masters Traits of its owner.
  • You can Control to Brief Rivas of the main traits that people want to see in potential Parrots part.


If you want to register for a new BE2 meetings account, The Cousin you have to do is write your gender and relationship preferences. Members who are gay have the right to choose to similar genre. You can verify your BE2 account, reving your valid email. The Stea Email Comes Uscrizata During All Fattail Procedures. You have to choose Name Uteen Lock, which Spirit to better your mood.

Pray 00 Moment for your staff test. You can Rispon to Damende Tramit to Scale Number. As soon as you finish this passage, the system will analyze the results, ezguiri the necessary calculations and find perfect correspondences based on your preferences.

How you can see, the registration pass is not very fast. You will finish as soon as I included some of your details, to midress your name, date of birth, place of life, work, religion, interest, etc. There are many fields and everyone must be completed, Almenion with the minimum details. It is not consent simplemented leave them votes.

After receiving the Command to perceive, you need to add your image of profile. There is an option per seace this image. In this mode, only premium users will have the right to see. You can don't specify some users and buy them access to your private photos. BE2 recommends adding an image, but it is not mandatory.

Quality and Verify The Profil

The Major Part of Profiles Be2, are incredibly detailed and shrons many essential informances on its owner. Tecerreai to know the Maini Interti and the features of the personality of a person in Particular. Be2 asks all the new untii complete all sections in their profiles if they want to be accepted. You have to write to brief introduction to the "who I am" area. Below this section, you will find Fast Carellates on your basic details. Furthermore, you will find the appropriate appearance and Type of Body SA.

The most accoting and involving every profile is the section with the interests, which is trutening in different categories: music, sports, travel, books, movies, cuisine, pets, etc. You have the opportunity to discover more details on the Say features here.

When you open your profile be2, you have to look on the right side to find the section entitled "your compatibility". You can see the indicoror of the you level compatibility with this person. You will find a summary of the key points than Peprazzi Peprazzi.

Be2 helps its customers to spade the right partners. Make sure you provide sufficient details about your partner's personality, lifestyle and expectations. You can use the search manual appiaduz the filters. How demonstrates the practice, the members with detailed profiles and photo of high quality receive a lot of attention and dates.

Combine and chat

ILM MigureMeMe to be corresponded to the right matches is using the "Picture Voting" function. You have to open the web page "correspondences" and find the right bar. There is to Unique Carattherist, which works Eats at Roulette game. You can see the Say Potential Partner with two buttons: One is "X" and another is to in His. He is it likes the visualized image, you should press the police. You want to go to the next image, you must press the "X" button.

Subscription options

Be2 Offer Abbonament plans 3/6/12 months. SFORTUNATEYY, THE PADELLA GAVE A MES IS NOT ALVILABLE.

Free version

Every new BE2 member has the right to the following free meetings:

  • You can create to new BE2 meetings account.
  • Users have all the tools to bring out the Parrots profiles.
  • Free members can add images to their gallery to unlimited number.
  • You can check the parties, which are updated Quobile.
  • The navigation in the intai profiles is free.

Abbonage to page

IT HAS BEEN your premium subscription plan, you will receive these services Slude:

  • You can send / receive private messages.
  • Users can access private photographic galleries.
  • You can check the activity of the Proposal Profil.
  • There is the possibility of adding new contacts to ENC "Prepare".


Here are the options for ABBONAMENT BE2 options:

  • Three month plan costs around $ 174 or $ 58 per month.
  • The Semester is Croster plan about $ 210 or $ 35 to me.
  • The Gave An Annual plan costs about $ 383 or $ 32 per month.

Eat if can see from prices above, the prices of Be2 meetings are over The Average.

Subscription cancellation

All Premium antithes of BE2 IF RINOVAN AUTOMATICALLY for prefedefinite preaendation. You will be additified set Price with Stea Duration. You have the right to cancel your premium abounde be2 in any moment. You have to warde to the "billing" settings and press the "Cancel inscription" option. You can use all the tools until billing expires. It is essential to remember that BE2 offers no refund. That's why you have to pintics twice sometimes before watering abound plan.

Subscription cancellation

Security security

Many new members Warning that Be2 is pretty sure to share your images and personal data. Willuptare states ch Qusta dating platform is safe and reliable. It is Negrade Legging the terms of guidelines / policies on the published privacy. You will receive all the necessary explanations yours as the protects site your data.

Every user has the Segacear of Segacear to Suspender OR in Suspetut Uteente in the Profil. You'll see the call option "Report member".

BE2 alternatives and competitors

    1. Meeting
    2. Eliteesingles
    3. InternationalCupid
    4. Ldsplanet
    5. Silversingles
    6. Conclusion


BE2 Platftaf seed of Slocusian and reliable meetings. Nothing is perfect and there are some Lily or puni to improve. The more Thing Important is that the developer solves all the bugs in time. It is the right place to enjoy safe online meetings and amusing real with Uttery. The most part of people Has Series intentions in terms of Appointments and Marriage. The largest part of all messaging features are available single for Premium Untii. VIBIO COSTA, but you have the confident from the scammers. You should try to find your love partner on Pathana Be2.

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